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10% off Apple Computers @ JB Hi-Fi


From email:

Don't miss out! Get 10% Off Apple Mac Computers* until Sunday 28th May at JB Hi-Fi! Plus don't miss out on 15% Off Dell 2-in-1 Laptops until ends Saturday 27th May.

*Excludes iPads, Apple Built to Order and Factory Scoop.

^Discounts apply to most recent previous ticketed/advertised price. Products may have been sold below ticketed price in some stores prior to the discount offer. Does not include delivery charges.

10% Off Apple Mac Computers valid until 11:59PM AEST 28/05/17. Excludes Sydney International Airport Store.

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  • I miss out. Every. Single. Time.

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    This would be the worst time possible to buy a new Mac. Their ancient hardware is finally getting updated in under 2 weeks.

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      Thanks for the info..

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      Except their hardware isn't ancient.

      The 2016 MacBook Pros that are on sale now had Intel skylake CPUs - the generation before the current generation Kaby Lake. Skylake was released to manufacturers in mid / late 2015.

      If you picked yourself up one of the MacBook Pro's with touch bar and a 512GB SSD, you will be right for years to come. It's worth noting that the way OSX utilises the hardware you won't find yourself with a box that grinds to a halt if you install OS updates in 6 months time (like you might a Windows PC). And if you do find yourself in need of something more powerful, you will almost always get great resale value on the Mac.

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        So, to clarify:

        Mac mini - "ANCIENT"
        MacBook Air - "ANCIENT"
        Mac Pro - "So ANCIENT Indiana Jones could make a whole movie about it!"
        MacBook - "Ancient'ish, probably going to be updated at WWDC in 2 weeks time"
        iMac - "Ancient'ish, but probably won't be updated until September/October, no WWDC rumours"
        MacBook Pro with Touchbar - "not ancient"

        iPad - "not ancient"
        iPad mini 4 - "ANCIENT, and not long for this world"
        iPad Pro 12.9" - "ANCIENT"
        iPad Pro 9.7" - "ancient'ish, possibly a 10.5" to be announced at WWDC which may obsolete it and/or the 12.9" model"

        Hope this helps ;)

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          iPad Pro 9.7 and 12.9 use the same hardware, different screen. Smaller one has less RAM, but you claim it's less 'ancient'? Also, they're perhaps the most powerful ARM-based tablets.

          Unless you're talking about release dates entirely, in which case you could say those new phones at Woolworths are not ancient but last years flagships are.

      • yeah but they are still getting an upgrade to the Kaby lake processor.

        I'm not clued in on tech specs too much but it does seem like it would be worth holding off. I mean these sales happen fairly regularly, may be worth waiting for the new processor?

        You reckon it would make much difference?

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        grinds to a halt if you install OS updates in 6 months time (like you might a Windows PC).


        • Windows doesn't really grind to a halt these days. Probably a testament to SSDs and the fact that fragmentation isn't an issue. I still hate Windows' update ecosystem, telemetry, advertising in a paid product, etc. But it's not like 10 years ago where a fresh install sees 2-3x speed increases in boot times/IO compared to a year old installation.

    • Paintoad…Thanks for the info….funnily enough you are getting negged for letting people know something that I would kick myself later for!!

      OK it isn't exactly ancient but is always nice to have better components

    • They said that last WWDC and every one was wrong. They had assumed new MacBook Pros in June last year, it ended up happening in October.

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    For what it's worth…

    My iMac is 10+ years old and has had regular/heavy use. My kids also had accounts on the same computer over many of those years.
    Still runs like a rocket - NO issues.
    NEVER spent a dollar on 'anti-virus' protection as it not needed. No money (at all) spent on new hard drives or other - nothing… nada.
    Only maintenance programs I've ever had to run are when the odd update arrives. (no charge from Apple).
    Ultimately no time wasted waiting for maintenance/virus protection downtime.

    Those old PC days… within 2-3 years they'd be running at 1/2 or less the speed despite maintenance/$$$ spent on virus protection, increased memory and the like.

    No offence to PC users. Apple equipment costs more initially but in my case this computer has well and truly paid for itself many, many, many times over by comparison.

    And as I said before, it still runs like a rocket despite heavy use both private and business. Best computer investment I ever made.

    NO OFFENCE TO PC USERS I'm just stating my experience with my equipment.

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      I use both platforms but I'm pretty fed up with Windows 10. Paid version has ads, crap update ecosystem, 'the registry' is still a thing and a huge regression from the pre-registry Windows era. Had a registry corruption a couple months ago when I was booting up a duel booted PC (Mac/Windows), restore points were useless, recovery mode too. It was ultimately easier to just reinstall Windows.

      Even though the hardware on Apple's PC lineup isn't really cutting edge, you're paying for a good OS, free updates, and an OK set of desktop publishing apps. Seems more worthwhile than dropping $300 for Windows, plus updates and dealing with the dissatisfaction of paying for an OS with ads in its shell.

      Hackintosh builds offer the best of both worlds and my macOS install has had less issues (never had to do a full reinstall), whilst I've had to do probably 2-3 on Windows since mid-2014.

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        Thanks for adding that as very often any support of Apple products mentioned here means getting hammered by the more 'right wing' element of PC users. I myself felt like a kind of traitor but after I did a ton of research including that I could use pretty much any PC type product (word, Excel, powerpoint etc) just as easily on a Mac I jumped ship. It wasn't an easy decision at all to get an Apple product but I'm glad I gave it a chance. Can't see myself ever going back to a PC again TBH.

        Thanks again for chiming in, I really appreciate it.

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          I'm in the same boat. I used to think Macs were a load of crap. But they've been much more reliable in both software and hardware. For any hardware issues I've had, Apple have fixed out of warranty items in short times, with no complaints about consumer protections, and at no charge. Not to mention the lack of need to post the item to some random interstate warehouse.

      • yeah i got a mac mini 2012 i7 and a glass cracked 27 in imac also 2012 (last gen before they put the chip on pcb) together for pretty much less than an macbook on sale here… both now has 16G ram and runs 10.12 smoothy. I am using mac as primary system and put the windows as gaming machine. I too had enough of the invasive windows update crap that makes no sense when the driver support is so lacking for many hardware. Windows on the desktop front has became Mac at its worst days in terms of software. Whilev new Mac hardware became piece of crap, their software became what windows used to be before win 10. (i still dont like the ioS platform as whole on their app policy: ie removing ifixit because they dont like them teaching people how to fix and update the mac and idevices?)

        i also hate the apples post 2014 road of stopping any upgrade and if you want likes of 16G ram, best SSD etc you have to pay twice as much if not three times the premium.
        i would still convert the imac to a 32G ram core i7 unit for a total price of under 1000!!! yet to fix the freaking glass is over 600 alone for the part!! thanks to freaking apple throw away once damaged design of the panel.
        would i recommend an apple on this sale? i would not for any of the imac and mac mini.

        • I like the OS more than anything. Which is why Hackintosh is ideal. You get a good OS with good, affordable hardware. It's also strangely been much more stable than my Windows partition, despite Hackintosh being at times unstable, from what people have said. But I think if you build your PC with the goal of making it work with macOS, it can be as stable as a real iMac/Mac Mini/Mac Pro, and that's been my experience. Not too fond of the pricing, but then again, they are building an OS exclusive to their hardware, so that's a huge cost factor to consider, plus the OS is free. Compared to Windows, where it's a paid OS, has paid updates (historically, excluding Windows 10), has advertising and is licensed to third parties. Interestingly, Microsoft's Surface lineup is pretty reasonably close to Apple's MacBook pricing lineup. I can't speak for the Surface quality, but I would expect it's better than the quality of their OS, but that's not saying much.

        • @no not me:
          MacOS does feel more stable compare to windows, at least it doesn't require a total resintall at times. it really puzzles me with windows having some strange bugs which may be result of the many windows updates that are not fully completable with various hardware. Apples advantage lies in the limited hardware they need to support yet it doesnt stop them with odd screen resolution bugs, lost wifi etc here or there either, therefore i often only upgrade to next version of the os six to nine months after its release, say, i will not jump in at 10.12.1 or 10.12.3 but will do it at 10.12.4 :). Windows 10 now force you to use latest update, which is one huge invasion and insult to everyday users or server security managers.

          i got enough gear to make a hackintosh macmini on a test NUC i had and if i got a few days to kill i will attempt to do it.

        • @jackau: eh, I try to stick with the latest updates, especially if there are risky bugs patched in them. The macOS update procedure is really straightforward, open App Store, click install, reboot. Windows seems to be more like, open Windows Update, click install, (reboot, configure) * n.

        • @no not me:
          the older the hardware the more driver game u need to play with M$, i had a Toshiba tablet brought for 200 aud which every win 10 update until the latest one had to reinstall wifi drivers, and touch pad drivers else it would be unusable, that thing came in with win 8.1 therefore not dated hardware to speak with. it will be a challenge for any one with lesser of tech skills in dealing with the invasive updates. happens after the cloud/server guy take the helm…

        • @jackau: Yeah, I know. My motherboards onboard LAN does not work without Windows update. Meaning I need internet access to download the driver which I need to access the internet, effectively meaning I need another computer or a disc drive. The driver situation is a mess. Kind of hilarious when your PCIe Wireless AC card 'just works' on a Hackintosh (though not 5Ghz, so 'just' has two meanings), but Windows needs internet to get it working. Especially considering the card is built for Windows and has no mention of macOS support, yet it at least affords you enough of a connection to better itself.

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      PC Tech has plateaued for the last 10 years. As long as you have a SSD it flies.

  • Will the Apple store price match the 10% off?

    • yes they do.. successfully price match 10% off on Macbook Pro today at Apple Store Sydney CBD (jbhfi is running out of stock on model I'm after in all their stores).. happy Jan.

  • stay well away from any of the mac minis, man you are better off getting a mac mini i7 2012 at 2.4 ghz at 700-900 (depend on ram and ssd/hdd config) than buying that thing at 700!!!
    i type this on my newly acquired 2.6 ghz i7 2012 macmini (for 850 on evil bay) i loaded it with 16GB ram and slot a 850 evo plus 1 original 1TB hdd inside, its performance now blows all macs under 1700 on this sale out the water today… which is a sad sad thing by apples part that a five year old system runs better than brand new ones after some cheap update..

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