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Design The Next OzBargain T-Shirt and Win Cash Prizes ($500 for Winner, 2x $250 for Runner-Ups)



Closing Date 18/06/2017
Draw Date 25/06/2017


Description $1000 Cash / Gift Card, 10x T-Shirts
No. of Prizes 1
Total Prize Pool $1,150.00

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit Unlimited
Entry Methods Website, Email
Prerequisites n/a

Update — winners have been announced. Congratulations to kwokstar, vu and draf3 for winning the T-shirt design competition!

tl;dr — Send in your design of the new OzBargain and win prizes!

We ran out of OzBargain T-shirts. We did not even have any medium size for our recent Treasure Hunt prizes; it is time to go and make more of those hot items! However, this time I'll let the OzBargainers create the design, hence this competition. Oh, and the designs picked by the moderators will earn you prizes — more on that later.

Basically a black & white OzBargain logo will occupy the front of the T-shirt, but the back awaits your witty design that best represents OzBargain.

Terms and Conditions
  • Competition closes on 18 June 2017 at 11:59PM. All entries must be submitted before the closing date.
  • Moderators may take up to a week to discuss and rate the entries, winners will be announced before 25 June 2017.
  • The entrant must be an OzBargain member with an active OzBargain account who currently resides in Australia.
  • OzBargain employees are ineligible.
  • Overseas members are ineligible.
Design Guidelines
  • For the back of T-shirt with a maximum size of 30x30cm. Colour of the T-shirt can be either orange or black.
  • Illustration and/or words that an OzBargainer would proudly wear
  • Screen printing will be used, so less colour the better. Preferably just black or white.
  • Using copyright content without permission will result in invalidation of your entry, please only submit original works. You are permitted to use OzBargain logo in your designs.
  • Past designs —
Method of Entry
  • Feel free to discuss the competition in this post. However, do not feel obligated to submit your design in the comments (unless you are happy to lend your ideas to others).
  • You can email your designs to [email protected] with title "T-Shirt Competition Entry from <OzBargain username>". Down scaled JPEG or PNG are fine. Feel free to include an explanation for the design.
  • Multiple submissions are allowed. However maximum 1 prize per person.
  • 1x $500 PayPal funds (or Woolworths/Coles gift card) for the winning entry.
  • 2x $250 PayPal funds (or Woolworths/Coles gift card) for the 2 runner ups.
  • Free T-shirts will be given to top 10 participants (including winner & runner-ups) after they have been manufactured.

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  • +10

    Winners Announcement

    300+ designs from 120+ participants. Here are the top 20 designs voted by the OzBargain moderators.

    Prize Winner ($500 prize + T-shirt)

    • kwokstar

    Runner Ups ($250 prize + T-shirt)

    • vu
    • draf3

    Honourable Mentions (T-shirt)

    • good grape
    • suaveswerve
    • chhola
    • navyseals69
    • mrjk05
    • gregkhouw
    • rowlie
    • Wilberlina

    I will contact the winner & runner-ups on how to collect their prizes. As of T-shirts, I'll contact the top 10 once the shirts are made.

    Regarding to making T-shirts — I usually go to Alibaba to request a quote. However if anyone in Australia can give me a quote for ~200 100% cotton 180gsm shirts + printing for a good price I'll definitely consider making them here.

    • Congrats to the winners. Some great designs by the community.

    • Some great designs!

    • Love hydroniums submission

    • +5

      Great! Now let's see the bottom 20 designs…

      • Or just all of them.

    • Congrats! Only just remembered to check the results lol.

    • +2

      I thought mine ROCKED more than 10 of the top 20…not even a mention! bah!

      • +2

        Share the pic! I don't even get the winner's design, it's a copy of example in the description and it sounds pathetic… Like you would pay RRP in the first place?? The recommended price also pays in factor in whether something is a bargain, they could've at least used the phrase "normal price".

        • +1

          Mods only excited by visuals, clearly.

          I thought I had one of the best mottos that people wouldnt feel embarrassed about wearing!

  • +2

    Not a good artist, but I gave it a shot for a bit of fun!
    Thanks for the opportunity, hope you liked the design :)

  • +1

    Any chance of making this a reality

    • +2

      You can submit the design… But the chance of winning of comp…

  • +2

    Done! …after spending the whole night figuring how to draw curved lines…

  • Thanks for all the entries so far. I've got:

    • dscott85
    • vu
    • fungyou100
    • Trantor
    • SeaSalty
    • good grape

    Still have plenty of time.

  • I don't know how to design stuff on technology. Can i just draw/write something and take a picture of it or scan it in?

    • +2

      Someone did take a photo of a piece of paper where he drew on…

      • +1

        so yes? In the off chance i have a decent design you would have to make it digitally.

      • +1

        Hmmmm maybe I will try draw something too…

  • Submitted mine just now :)

  • +1

    Just to confirm that over the last 48 hours I have received entries from

    • CJ25
    • tassieeagle
    • navyseals69
    • fryandlaurie
    • SloAu
    • natman
    • FiatHora
    • iTzTeFish
    • Divitini

    Some good designs. Batteries of a certain brand are certainly a theme there.

    • +1

      I submitted mine last night, have u received it?

      • +2

        Argh yes I have. I'll amend the list above.

    • +5

      The batteries brand MUST be Energizer or Duracell, there's no other brand that comes to mind when you think OzBargain ;)

  • +2

    I just submitted mine.

  • +4

    How about we vote for the best submission?

  • +3

    My proposal


  • +2

    exciting, I am going to submit mine now :) been using OzBargain for a while and feeling good to be able to contribute to it :)

  • +1

    I just submitted mine! This is so cool!

  • +3

    I am taking the announcement off the home page for now, but still 2 weeks to go. I have received lots of entries over the weekend.

    • Friendly Troll
    • lingy45
    • tanooke
    • draf3
    • suaveswerve
    • 0p
    • Ultraman
    • sofsen
    • MountainGoat
    • hothand621
    • goobar
    • tgau2014
    • chhola
    • angusngon9
    • forumninja
    • headphonejack
    • mrjk05
    • kwokstar
    • Venom
    • victorwilson
    • sydesigner
    • GainGuru
  • +1

    Just submitted mine :)

  • +1

    I have submitted mine.
    I hope you love my poor paint skills.

  • How much does this affect my cashrewards? that's what I want to know.

  • +1

    Just submitted a few. Here is one for fun. https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/111590/49632/sketch-14…

  • +4

    Just a confirmation of submissions from:

    • kosh52
    • gimmebargains
    • paogefen
    • Dasher86
    • samsamsam
    • reduced
    • champstarr

    There are also some with updated / additional submissions.

  • submitted one

  • Awesome, I'm going to have a go at this!

  • Just submitted my design!

  • I've just submitted my design too. Good luck everyone!

  • +3

    Confirmation of submissions from:

    • mizzkitty
    • SpringOnion
    • kingathur61
    • PropertyPig
    • gregkhouw
    • Make it so
    • Mia03

    There are currently 51 participants, some with up to 5 entries. Still a week to go.

  • +1

    I have just submitted my Design, may the best design win!

  • +1

    New submissions over the long weekend:

    • HelloKatie
    • peadog10012
    • janepark
    • penfold1251
  • How do we go about buying these once finalised? I'd like to buy one just can't design one.

    • +2

      I will try to figure that out once we work out the winner. Ideally I want the designers to profit from their work, but only want to grant the winner(s) permission to use our logo/trademark.

  • +1

    Hey scotty, I'm just wondering if the design is only focused on the back of the shirt? Or both sides are available?

    Nevermind, I miss that line in the post.

  • +1

    Also, for illustrations pulled off the internet which are included in our designs would we need to consider copyrighting rights? Or would it be better to create our own illustrations for our designs?

    • +1

      I think to be on the safe side, it's best to use your own illustration. However it's likely I'll need to take the winning design and do our own illustration in SVG anyway before sending to the manufacturer.

      • +1

        Perfect, thanks for the clarification.

  • +3

    Here's my submission: http://i.imgur.com/umgIxQx.png

    • +2

      ha cheeky bugger. I looked at the black screen and was waiting for it to load. Wasted 2 mins of my life.

      • +1

        What? It's a png with transparency…If you click on the link, you should be able to see the text.

      • It really does look like a blank screen.

        But as Munki pointed out, it's a transparent image (with black text on a black background).

        • +2

          It looks fine to me, in 3 different browsers.
          I like the design. Simple and clean :)
          But both the "Eneloop" name as well as its font are copyrighted/trademarked though…

        • @Make it so: The font I've used is an open-source font, and I've essentially used a pluralised version of their trademark name…Can they still sue?

        • @Munki: Not sure, I'm not a lawyer. But people have been sued for less… I don't think using a plural makes it okay.

        • @Munki:
          It's always a tricky subject. It's about context. We need to make sure consumers are not confused as to whether there's a connection between this parody and the owner of the trade mark.

          According to Arts Law, "mere reproduction of a trade mark in … or other creative content will still not amount to trade mark infringement"

        • @Friendly Troll: Cheers for that! I always thought that as long as it wasn't being used for commercial purposes, it should be OK…

  • +4

    personally, I reckon Dark Gray T-Shirt with orange logo, and white outline.

    Just sayin…



    (just to clarify, that's NOT me in the pic)

    • +1

      This looks pretty clean but I'd go for a black outline

  • +5

    Can we get a bikies jacket instead?


    • I'm gonna attempt a biker logo when I get home…Don't really want to do it at work.

    • +2

      Here second submission: http://i.imgur.com/BVbc5Qih.jpg

      • Nice!

        I wish I read this thread earlier, I have another idea…

  • Hi there, just a quick, is the design only for back of the T- shirt? and do i need to include T-shirt as well for the design? Thansk

    • +1

      According to the description of this competition:

      Basically a black & white OzBargain logo will occupy the front of the T-shirt, but the back awaits your witty design that best represents OzBargain.

      Your design will be for the back.

      • thanks, my design is ready now

  • +3

    Entered 3 designs!! A valuable use of exam study time :')

    • +1

      Exactly what I'm doing ahhaha

      • Ahahaha! Me too! What I did last night to procrastinate…

  • +4

    Lots of new entries from yesterday:

    • Munki
    • Marrk
    • Troymouni
    • jlil
    • v3l0city
    • holdenmg
    • hydronium
    • luckylast
    • starvingartist
    • cookieinc
    • Callison
    • roosta
    • chhola
    • +1

      cue arrogance you just got your winning entry ;)

  • Hope a PDF is ok? as that is what I had to submit due to my limited apps on my Mac.

  • This is fun. What do you think of my new entry just sent in? :)

    • And have just sent in some B&W versions :)

  • Great Comp. Will submit soon

  • Got some really good designs. Will submit soon.

  • +4

    Gave it a go and made 3! https://imgur.com/a/x6jij

    • +1

      love the smashed avo one!

  • Just submitted mine - good fun :)

  • +1

    2 mores to go. Received new entries from:

    • Sun n Moon
    • beeawwb
    • Wilberlina
    • arsey
    • jaedee
    • lowDmax
    • SkyVoltz
    • AB007
    • ligalsujan
    • vd5hunter
    • Derpaldinho
    • Thriftynotcheap
    • rawm
    • replay4
    • genova

    Overall there are some very good designs which are going to make judgement quite a challenge…

    • just submitted mine!

    • Looking forward to seeing the winners!

  • so excited - when will the decision get posted? will we get to see some of the best ones?

    Oops never mind, I really should read first LOL

  • Did you get mine? I sent twice.

    • Yes I did.

  • Just submitted! :D

  • Submitted 4 designs! Sorry I had to send in 3 separate emails!

  • Just submitted mine :)
    gl everyone!

  • Great fun - good luck everyone!

  • Made another 2 for kicks: https://imgur.com/a/CXwSR

  • +1

    Lots of submissions so far this week. From

    • 6amcrisis
    • nurries
    • Johnny
    • a12
    • curs308
    • 100000000A0000000001
    • rowlie
    • hungerlord
    • cantstanzya
    • Encipher
    • silverrat23
    • skint
    • Jade106
    • mhcw
    • camshandez
    • shrugies

    Some people submitted 3-4 different designs, but there was one guy submitted 18 different designs. Please note that having large quantity of submissions has no effect on your chance of winning.

  • +2

    I think it's sad that only the winning design will be shown and we won't get to see so many brilliant designs. Perhaps upload them to an album or something once it's all done?

    • +7

      We'll definitely consider that. There are over 100 designs now, but the quality does vary a lot. Maybe we'll take the top 20 from moderators' votes and put into an single page?

      • +1

        I was thinking of just dragging and dropping the photos into Imgur or the like. I think the content matters more than the artistic quality. I'm sure there are a number of funny submissions!

  • I hope it's not too late to enter? Will be submitting my designs in a bit. I have a lot of ideas, haha.

    • Yeah today is the last day to enter so get them in!

      • Today? Ah!
        Gotta go fast

  • +1

    Just sent my email off at the 11th hour!

  • +3

    Felt like assignment time at school — lots of last minute submissions. Just to confirm today I have received new entries from

    • someguy102
    • supergirl
    • saltik
    • jrobox
    • Richard920416
    • jsuen
    • epcp
    • doublezero1
    • envieddd
    • Shaun C
    • jaedee
    • inherentchoice
    • yessum
    • sagitox
    • nodo
    • Fusakin
    • flyar42
    • Savas
    • ClingyWife

    Less than 4 hours to go before the deadline.

  • Nearly 9…. Going to submit one soon. I'm assuming the use of ozbargain's 'Oz' portion of the logo is allowed since this is for ozbargain.

    • +1

      from above-
      Using copyright content without permission will result in invalidation of your entry, please only submit original works. You are permitted to use OzBargain logo in your designs.

  • Just sent my submissions with 10mins to spare.

  • 1 min left!

  • +5

    Competition closed now. Some last minute entries from

    • misoshiru
    • bern1992
    • bloodymonday
    • ringo50
    • Keezyboost
    • Jase2801
    • FiveDarrah
    • showzen
    • Scrooge McDuck

    There are over 300 designs from 126 participants. We'll try to sort out the winners in the coming week.

    • Did you get my second design?

      • +1

        Yes. At 11:57PM…

        • +2

          two minutes early :)

    • Wow, pretty cool to see so many people get involved! Good luck everyone:)

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