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LG G6 64GB Smartphone $899 + $9.95 Delivery ($0 Delivery Via Click and Collect) @ JB Hi-Fi Weekly Deals


Coupon will be generic, posted in case it helps any one looking for this phone.

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EDIT: You can get the phone cheaper on eBay with current promo codes, but most of these will be imports so as long as you don't mind that, it can be purchased cheaper. :)

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  • My coupon code if anyone else wants it. 92489375854.

    EDIT: Looks like the same coupon code

  • Do you like sit there on your Gmail refreshing every 2 seconds lol

    My code: 92489375854

    Edit x 2: code seems generic as per above.

  • just had a quick look and can't see much improvement over the LG G4. Guess I'll hold on to mine till this comes down in price then

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    OMG, nobody said anything about boot loop yet.
    I wait with eager anticipation.

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    It's about $630 for grey imports. $899 is pretty expensive for LG even for local stock.

  • So here are my thoughts - about to pull the trigger on this deal actually.

    Let's say about $570 on grey import off eBay with the latest deals.

    $900 for Aussie stock also means I can claim it back on my tax return. As a fully rough calculation, let's say that is 30% of $900 = $270. So effectively getting this for $900 - $270 = $630. (Is this calculation correct?)

    So based on that, it's about $50 more expensive but I can get it straight away and also get local Aussie warranty for JBHifi which is pretty important.

    On the bootloop issues, I thought they fixed it on later G4s and also I don't see it happening on LG G5 that much (apart from maybe the odd bootloop that any phone will get). As a G4 user, this is really good upgrade and I can't wait to get rid of it.

    Anybody have thoughts on this calculation?

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      How did you claim this on tax return? Unless you have a business going

      • as long as you use the phone mostly for business related purposes (or can appropriation a certain % to business use) and its directly related to you earning income, i don't see why you cannot tax deduct whether it is import or local stock.

        only difference will be if you can claim the GST (obviously no for imports).

      • Can't you claim this as a work related expenses. Assuming you use the mobile for work purposes?

        Edit. Actually maybe I'm thinking about depreciation…

        • Yes but most likely not the full amount because you do use it for your personal purpose as well

    • Calc is not quite correct, assuming your 30% is the work related portion. The $270 is claimed as a deduction against your marginal rate. You're not exactly getting $270 back as a tax refund.

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      Assuming you use it for work, you can claim it. If you feel its useful life is less than 2 years, you will be able to write it off immediately. The problem with your conclusion is that you think you can't claim a phone if you bought it from overseas. Of course you can. Therefore it would be even cheaper (after tax) from overseas.

  • Can I get this price in store?

  • This phone or HTC 10 from JB?

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    Never LG again

  • Does anyone know if the JB bonus warranty is beneficial?