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Western Digital 2TB SATA Caviar Green - $103 + Shipping [Soldout]


Found this looking on Budget PC's website.

Western Digital - 2TB SATA Caviar Green

More info: http://www.budgetpc.com.au/wd20ears.html

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    $9.95 shipping to Sydney, so $113 all up.

  • What's the RPM for this item?

    • Website doesnt say. I would assume being green that it's only 5400.

      • It's green hence only 5400 there arent any cheap 7200 2TB in aus yet.

        • link says wd20ears which is 7200

  • Ordered a couple for mass storage…thanks OP.

  • Ive got a WD 1TB green and its 7200, maybe this is a 7200 as well

    • +5

      All WD Greens are definitely not 7200 rpm. Anyway, RPM does not really matter, since these drives are designed for storage anyway.

  • Sweet. Bought 2…if I could RAID these I'd buy 5! Pickup avail for VIC buyers also!

    • you could in the past just need to adjust the TLER (i think) settings. not sure if you can change it permanently now though… there where tools to do it in some firmware.

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    WD website list the RPM for a WD20EARS as Intellipower

    and it says

    WD Caviar Green Hard Drives are not recommended for and are not warranted for use in RAID environments utilizing Enterprise HBAs and/or expanders and in multi-bay chassis, as they are not designed for, nor tested in, these specific types of RAID applications.

    • Pretty light weight disclaimer to nod towards their raid class drivers.

  • I ordered a couple myself.
    Can some1 tell me if these are the kind that always power off every 10 minutes or so…. is there anyway to prevent that from happening. Its really annoying when I want to dig something out of the archives and I need to wait for the hard disk to wake up from slumber.

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      Yeh, have one of these myself. A few seconds of waiting is a good compromise for a cheap 2tb though, worth it.

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      You can change this option in your power settings, default is set to turn off after 20 minutes of inactivity.

  • +3

    Just clicked on this link, coming up as $155??

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    er… something wrong.. it says 155 for me - must have been error and they have corrected it

    • damn was about 2 buy 2 but the price shot up!

  • Proceeded to checkout and its $155

  • Wow I must have made the cutoff just in time. I just hope it wasn't some kind of mistake and they will cancel the purchase

  • Yea it says $155 for me too. Never saw it at $103. Must've been just updated before I clicked.

  • Now the site is saying it's out of stock when you add it to the cart…

  • Good price for this HDD but do beware that this is an Advanced Format Drive which means that the partitions will need to be aligned (not a straight forward task for Linux Ext2/3 partitions); otherwise, there will be a big performance penalty, particularly when writing to it.

  • sorry guys, no more stock.

    • Was it a pricing error? I noticed that you had the wd15ears (1.5tb) for the same price?

  • Ahhh missed it again :(

    to bad I really need a drive now

  • damn, someone else please put up a similar deal with a cheap 2tb!!!! with loads of stock offcourse……………….everyone have a look around for another good deal

    • cheapest per gb is still 1.5tb - you can get them for $79.

  • i would of bought/asked about a 1.5 if i wanted one. but i want a 2tb

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    why do i keep missing out on deals like these … this is the 3rd or 4th time already :(

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    lame, missed out too!

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    Just my luck - The one day I don't come on OzB, a great deal comes and goes. Oh well.

  • not much of a great deal if there is hardly any stock, im pretty sure it was sold-out within the hour

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