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Xiaomi Brand Deals: Earphones AU $6.78/US $4.99, AU $20.37/US $14.99, AU $29.89/US $21.99 Shipped + More @ GearBest


Xiaomi Brand deals! Find more at here!

Original Xiaomi Mijia 0.5mm Sign Pen for $1.49 USD available again

Date Item Deal Price Code
2017/5/11 Original Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Smart Watch for Android iOS AU$29.89/US$21.99
2017/5/11 Xiaomi mijia 1080P Smart IP Camera AU$51.63/US$37.99 GBXMMJ
2017/5/11 Xiaomi CJJSQ01ZM 3.5L Smart Ultrasonic Humidifie AU$217.44/US$159.99 XMUHGB
2017/5/11 Xiaomi Air 13 Laptop - WINDOWS 10 CHINESE VERSION AU$910.58/US$669.99 AirG13S
2017/5/11 Original Xiaomi Traveling Bag AU$11.67/US$8.59
2017/5/11 Original Xiaomi 20L Backpack AU$11.38/US$8.29
2017/5/11 Original Xiaomi ROIDMI Car Bluetooth Charger Adapter AU$13.54/US$9.96
2017/5/11 Xiaomi Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Weight Scale AU$67.94/US$49.99 XMscale
2017/5/11 Xiaomi IH 3L Smart Electric Rice Cooker AU$133.18/US$97.99 MI3GB
2017/5/11 Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 Tablet PC AU$346.56/us$254.99 XMPAD3TOP
2017/5/11 ( Official International Version ) Original Xiaomi Mi TV Box AU$94.99/US$69.89 GBMIBOX4
2017/5/11 Xiaomi mijia 3.5K Panorama Action Camera AU$346.56/us$254.99
2017/5/11 Original Xiaomi Mi IV Hybrid Dual Drivers Earphones AU$20.37/US$14.99 MiIVa
2017/5/11 Original Xiaomi Piston In Ear Earphones Fresh Version AU$6.78/US$4.99 VTGBXM
2017/5/11 Original Xiaomi AMAZFIT Sports Bluetooth Smart Watch AU$176.67/US$129.99 AMAZFITS
2017/5/11 Original Xiaomi In-ear Hybrid Earphones Pro AU$29.89/US$21.99 AUMIPRO
2017/5/11 Original Xiaomi Roidmi 2S Bluetooth Car Charger - INTERNATIONAL VERSION AU$25.81/US$18.99 ZRoidmi2S
2017/5/11 Xiaomi ZSH.COM Bath Towel Youth Series - GREEN AU$35.32/US$25.99 ZSHCOM
2017/5/11 Xiaomi Redmi 4X 4G Smartphone - GLOBAL VERSION 3GB RAM 32GB ROM AU$190.26/US$139.99 4X4G
2017/5/11 XiaoMi Mi5 64GB 4G Smartphone - INTERNATIONAL VERSION AU$298.99/US$219.99 A64GB
2017/5/11 XIAOMI Mi Drone 4K WIFI FPV Quadcopter AU$678.19/US$499 MI4K
2017/5/12 Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Music Sport Earbuds AU$31.25/US$22.99 miWi
2017/5/12 Original Xiaomi Mi TDS Pen AU$10.72/US$7.89 PTMITDS
2017/5/12 Original Xiaomi Fast Charging Car Charger Metal Style AU$13.44/US$9.89
2017/5/12 Original Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum AU$434.90/US$319.99 ChollazosXCV
2017/5/12 Xiaomi Yeelight Bedside Lamp AU$70.66/US$51.99 MBENIT
2017/5/12 Original Xiaomi Mi Electric Water Kettle AU$55.71/US$40.99 MiEGB
2017/5/12 Original Xiaomi Wool Touch Gloves - FEMALE STYLE AS THE PICTURE AU$10.32/US$7.59 MIGLOVES
2017/5/12 Xiaomi MIPAD Transformable Robot Model - Tablet Appearance - CHAMPAGNE GOLD AU$47.85/US$35.21 TOY15OFF
2017/5/12 Original Xiaomi iHealth Smart Blood Pressure Dock - BLUETOOTH VERSION WHITE AU$39.40/US$28.99 GBiHealth
2017/5/12 Original Xiaomi iHealth Smart Blood Pressure Dock Monitor Monitoring System AU$55.87/US$41.11 HEA15OFF
2017/5/12 Original YI II International Version WiFi 4K Sports Action Camera AU$252.78/US$185.99 YI4KIT
2017/5/12 Original Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier AU$570.93/$420.08 MayAFF
2017/5/13 Xiaomi Mi 6 4G Smartphone - INTERNATIONAL VERSION 6GB RAM 128GB ROM PHOTO BLACK AU$720.310/$529.99 REMi64G
2017/5/13 Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 4G Phablet - GLOBAL VERSION 3GB RAM 32GB ROM BLACK AU$214.72/$157.99 RSNote
2017/5/13 Xiaomi Mi5s 4G Smartphone - HK WAREHOUSE DEEP GRAY AU$380.53/$279.99 XRMi5s
2017/5/13 Xiaomi Mi 6 4G Smartphone - INTERNATIONAL VERSION 6GB RAM 64GB ROM PHOTO BLACK AU$597.99/$439.99 RMi4G
2017/5/13 Xiaomi 26L Travel Business Backpack 15.6 inch Laptop Bag AU$71.20/$52.39 XM26LB
2017/5/15 Xiaomi Mi Note 2 AU$543.63/US$399.99 NoteGB2
2017/5/15 Xiaomi Air 13 Notebook Ultimate Edition AU$1087.27/US$799.99 Air13No

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  • +3

    Can vouch for the ROIDMI car bluetooth adapter. I use this and it has been fantastic. Way better than the Belkin one I tried using before it.

    • +2

      I second that… Wonderful for charging and playing music via Bluetooth to FM on my old 2007 car

      • I got too excited from the positive reviews and bought 1 without realising it's not compatible for iphone….anyone know if it's possible to refund - website doesnt seem to say for non-apparrel purchases?

        • +1

          APP for Android system only
          iOS users can connect via Bluetooth to play music (default frequency 96.4MHz)

          It should still work if that frequency is free where you live, if not you might have to buy the Roidmi 2S ($25.81) which is compatible with iOS alternatively, there is a Gocomma Roidmi 2S ($17.65) I'm not sure what the difference is but, if anyone knows please elaborate.

          Edit: From what I've read they are the same. Roidmi is its own brand, Xiaomi and Gocomma are face brands, Gocomma being owned by GearBest! :O

        • +1

          100% sure working with iPhone I bought about 6 months ago: now wife wouldn't allow me to use car radio, her iPhone links to it all the time

        • +1

          @strikeout119: that's how I understand things as well. I can vouch for the Gocomma version. I just wish I could stop my phone from auto starting YouTube everytime it connects to the roidmi.

      • <fingers crossed> Hoping you're using Spotify for this?

    • Hi ingster,could you pls send me the link for better confirming?

    • Sound quality is great and it's antennae power isn't poopy like literally every other one I've bought from JB.

      Android app integration is also pretty decent but if you install it once for setup, you can uninstall and it works just fine.

    • did you resort to the tin foil trick to get it to fit? mine is too small

    • Didn't fit in my Masada cx7s power source/ciggie lighter thing. Anyone suggest how to better research comparability? The roidmi 2s produc decription listed Mazda 2 as being incompatible but I took the punt anyway.

    • I got one for $9 from aliexpress thats been doing great for the last 3 months.

  • +1

    Love a good Xiaomi deal!

  • +3

    Hi, i am still waiting for 2 x deliveries since March, is this normal delay?

    A plug in WiFi extender and earphone, both Xiaomi brands


    • Nice to know I'm not the only one. Ordered Xiaomi earphones from them, they shipped on the 29th of March and still haven't got them yet.

      Contacted them twice they said 30 days is normal shipping time and generally 45 days max, so I am waiting till the 15th of this month to either get a refund through them or file a dispute through paypal.

      Sucks though, was really looking forward to getting those earphones.

      • +3

        They've got incredibly cheap expedited shipping on most items.

        I usually pay an extra $5-$10 and it arrives via DHL.

        I got a MI5S for the missus in about 4 business days from them.

        If you use the free shipping, it's painfully slow and I'd only use it on things I didn't need in a hurry!

      • If things are delivered from China, they can take more than a month to get here. That's why when I buy stuff on eBay, I don't choose China sellers unless it's a really good deal.

    • Also waiting for a delivery since March… Gave up waiting for one from 2015…

      Had no problems from stuff from eBay, even if they were in china.

    • Hi 8200,

      Shipping information for your reference:

      Unregistered Air Mail 15 - 35 business days FREE SHIPPING
      Registered Air Mail 10 - 25 business days
      Priority Line 7 - 15 business days
      Expedited Shipping 3 - 10 business days

      If your order cant be received within estimated time,you can contact support team for solutions.

      • Arrived this morning, not well packed but no damage


        • Cheers!

  • +1

    It's much cheaper to get the Mi Box $56.49 USD @ Lightinthebox. Any chance of matching the price rep?

  • Hate Gearbest, but upvoting the Xiaomi laptop!

  • Prices aren't great here OP..
    I got the Air 13 for about $60 cheaper around 5 months ago.

    Prices should be going down over time, not up!

    I've also seen the Miband 2 around $23 in most places as well.

    • yea, i'm waiting around for a better price on the air 13. doesn't feel right buying it when i know it went for cheaper when it was practically brand new.

  • +4

    What's so fresh about the pistons?

  • +11

    From the FAQ:

    what it means is French version?

    Hello Efthimios,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    I am sorry it's fresh version,not French version,means simple.


    • +2

      I have more questions now haha

      • +2

        How can you not understand something so fresh?

  • +2

    coupon code VTGBXM not accepted on Original Xiaomi Piston In Ear Earphones Fresh Version.
    anyone know why?

    • 1-Log in gearbest acount to use the code
      2-only work for one stock each account

      pls try to see if it works,okay?

    • Only works on black model.

  • Any chance of a discount on the ROIDMI 2S?

    I already own an original ROIDMI but the lack of iOS compatibility is kind of annoying. Thanks

    • +1

      Here is the coupon for you:
      Original Xiaomi Roidmi 2S Bluetooth Car Charger - INTERNATIONAL VERSION

    • Do you know if the "music" feature can stream Spotify via Bluetooth streaming to the car via its FM tuner functionality?

      • +1

        anything that is played on the phone should be streamed via bluetooth, it's just like using a BT headphone.

  • Original Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Smart Watch for Android iOS

    Original AU$106.80 now AU$29.89


  • +2

    Have seen much better prices on mi band2 before..

    • Have a look at the price BEFORE discount…

    • Light in the box is cheaper atm then the the rep's mi band deal

      • Light In The Box Xiaomi Mi Band 2
        A$26.44 + A$2.04 shipping = A$28.48

        PricePal cashback 9% (founder)
        OR CashRewards 9%

  • What about the Xiaomi Mi5 deal rep ?

  • Piston earphones vs in box samsung s5 / s7?

    • +5

      Piston better. Easily.

    • Lol, the in box ones are laughable at best

      • The one with the S8 which is AKG branded is alright.

        It retails for $100, not that I think they cost anywhere close to that to manufacture. Probably cost about the same as a Piston to make. I haven't listened with them enough to compare them, but they don't sound as garbage as standard pack in earphones.

  • +2

    If anyone's wondering, the Xiaomi Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Weight Scale that is advertised here is the newer version. Has body fat sensors etc and can do a lot more than the older version which is just a bluetooth scale. Works with the Mi Fit App and health Kit on iOS. I'm sure it works on android with Google Fit too. Delivered within 10 days with free priority shipping and tracking too. I got mine last week for $77.

    • That's great. Thanks for the input. Bought one

  • +1

    Thanks, bought earphones and bt charger, more stuff I don't need :)

  • Guys, how is the hybrid pros compared to the previous dual driver hybrids?

  • +6

    Sounds good, but I prefer to buy my earphones from Colombia

    • +1


      • +2

        Sorry, lame joke. Headphones from Colombia seem to be full of cocaine lately

  • Btw, don't forget cashrewards people, 2.4%!

  • Bought the fresh version earphones. I'll see how long it takes for shipping!

  • Noticed the emoji avatar Sunny. Is your heart pouring out to us?

  • any chance forXiaomi Mi Max phablet deal?

  • Any good deal for the xiaomi notebook air 12.5inch

  • CAN we have a code for the Mijia Pressure Rice cooker? It's currently 279.96

  • +2

    What's the difference between "Mi IV Hybrid Dual Drivers" and "In-ear Hybrid Earphones Pro"? Which one is better and why?

    • +2

      I've heard some say the IV sounds better. It also has braided cables which the Pro doesn't have.

      The Pro has a better inline remote though.

      I own the IV but not the Pro. I have no complaints with the IV. It sounds great.

      But I'm going to buy a Pro anyway just to compare them.

      With Xiaomi earphones, you can never go wrong.

      • thanks! decided to go for the Pro.

  • -1

    any deals on the mi drone 4k? best price i seen is 480USD, can you do better?

  • Bought RODMI 2S and Weight scale. I think these two are most worthy.

    Rice cooker no idea better than Japanese Tiger. It's too gimmicky and runs 220v for sure no warranty or warranty voided under 220v.

    Even if there's. Claiming warranty will be a hassle with any overseas purchases hence go for smaller items instead.

    Better than no rice to eat

    • It's too gimmicky and runs 220v for sure no warranty or warranty voided under 220v.

      Err what?

      • Yeah it runs @ 220v. Not 240v….as others commented.

        Think about it its designed for 220v and you run it on 240v, if it breaks you think warranty covers?


        • Yes I know it's rated for 220V AC, was just confused when you said warranty is void if supply voltage is under 220V.

          Anyway most appliances have a voltage tolerance of up to 10% as the incoming supply itself varies. Why even bring warranty into the equation when buying low cost items overseas? It will not be cheap returning items for warranty claim, that's if they even honour it. If you can't live without warranty then buy local.

  • any chance for discount on xiaomi air 12 been eyeing for months will defiantly buy

  • Which code is for the pistons?

  • Can the mi Band be used as a watch? i.e. does it also have a clock?

    • +2

      Yes it has a time and date on it. Can also receive smart notifications from messaging apps but only as a buzz on the wrist (i just turn it off, it got annoying and keep it simply as a fitness tracker). You can't read the messages on the Mi Band 2. I use it as a cheap low profile "travel watch" when I was backpacking in Nepal. Also came in handy for keeping fit and seeing some cool stats on hikes. But its accuracy is only determined by the steps you make (i.e distanced/calories burned calculated via steps made - no calculation of elevation). Can't say much on the Heart Rate monitor as I have nothing to compare it too except the HR monitor on treadmills and they have been similar results. But its still good, works a treat for sleep analysis. Mine lasts about 25 days.

      • To recharge it you have to remove the electronic unit from its band and insert it into a charging cable? That is lame.

        • +1

          Lots/most fitness bands or smart watches are the same, they use a proprietary charging cable. The good thing with the Mi Band 2 is that it can last well over 3 weeks. Most others last from a 1-2 days (Smart watches) to 4-5 days with the fitbits. Charges in 1.5 hours. Yes its annoying to carry a seperate charger for travels, but at least you can grab them cheap on eBay or wherever. I lost my charger on my travels, but I managed to mod a microUSB cable like this. Worked for another 25 days before I found a new cable on eBay.

          Also its waterproof to 1m in the pool since there's no cable insert, rated at IP67. I've used it in the shower or while washing dishes etc. Wouldn't recommend the beach though - sea water.

        • @KitchenSink096:

          managed to mod a microUSB cable like this

          lol at the first comment

  • Can you do a better price on the Xiaomi Air 13? Previously I've seen you guys do it for sub $900.

  • Still no xiaomi yi action camera?

  • Nice one - just bought the weight scale.

  • +1

    Piston's code not working. I am logged in and only item in cart.

    • +2

      Yep. Getting 'The Code you entered has expired.'

  • Cool deals, just expect up to 2 months for delivery. I'm quite over it and won't be ordering from GB anymore.

  • Just realized a lot of these things have been slightly cheaper before from GB. Might hold off until a real sale.

    • You mean a previous deal. Got a link?

      • Previous deals from GB, yes. But not long ago. It will happen again.

        But the Mi Band 2 is currently cheaper at lightinthebox.

        • See which Band2 turns up first (GearBest OR LightInThe Box):

          Bought one at Light In The Box Xiaomi Mi Band 2
          A$26.44 + A$4.55 shipping with tracking = A$30.99 and should get PricePal cashback 9% (founder) = A$2.79 or A$2.38 if shipping is not included.

          Bought second one at GearBest as above for A$29.89 with standard shipping free. Should get TopCashback 2% cash back = US$0.44

          With cashback Light In The Box should be cheaper.

        • @BlueSkyHarvest:

          I have no idea. To me every CN online retailer is all the same. Mileage is going to vary from person to person.

          I have never purchased from Light before. But I'm not in desperate need of a Band 2 just yet so I'll wait. I'd only be getting it to use as a cheap watch because my Gear S2 bands broke and buying another band will cost about the same as the Mi Band 2.

        • @BlueSkyHarvest:
          Both turned up on Monday 5th June. Three and a half weeks from order.
          So GearBest standard shipping took same time as paying A$4.55 for tracked shipping with Light in the Box.

          Both in exactly the same white box. Trying one and battery seems to be discharging quicker than expected.

  • Tried to order the fresh earphones and the $20 pair. Both discounts don't work.

    • Need separate orders.

  • @Gearbest

    Any chance of a discount on the Xiaomi Water Purifier? I've seen these on special before :)

    • Original Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier
      PS:this is 10% off code for whole store

      • Code isn't working :(

        • Hi OxDragon,

          Pls log in your gearbest account to use this code,I have just tested and it works for me.
          PS:limited to one time per account

        • @gearbest:

          The piston code isn't working. It says it is expired or cannot be used. Can you please update or fix the code? I've added one to cart and registered.

        • @boomersgold: The Fresh edition only works with black model.

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