This was posted 4 years 8 months 10 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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ThinkPad T470s i5-7200U / 14" FHD / 8GB RAM / 256GB SSD / $1579 Delivered ($620 off) @ Lenovo


Looks like the lowest price so far since release. May get lower closer to EOFYS?
Cashrewards gets another 5% off.

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    Ok deal. I would personally go for the HP Spectre X360 on sale at Hardly Normal. It is 20% off at $1598 (can get further $50 off if you signed up for Amex deal). Better laptop IMHO and works very well as a 2 in 1 as well. Bought one earlier today.

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      Honestly, if you're even making the comparison then you're not in the target market for this type of product.

      These, the HP probooks, Dell Latitude's etc are very rarely on store shelves. They're a cut above in terms of build quality and OEM support (in Australia anyway…). You'll see these types of machines in almost every corporate environment in the world - they're admittedly bland but it doesn't get much more reliable.

      • Indeed, I've always maintained that I could use my Thinkpads for self defense while it was on, and then continue working with no issues.

        My Yoga 900, on the other hand, is nowhere near that level of build quality.

      • Yep we have t470 in office …..for home I got the e570 ….. Save $500 and get an e470 if it's for home use …same chipset.

  • I will be in the market for a new laptop at some stage this year, but struggle to work out what is good and which ones to stay away from. Really what I am after is 13 - 14", definitely a great looking full HD display, pretty good battery, be fairly portable and light, and not mandatory but I would love a backlit keyboard and have a thunderbolt port. It will only be used for browsing, youtube, office ect, not really any gaming. $1500 is the upper limit of my budget and ideally would want to spend less but it seems hard to find something that fills my bill for under $1450.

    I was nearly going to get the XPS 13 that comes up on here often, but I read about a few issues, which got me reading up on other models. I had settled on getting either the T470 (1.6kgs), T470s (1.3kgs)or XPS 13 (1.2kgs). As someone just said you cant find these on any shelves so its hard for me to work out which to get.

    Does anyone have any other ideas of models I should be looking at or any other comments on what I have suggested? Thanks

    • I'm after a similar laptop but not worried about a Thunderbolt port. The, what seems like, overwhelming negative feedback on Lenovo's "support" is scaring me off them. The Dell XPS are a bit over the top for what I need, and the Inspiron looks to have a crap screen. The Asus UX330 at Amazon looks a good price but there's no support in Aus if I buy it. There are endless HP models…..

      • Can you give me more details of the poor support? Ill have a look into the UX330

      • I just had a look, should be able to get it for under $1000 delivered. You have just gave me another model to ponder over, haha. From what I can see it actually looks like a great deal if you a prepared for possible warranty issues in the future

    • I need an ethernet port for pc support so the T470s is the winner for me.

    • The series is corporate so usually not kept on shelves e series is home use …. Corporate buyers do it via procurement person no no need to be kept on shelf with retailers.

    • X1 Carbon would be perfect, you could get a good deal on eBay for the gen 4 or wait for a sale on gen 5.

      • I feel there soon be some better deals for X1 Yoga and also for X1 Carbon soon.

      • Yes I have looked at it, but firstly it has soldered RAM so I would really want to upgrade to 16GB. Once you do this (or even without the upgrade) it is more than I was hoping to pay… but maybe a sale or stretching my budget will get it across the line. Also I think the 200gram difference in weight to a t470s will not worry me…

        • Why do you need 16gb for the tasks you describe? 8gb is ample for that. I have the gen 4 with i5/8gb and it is great. Very sleek machine. Keep a watch on Graysonline because they sold them for $650 each a few months ago, they had stock issues so a few orders got cancelled but you never know, they might get some more in.

        • @nubzy: Probably for future proofing, but you are right I would not need it. I am sure in time once it needs an upgrade it would be more worthwhile just buying a new laptop then anyway.

        • @fatlikeyamum: I don't think 16gb is really necessary unless you want to do gaming etc.

    • I compared these in person in Japan. T470 has a really, really good keyboard. Xps 13 is tiny and has a really good screen. T series for work, xps for a better all rounder. Alternatively, you could consider a metabox. Battery life should be a big factor in your purchase too.

      • Thanks for your reply, did you happen to also compare to t470s and x1 carbon?

    • Asus UX430UA is a pretty great value all-rounder. No thunderbolt but ticks all the other boxes. I was considering one but ended up going the T470s.

    • Totally forgot about the xiaomi air.
      No local warranty but absolutely unbeatable for the price

  • 1,513.03 in SMB or Educational store.

    • Can you provide a link please?

      • You need to register with either business or education store. Education store requires a valid academic email address.

  • When the day comes when I can no longer take my laptop as carry on luggage, and as I sit in my seat and observe the baggage handlers outside 'accidentally' dropping my check-in bag - with laptop inside - watching as it free-falls 6ft from the conveyor onto the tarmac, I suspect I will reflect on my T460 as a dull yet prudent and pragmatic choice

  • I am also in the market for an i5 Intel, 14 inch Full HD, SSD laptop. Most review sites have the Lenovo and ASUS as the top rated but there are plenty of people making comments that both are crap. I am hoping the comments come from a very small noisy minority as opposed to many satisfied users. I have a 6 year old ASUS I am about to replace and it has never missed a beat during that time. This deal looked great then I looked at the X1 Carbon for $200 more which also looked good. I travel a fair bit so the X1 would be perfect. However, after giving the specs above I have decided to got for the ASUS UX310UQ with an i7 and 13.3 inch display. Reviews look good, has a dedicated graphics card and is cheaper than the previously mentioned units ($1,429).
    Link here:
    Can anyone pick the bones out of my logic before I push the buy button? Or to confuse things more are the 'As New' Dells a better deal again?

  • Me thinks the deal has been extended to the 26th May 😎

    • No customizations.

      • Yes very true,

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