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2L Farmers Union Iced Coffee $2.49 half price - Coles SA


FUIC 2L for $2.49, cheaper than plain milk, might have to start having it on my corn flakes!

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    Love this stuff. Shame it is so bad for you.


      Its not even worth buying if you are by yourself.

      Because of the useby date you have to take in so much sugar and fat in a short amount of time, I've only tried it once and plan to never do it again.

      Good deal though, might taste good with milo cereal or something :)


      Shame it is so bad for you.

      Buy some milk and instant coffee, mix together and there you go. A healthy iced coffee with 2 ingredients and no sugar. :-)


        Great idea, use it as a sugary base for home made ice coffee, brilliant.
        Only problem is I'll end up with 4 litres to drink :P
        I guess it would freeze ok into ice-blocks.


          Great idea, use it as a sugary base for home made ice coffee, brilliant.

          No, I mean regular milk + instant coffee (nothing else)
          That way you miss out on all the crap that would be added and still have a coffee milk which probably tastes just as good.

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    God I wish that these were popular in other states. I moved from SA a few yrs ago to ACT and you can only find farmers union at Woolies and while they sell the light and normal you cannot get strong anywhere!!!
    Everytime I go back to visit the fam i bring at least 4 litres back with me.

    I want bargain on ice coffee!!!


      ditto! Thank goodness for Woolies though :-)

      An awesome deal … who would have thought this stuff outsells coca cola in SA!


    Obviously not as great but Breaka choc/strawb/icedc 2l is also half price at Coles here (QLD) I assume it's Oak 2l in NSW etc.