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Toshiba 8TB 7.2k 6G 3.5" 512E 128MB Cache SATA Enterprise Hard Drive MG05ACA800E - $337.50 + Shipping @ SystemaxIT


Toshiba 8TB 7.2k 6G 3.5" 512E 128MB Cache SATA Enterprise Hard Drive MG05ACA800E

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  • These look pretty decent. Any idea on what they sound like? Both my Seagate Ironwolf 8TB and WD Red 8TB are annoyingly noisy.

    • +1

      Noise is worse. They are real enterprise disks.
      That said, i have 5 of the 6TB versions in RAID 5 and its not the end of the world, but im ok with it…

      They are VERY fast though, as good as it gets. Should have the reliability of enterprise disks too.

      • +1

        Cheers for the reply.

        Meh, speed doesn't interest me; size and noise are my only requirements unfortunately.

      • -4

        Should have the reliability of enterprise disks too.

        Paying for enterprise reliability makes no sense for consumers because consumer disks are already very reliable.

        • +1

          But its even cheaper in this case…

        • +3

          But this is an enterprise device that is almost a full $200 less than the cheapest comparable 10TB consumer drive. Your argument makes no sense.

  • How long is the warranty on this hard drive?

    • 5yr

      • 5yr stated at toshiba website.

        But SystemaxIT is a different story. Depends where they source it.. the 6tb last time they had they could only offer 1 year. They were OEMs and were not labeled properly, hence toshibas not going to honor any manuf warranty.

  • How would these compare to a WD Red? used for media storage primarily

    • Reds are practically desktop disks with a special firmware for RAID arrays (though doesnt apply for Synology etc though).
      These are high end enterprise disks, as above they are faster, louder and hotter. Much faster than Reds and should be more reliable.

      • Hmm, I don't mind then being noisy as my server is in a different room, but not sure how my n40l will cope with the heat…

        • Ended up grabbing 2 to replace my failing 3tb Green drives, pick them up tomorrow. thanks op

    • Got a 6TB reds during Amazon deal for $319aud, virtually no noise at all and runs very very cool. Also got a Toshiba enterprise. Runs much hotter and noisier, but remember they are enterprise drives, they are designed for office/data center environments, not as a NAS drive, although you could use them as such without issues.

  • Postage DHL Express (Domestic) 1 to 5 Business Days $24.60

    Store address

    1/18 Metrolink Circuit Campbellfield 3061 Melbourne

    Monday: 9:30AM - 5:30PM
    Tuesday: 9:30AM - 5:30PM
    Wednesday: 9:30AM - 5:30PM
    Thursday: 9:30AM - 5:30PM
    Friday: 9:30AM - 5:30PM
    Saturday: Closed
    Sunday: Closed

    The postage and trading hour kinda kill this deal imo.

    • Yeah $24.60 for me as well. Too bad can't select Aus Post as I am not home during the day to accept the delivery.

  • MTTF 2,000,000 hours = 228.3105023 years??? did i forget to carry the 1?

    • No, that's right.

    • Such MTTF figure advertised is a marketing material.

      • Perhaps, but 228 years? If it makes the 5 year warranty period I'd be impressed

        • Yeah, I agree with you.

          I found, higher tier HDD can quite often can last over 7 years or even 10 years, 24/7. Assuming no defect parts, transported and used under good conditions. But the world isn't perfect.

          Parts rarely last forever, 200 years to human life is forever.

          Run X drives for X hours, combine the figures and project the MTBF is really entertaining "scientific approach".

          Real MTBF can be seen in RMA stats only AFTER product launched and used by customer, but which vendor disclose it?

    • -3

      MBTF of 228 years means you'll get roughly one drive failure every year, if you've got a fleet of 228 drives.

      It doesn't mean one drive will last 228 years.

      To put it another way - if you buy a single drive from this deal, you've got a 1 in 228 chance of it dying after a year.

  • Code is only showing me 10% discount, not 15%

    It seems the "listed price" is $397, whereas the 10% code discount is on the current "special price" of $375.

    SystemaxIT are offering 2 years RTB warranty. Presumably, after that you need to go directly to Toshiba to get the 5 years.

  • With the 6tb tosh ent. U need extra cooling. Was doing a burnin with drive on the desk and left it and smart warning gave me a 67C temp record.

    • It's a hot drive. LOL

  • Will generate alot of heat, so will need more cooling then WD RED

  • So I've replaced 4x3tb WD Green drives which were on their way out with these and do not find them noticeably noiser in my n40l. It is sitting under the desk in my office and so far (2 days in) I have not had any issues. Pickup was easy, and communication with them was great. Happy customer here!

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