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2 Racks of Ribs for $52 Mon/Tues @ Hurricane's Grill (Bondi Beach, Narellan and Top Ryde, NSW)


Came across this deal while searching for bday venue. IMHO, pretty good deal.

It’s May Rib Madness at Hurricane’s Grill Bondi Beach, Narellan andTop Ryde. Every Monday & Tuesday in May buy one full rack of PORK or BEEF ribs and get another one absolutely FREE.  It’s dine-in only and bookings are essential.

Terms and conditions:
This offer only applies to FULL racks of Pork & Beef Ribs. It is for customers dining at Hurricane’s Grill Bondi Beach, Narellan and Top Ryde on Mondays & Tuesdays only. The offer does not apply to takeaways. Valid from May 8th to May 30th 2017.

For Queensland customers we also have a 2 for 1 offer available at Hurricane’s Wood Fire Grill Surfers Paradise.

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  • full rack for me, and full rack for…… ALSO ME!

  • +5 votes

    Hurricanes Pork Ribs are the Bomb!

    Ive had Ribs almost everywhere and I keep coming back to Hurricanes!

    Thanks op for sharing!

    Guess I'll start my diet in June!!!

  • $56 for a rack of ribs is a bit steep I think

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    So not available at their nicer restaurant in Surfers ( grill and bar), Just at the smaller one ( wood fire grill)? It even is a different web address for the newer style places.

  • Thanks admins for editing the title!

  • All Mon/Tue fully booked? I cannot find any available table @Top Ryde for the next three weeks:
    No tables are available within 2.5 hours of your 8:00 PM request.

  • Booking is difficult… no times.

  • What stops us from bringing a large container and put both racks in, then go home?

  • Ripoff,
    Good ribs down here $20

    • I'm surprised they ran out of pork with all these pigs booking every day of the promotion. Only day left at Bondi was the 30th at 4:30pm which I shamefully accepted.

    • Your dad is Broden?

  • That's a shame, no bookings for Bondi at all till after this campaign on those dates, unless I wanna eat at 3:30pm :/

    I presume there's people booking every possible slot multiple times to allow themselves room to move between dates

  • Do they accept walk ins?

  • what a joke, not a single time slot available for lunch or dinner.

  • give them a call

  • cannot book online

  • Much cheaper at Costco or your local Asian butcher ;-)
    For those not living in an apartment who love their ribs, can recommend the bunnings fornetto smoker as a very easy starting point to DIY barbecue. Sure, ribs take 10 hours, but better than waiting for a booking slot to open up.

    To cook ribs like most restaurants though, get a rub from the supermarket, shove them in a dish with a bit of stock, covered in foil the oven for several hours (I'm assuming you don't have a combi oven & vac sealer at home). Once they're falling apart, finish on the grill for that "authentic" barbecue flavour.

  • Anyone having trouble booking a table. While I think it's a good deal I'm unable to find any availabilities to take advantage of the promotion? Would love to give the store a try. They won't allow take away orders either yet I'm unable to make a booking during the promotion times???

    • Did you bother to read any of the posts???

      • I did, but I'm not just talking about the Top Ryde store….

        • @John Kimble:
          There was nothing said about the particular store I was trying to make a booking at? Not sure why you're linking to stuff irrelevant for me (I can't travel that far to Bondi etc).

          What it does show is at least other stores are unavailable for bookings too. Do you know if they will run future offers like this? I would love to try the ribs but they are quite pricey. An offer like this is a good option for me and my partner.


        • @Kranbone: haha you are clueless on this one.
          You still don't say what store you want to book at. We are all mind readers here are we?

        • @John Kimble: I didn't realise I was required to say where I was unable to make a reservation.

          You're right, definitely not a mind reader, frankly be surprised if you had one at all really.

          For anyone else following: I'd really love to take my partner out as it's been some time since we've been out. If there's any rib place you can recommend around Sydney's west region that offers good value and we can park at that would be great.

        • @Kranbone:

          You are not "required" to do anything that I say. But I would suggest if you want help with something (like what you asked below) actually providing some details so people can help you would make it easier.

          Good job on the insult. Very witty champion! Give yourself a pat on the back!

          Anyone having trouble booking a table. While I think it's a good deal I'm unable to find any availabilities to take advantage of the promotion?…I'm unable to make a booking during the promotion times???

        • @John Kimble:

          So if I'm not "required" to do so I've done nothing wrong then. Cheers for confirming that. Not sure what insult you're talking about, the one where you call me "clueless" for merely asking a question? Moving on from this, if anyone can be more helpful with a recommendation which is budget friendly do let me know. Thank you :)

        • @Kranbone: You asked a question that has already been answered multiple times (apparently with the belief you've asked a new unique question, because people would be able to magically know what restaurant you tried at or wanted to book). Look at that from an external point of view.

          What would you call that?

        • @John Kimble:

          When I had skimmed through I did not an answer to the question I was asking. What I can say is you seem really desperate to prove me wrong and get the last word. This seems to have really offended you, I'd get professional help.

        • @Kranbone: Probably the first time you've been right on this one…It would be nice (for yourself) if you admitted your error (although I'm pretty sure you won't) and I do need professional help. Only thing you got wrong in this post is you haven't offended me.

          All I wanted to point out is for people to read stuff before posting and when asking for help, provide info. Happens a lot on these forums.

          How hard can that be?

        • @John Kimble: I don't recall where I'm wrong in asking a question that I haven't seen specifically answered. If it was answered I've missed it, but I would never apologise to someone like you given how you've reacted. If it does worry you about someone being wrong or being unable to read every single post on the internet, you do have problems.

        • @Kranbone: You don't need to recall. It's all in black and white in the previous posts.

          I'm not asking you to apologise to me. I'm trying to get you to realise your error so you don't make it again.

          We are going around in circles because you seem to have basic reading comprehension issues or you are just stubbornly refusing to admit you asked a previously answered question, then tried to defend yourself that it was a different question, despite it not being any different!

        • @John Kimble:

          It is all black and white. You seem to want to get me to admit wrongdoing when there is none. My suggestion for you is to seek mental help if this is such an issue for you.

        • @Kranbone: Thank you for you supposed concern for my well-being.

          On this occasion we are at an impass because we both believe we are right and I don't think either of us will convince each other otherwise.

          I hope to have more meaningful/constructive conversations with you on other topics.

        • @John Kimble:

          You're welcome :)

  • Currently at bondi eating… lol