This was posted 11 years 4 months 5 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series [Blu-Ray] [2009] AUD$20.98 [Soldout - Pricing error]


Only 10 pounds for complete series. This is the new version of Battlestar Galactica, not the old one from 1978.
Doesn't seem to include Battlestar Galactica: The Plan, but even so it is still a bargain for 10 pounds. It would be nice to have a box set which includes everything, but for such massive saving, I'm personally quite happy to get The Plan separately.



If you want to have your say about Amazon and the way it treats customers with pricing errors go to the forums and if thread is there add your flames etc there. Or open a new thread if it hasn't been started.

According to a post in this thread Amazon does reserve the right to cancel orders if a pricing error occurs. Not saying its fair, but it does exist….

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel K Keepa.

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        • -3

          I really dont care what you have to say, and I will stick around just to help lift the IQ of OZBargain.

          I would rather have no posts than post some stupid OBVIOUS FROM THE START pricing error like this ;)

          But I will say this. I was right, god I love saying that! and you are in dream land if you ever thought this was legit.

          201 + VE for a DUD DEAL Bah ha ha ha ha Thats gold!

  • +4

    Reading through this is better than watching any Australian drama lol. Thank you OzBargain!

    • +1

      just about anything is better than watching any Australian drama :-) except maybe ANY reality shows, Australian or otherwise.

  • Is it still there?

    • -3

      Quick order 10 more before they sell out !!!!

      • u mad?

  • fake deal???

  • +1

    I have to admit I do love a good pricing error. This is clearly one, but I can't help but order just to be part of the fun (bitch session)! LOL


  • I can not see deal anymore….is it sold out or they have rectified the price?

  • Bugga looks like they fixed the pricing error.
    Its saying its £85.00

    • Nah, thats just the price from the Amazon market (private sellers selling through Amazon)

  • looks like the price is back to normal now on the amazon website

  • -2

    Lol everyone still commenting saying 'pricing error D: '

    Keep up.

    Also, DAMMIT I've used too many neg votes today

  • i don't think it was a pricing error, as they had an image that said 94% off
    i think due to the demand, they have change the price back to normal again

    • Did they?
      Or was that an automatically generated text?

      • +2

        I think you'll find that the '94% off' text was automatically generated by comparing the listed price and the RRP price.

        At least, as a web dev, that's how I do it.


  • How about that weather aye? Crazy stuff

  • +3

    See the match last night? What were they thinking…

    • +4

      Thats the problem with arsenal, they always try to walk it in

      • +3

        ludicrous display!

  • +5

    Here's another great deal. Philips 160E1SB 15.6" Wide LCD Monitor. Only $38

    Pity it's as real as this one.

    • Ha!

    • Just ordered 40, Great Buy!

    • Sorry - we were unable to continue, please check the following messages
      * Product SYPH160E1 is not available for backorder.

      Damn Officeworks to HELL! I was gonna order 20.


      • Im still confident that they will arrive! Best $1520 I have ever spent…
        Im going to design my ebay ad now….

    • Id say its a true bargain as they were $76 about a month ago. Who would want a 15.6inch anyway?
      Why dont you make a new post for this?

      • +7

        I know plenty of people who'd like a 15.6 inch.

        • there's always one!

        • ;)

        • +2

          yeah "around"

      • no point doing it now because there are people like greydaniel.

        • I have all the screens I need already, just taking the p out of this very amusing thread ;)

      • The monitor deal was posted 3 days ago!

        • Yes but read the follow up comments, I believe no one got one in the end anyway.

          Too bad they could have watched Battlestar Box Set in Glorious HD for next to nuts.

  • I never used Amazon and even if this is a price error I would like to take my chance so could anyone explain how can I order for $21 as I can not see any price near to that amount on the link OP privided?

    • +2

      Don't bother man. It's not real, nothing is real anymore.

    • Too late! The price has been adjusted.

  • Either they removed it, or their stock ran out so they just list the private sellers now.

    • +1

      Their system will just be showing them all as sold, they will fix it up and it will be back to what ever price we won't be buying them for soon. Maybe tomorrow as they need to email 3000 ozbargain members first.

  • +3

    I guess the main thing on everyone's mind is does Cruithne really qualify as a satellite of Earth, hence being our second moon? That's all this thread is about anyway…

    • +1

      Has your order disappeared? You seem to have gone quiet….

  • I wish the guy who puts the prices on could come work for my local servo!

    He's probably looking for a job right about now ;)

  • DAMNIT!!!! Missed out!!

    • Ill sell one to ya ;)

      • 35 bucks?

  • +1

    The order has disappeared fromy my account…. :( oh well

    • Mines still there !

      • +2

        Mine's gone too. They have ruined my life! I'm crying here! I was REALLY looking forward to spending every spare minute I have for the next four years watching Battlestar Galatica in high def.

  • +2

    Mines gonnneeeeeeeee maybe the guy that done the stuffup is going thru all the orders manually and delete them so nobody can see his screwup LOL ?

  • Mines still there, and thanks to space star ordering I'm gonna get it next week! Explain that one if you can!

    • :(

  • +2

    Yep mine has disappeared as well. Oh well, it was worth a try and it made the day a bit more interesting. :)

  • :(

    I was really excited about this one!

    I'm a huge fan of the show, and I've got the first 3 seasons on DVD, but since owning a HDTV & PS3, I decided to stop buying DVDs, and Didn't wanna spend alot of money to rebuy the first 3 seasons in blu ray.

    • I'm in the exact same boat!


  • Amazon UK just pulled a Dell on us.

  • +7

    Try this:

    hold down "IDKFA" it gives you full health,all the weapons as well as all the keys. May or may not stop them from deleting your Amazon cart.

    • Much value right there, It didnt work for me at first, but I had caps lock on, tried it again and works perfectly, my amazon account turned gold status and I get 94% off all blu rays now, Thanks!

  • mine's gone as well :(

  • When mine disappears, Im not gunna neg it

  • fracken fracks!! lol

  • Come on, only 6 more people left…..Let's get to 200 +'s on this non-deal. :)

  • So no warning, no sorry, and no compensation?
    Just poof?
    Pulled the plug?

    • Yep no explanation no nothing….!!!

      • BALLS one just disappeared.

    • +1

      I'm sure an e-mail will be on ites way shortly saying something along the lines of 'We as a business can cancel any sales made due to our own fault and we also suffer no consequences because of it. We do that just because we can'. Please do return and shop again with us.
      Yours sincerely,

  • +2

    I say we do a 194 negs and make it an even 50/50 That will really freak out the guy that comes home from work late.

  • -1

    I bought 5 as soon as I saw this and just got an email from Amazon they've been shipped!!

    • +1


    • lol you wish! .. Amazon never ship that fast…

      • Sometimes they do. Like supersonic. I think mainly so it's so you can't change your mind (as Amazon orders are very easy to cancel if you have buyers remorse). The status changes to this:
        "We are preparing these items for dispatch and this portion of your order cannot be cancelled or changed." It can sit for days in this status.

        • +1

          but never that fast to the shipped status, only "Dispatching Soon" status

          • @swimmingtoad: It said dispatched and someone else I know got an email saying that theirs has been cancelled because of their pricing policy and that they contact customers prior to them being dispatched so it might really work?

  • +1

    ANNNNNDDD they're both gone.
    What rude people…
    Here's what now shows…

  • woohoo got one before they sold out ^-^

    • +2

      It'll dissipate soon

  • +1

    Bah! Just checked my order history at - it's been deleted from my order!!! :( Nice try anyways OP :)

  • order disappeared

  • Mine is gone as well.

  • "Important Messages
    This order has been cancelled. It is now empty."

  • +2

    It's only 280gb to download in 720p ;)

    • better start now…..not!

      • hell naw

      • +1

        You would still get it quicker than if you are waiting for Amazon to deliver it for that price :)

  • Mine gone as well and I ordered the 'Band of Brother' along with this but now I can't cancel my order as satated in my account as below:

    We are preparing these items for dispatch and this portion of your order cannot be cancelled or changed.

    um, now I really want to know if anyone is lucky enough to get a copy.

  • Mine has disappeared now also :(

  • +1

    time to reverse votes LOL

  • 85 quid now

  • My order has disappeared too. I wonder how many people around the World placed orders? It was on 36 minutes prior to been posted here and someone saw it on another site showing a 'banner of popular deals and price reductions' for Amazon.

  • +2

    seriously, stop the +ve please lol

  • +4

    'Sold out'? It was never 'For Sale' was it? Free negs to make you feel better ———————————————————————————-^

  • +3

    Order deleted! So say we all!

  • +2

    Now IN STOCK at 89.99 pounds… agh

    • +4

      So they pulled a fishpond then :P

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