This was posted 4 years 4 months 21 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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DJI Phantom 3 Standard - $569.91 Delivered @ Ted's eBay


Seems to be a fairly good price for local stock. Much cheaper than JB or HN :)

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  • This seems pretty good, can I get better?

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      I asked myself the same thing, but decided to just go for it. I originally got HN to price match Umart yesterday for $629 but thought I'd wait and see if there was any eBay sales.. It's a present for my partner and I only have a month left so I didn't want to risk waiting and not seeing another sale…

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    i got jbhifi to price match some victorian store (was advertised on here) for 599 at xmas, cant complain for the price it works well, keep an eye out for dwi specials they regularly have the batteries for 50% off as well

    • I'm struggling to find genuine batteries. Will check out DWI :)

  • i would just get the Mavic pro or phatom 4 pro

    Phantom 3 is too outdated, i had it for a while and sold it. I'ts like buying an iphone 3 in 2017.

    Mavic and P4 pro are on totally different level and are true next-gen drones

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      Yeah and they cost 2-5x as much. If your on a budget, do you think this does a reasonable job for the price?

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        I have one for a couple of years by now.
        It still works fine.
        I plan to have for at least two years more just waiting till price of more advanced drones will drop below ~$600..$700 mark.
        So I think it is still a good drone for the advertised price.

      • Yeah I didn't want to spend over $1000 on a drone for a beginner, especially if it could potentially get damaged.

  • This was the drone I had decided to get until the DJI Spark came out, and now I don't know. The Spark is smaller and newer tech, and can follow instructions better, but it's camera is a bit crippled, and we don't know local pricing yet. What price do you think the Spark will go for? Also does this Phantom 3 come with its own controller, or do you still need an iPod type product for a screen? Will any iPod touch do, even an older one? I have an older one.

    • You need a screen.

      Here's a list of recommended devices in the specs -

      • Thanks, that's really useful. No iPod touch on that list, so I guess I don't have a screen capable. Guess I should wait until I upgrade my phone sometime this year before looking for this drone then.

        • No worries.

          There is an iPod touch 6 on the list, I'm not sure how old that model is though.. :)

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          @cala90: So there is, I missed that. Mine's a 4th gen though. I have been looking at a new phone, and was leaning towards the Samsung S6, and it's on the list, so maybe I'll look at getting the drone and phone later in the year. I was looking at other phones too, so this is a good reminder that if I want a phone that works as a drone screen I should get one on the DJI list. So much research to do with technology…

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      Phantom 3 has, better camera, better battery, heavier to fight wind and be more stable. This price is great for a beginner. I am about to jump on it. Can't see any better drone under $600 or even under $1000.

  • Also, will the price of these models continue to fall throughout the year due to the new models coming in, or is the probably the lowest it could go?

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    Thanks OP, bought my first drone!

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    Thanks, bought my first drone too!