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Win 1 of 200 Allen's Confectionery Medium Bags from Nestle



Closing Date 05/06/2017 1:00pm


Description 200 x 2 Allen's Confectionery Medium Bags
No. of Prizes 200
Total Prize Pool $1,196.00

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit One per person
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites n/a

This ends 1pm tomorrow (Monday) so get in quick. Enjoy :)

  • The Promotion starts at 15:00 on 02/06/17 and closes at 13:00 on 05/06/17.
  • This claim is open to residents of Australia who are aged 18 years and over.
  • Claimants must go to the website and register their details. The Promoter will then provide a sample to a claimant by post to the residential address provided.
  • (1) claim per household. Based on residential address.
  • Sample: 2 x ALLEN’S MEDIUM BAGS, RRP $2.99

Full T&Cs available here…

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  • +8

    Killer pythons FTW! Thanks for posting.

    • Sure, until they went and reduced the size.

      No Cars in the list!

  • +4

    my pre-diabetes thanks you, tightarse

  • +19

    Contains beef derived gelatine

    • +7

      Mmmm gelatine

    • +3

      I love Beef

    • +3

      derived… lol

    • +4

      I love hooves.

    • +4

      The two vegetarian options for Allen's Lollies are Fantales, and Cobbers if anyone is interested.

      • -1

        Important to know in case you don't like killing cattle for gelatin but have no problem abusing and killing them for their milk.

        • +2

          I also feel strongly about the cognitive dissonance of vegetarians but it's still useful info. There are no vegan options in the Allen's range.

          The only vegan lolly option from Nestle seems to be peppermint Lifesavers (lol).

        • @phosphoresce: I respectfully disagree. It may be useful info for those wishing to abstain from certain ingredients for cultural/religious/aesthetic/health reasons but separating the vegetarian options actually works against deconstructing the dissonance you speak of, the imagination that vegetarianism is a lighter form of animal exploitation. Vegetarianism is just a different form of animal exploitation.

          There are plenty of vegan options outside the Allens range.

  • +3

    "Sweet" deal!

  • +2

    Mmmm beef derived

  • so these have protein in them amirite ?

  • +2

    Lunch sorted!!

  • +2


  • +3


  • +4

    Flintstones Chewable Morphine

  • +3

    Looks to me like they only pick 200 testers per lolly…

  • +10

    This is more of a competition than a deal. They're only giving out 200 bags of each type of lolly.(2200, since there are 11 lollies).

    "Will everyone who enters be selected?
    Unfortunately, we are unable to select everyone who submits to be a super ALLEN'S lolly taste tester.
    What do I have to do if I'm one of the 200 selected per lolly?
    If you're selected as a super lolly taste tester, your mission will be to taste test 2 lolly samples sent to you and respond via the online questionnaire to let us know your preferences."


    • -1

      Sounds more like "limited stock"

      • Except they don't tell us when they've run out.
        Normally they stop taking entries when stock runs out.

    • +1

      How do you know they're sending out 200 of each of the listed lollies?

      I assume they'd be wanting to test a new lolly, not the ones listed which have been around for years or decades in some cases. There might only be 200 total and the list of lollies is just a bit of added market research.

      • Did you read the quote from my post?

        • this one? "What do I have to do if I'm one of the 200 selected per lolly?"

          Yes I did. What I haven't read is something that explicitly states 'per lolly' means each of the 10 (not 11) listed. I suspect it doesn't since the question asked is 'What is you favourite ALLENS lolly?' and not 'What lolly do you want to sample?'.

          Your assumption may be correct but it's still just an assumption.

        • @watts:

          You are missing the key point. People are selected. It isn't first come first served.

          Even if it's not 10 or 11 lollies "200 per lolly" means there is a limit since you can't have an infinite number of lolly types. But even if there are 100 kinds, it's still not limited by stock but rather by selection based on criteria we don't know. They could want so many per suburb or age group or gender…I haven't read their little questionaire so I don't know what details they are gathering.

          Any way you slice it, it's still not a deal.

        • @syousef:

          I didn't say it was a deal. In fact I agree it's not.

          I merely questioned how you knew they were sending out 2200 bags.

    • agree more of a competition or limited stock item

      • They select you. It's not first in first served. That means stock limitation is not the deciding factor. It's who they want to win according to whatever criteria they decide. Definitely a competition.

        On second thoughts what's worse is you have to agree to complete their survey for the lollies. So maybe more like a crappy job interview where you are paid with lollies you have to rate.

        • +1

          Still not a deal as its not something you can effect.

  • +9

    Enough covfefe for everyone!

    • +1

      So if Trump went on Oprah…

      "You get a covfefe! You get a covfefe! You get a covfefe!"

  • +1

    What flavour did you guys pick?

    • +4

      Peach and cream because it's new. I figured everyone would get pythons.

      • +1

        Don't Play With The Python, Daddy!

  • -4

    Ordered a couple. Thanks OP

    • +1

      1st rule of Ozbargain.

  • +1

    I put other and then specified Tightarse.

    I think Tightarse would make great lollies, soft gummy candy with a sherbet centre.

    The more you suck the tighter the flavour gets.

  • +1

    A treat for my pensioner neighbors.. Thanks OP

  • +4

    Approximate sale value of two bags is $3 total….for signing up to their promotions. I think I value my soul higher, at about $5.

    • +3

      You shouldn't have a soul if you're on Ozbargain, it was taken a long time ago.

  • +2

    They changed the recipe and are rubbish now

  • +6

    2200 bags being given away (2 per person).
    1100 "winners" in this competition.

    5500 clicks already, more than 80% of which will get nothing from this "deal".

    Belongs in the competition pages.

  • -1

    Clicks mean nothing, votes do.

    • +7

      Yes, they do. A lot of people on OZB are pr**ks that will take advantage of a deal but won't take a second to +ve vote it.

      • +10

        Yeah there are a lot of pranks on OzBargain.

      • It's a competition and not a deal and not everyone is guaranteed to receive the lollies

        Hence not everyone is voting .

        If I end up being selected , I will upvote

        • +2

          Hence not everyone is voting

          Everyone but you.

          Don't worry, be happy.

      • Why is prick being censored now? If I get pricked by soe prickly materials won't someone be confused when I post about my pricked situation?

  • Not giving out that much of my personal info for some lucky dip lolly competition.

    • +5

      Don't really care, Google already know everything about me.

      According to them I'm an unemployable and overweight Ozbargainer who visits porn sites daily.

      • welcome to the team

      • ……..or in this case lolliecon sites.

      • +1

        Sure Google might know everything about you, but in exchange for a handful of lollies you're trading up your personal info for yet another company. Not with it imo.

  • +1

    You absolute legend TA, thanks so much Allen's are my all time favourite lollies

  • +1

    Would you eat actual insects?
    You do it every time you have red coloured food, listed as colourant e120, or carmine, or carminic acid.


    • If they are as yummy as Allen's lollies you bet!

  • Thanks TA.

  • Thanks TA!

  • +3

    This has got to be the highest rated competition?

    • +3

      Only one person thinks it's a competition ;)

      Come on Neil, this is a freebie not a comp.

      • FAQ

        Will everyone who enters be selected?
        Unfortunately, we are unable to select everyone who submits to be a super ALLEN'S lolly taste tester.
        What do I have to do if I'm one of the 200 selected per lolly?
        If you're selected as a super lolly taste tester, your mission will be to taste test 2 lolly samples sent to you and respond via the online questionnaire to let us know your preferences.

        Am I missing something?

      • +1

        If the 10249 clicks (as of 10:44 pm, 04/06) is anything close to the total entry number, individual chances for selection are about 1.9% or around 1/50, so it really is more of a competition/lucky draw. That said thanks a lot for sharing this opportunity with us tightarse and best of luck Ozbargainers!

  • +1

    Here TA a positive vote from me to push it to 500+

  • +11

    Received 2 packs of 'Frogs Alive' this morning in the mail!

    Anyone else?

    • +1

      looks like a no here… but glad you got something

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