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Xiaomi Mi Box 3 (Int'l) Android TV, Amlogic S905X, 2GB/8GB, 4K $51.48 US (~$68.59 AU) Shipped @ LightInTheBox


The popular Xiaomi Mi Box 3 media player is back on sale again at Lightinthebox (thanks Stuzi) with free tracked shipping (only for single orders, not multiple). This is the MDZ-16-AB International Version.

Android TV supports a wide variety of apps including KODI, Youtube and Netflix. The device also supports a wide range of video including VP9 Profile-2, H.265, H.264, HDR10 and HLG HDR. The audio includes support for DTS 2.0+ Digital Out, Dolby Digital Plus and up to 7.1 pass through. Google Cast is integrated allowing you to stream video and music from your phone, tablet or laptop. Save time by using voice control on the remote to search more quickly.

  • Apply coupon LITB5USIRJUN at checkout and untick shipping/tax insurance to get it for $51.48 US


  • OS: Android TV 6.0
  • CPU: S905X Quad-core Cortex-A53 2.0GHz
  • GPU: Mali-450 750MHz
  • RAM: 2GB DDR3
  • Storage: 8GB eMMC
  • WiFi: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, Dual-band Wi-Fi 2.4GHz/5GHz
  • Bluetooth: 4.0
  • Bluetooth: 4.1
  • HDMI: 2.0a (HDCP 2.2)
  • USB: USB 2.0
  • AV: SPDIF Out / 3.5mm audio output

LITB5USIRJUN Discount code added for further saving, thanks to mohan76

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  • Ordered mine on the 9th June and arrived on the 7th of July and Im in regional Tas

    • Wow, I ordered on the 9th as well to Sydney CBD - one of the early ones when this deal was posted - and mine says it's still on the way to Australia.

      26-06-2017 09:35 The item is on transport to the country of destination AUSTRALIA
      24-06-2017 06:45 The item is at the PostNL sorting center
      16-06-2017 09:35 The item is pre-advised

      I just have one question for you, how did you travel back in time from 7 July to tell us you have received it?

      • Lol ….that should read today, the the 4th of the 7th

        Got some tracking details on the 28th that it had arrived in Australia but no subsequent details

      • My tracking information is identical to yours. I'd say they've shipped these units at the same time in bulk. Ordered mine on the 10th to Melbourne CBD so I'd expect we'll probably get them at the same time.

      • Mine finally arrived today. Ordered 9th June, delivered 24 July.

    • Gee I ordered on the 9th, shipped on 14th and still on the way to Australia to be delivered in Melbourne.

  • Mine Arrived Yesterday 4th July 2017 :) Regional NSW

  • +1

    This store's shipping is sooo freaken slow. I ordered on 7th June and tracking shows this:

    2017-06-26 09:35 The item is on transport to the country of destination
    2017-06-23 21:18 The item is at the PostNL sorting center
    2017-06-16 09:35 The item is pre-advised

    My question is wtf where they doing between 7th June - 16th June… twiddling their thumbs thinking if they should send the item?!?!

    • +2

      Trying to work out the difference between Austria and Australia

    • any update Ezza?
      I am in the same situation. 4 weeks now and it still says, The item is on Transport to the country of destination..

      • +3

        Nope nothing and no changes to tracking… what a complete joke!

        • Same here!

        • Same boat!

        • I have the same tracking info and there has also been no change to the status since 26/06. I did receive an email from lightinthebox on 05/07 saying "your order is on its way" and that if I haven't received it by 11/07 to contact them.

        • @jrlmel78: Got exactly the same tracking info and emails. Will be requesting a refund through paypal tomorrow I think if it doesn't arrive!

        • I just wrote to them… they were to respond with a crappy template literally saying wait:

          Dear xxxxx,

          Thank you for shopping with us.

          Your package is currently in transit to your destination. Please kindly note that the shipping method chosen for this order is Postal Service with Tracking which is the most economic. Sometimes the shipping time isn’t very stable and the online tracking updating is a little bit slow. Based on the post office, if everything goes smoothly, packages will be delivered within the estimated shipping time, which you can see in the order detail page. However, in case of bad weather or unexpected situation, please kindly understand that they may need more days; most of the packages can be delivered in 38-40 days.

          Your order was shipped out on 2017-06-13 with Tracking # xxxxx. You can track it in the following link:

          So you should receive the order before [2017-07-21], which is the 38th day of shipping. Please also keep tracking the package, if it’s arrived in your country, please wait for 10 days to let it to be delivered to your house. The online tracking will be updated slightly later than the actual situation, please be patient while waiting for the updates.

          You'll receive the package soon; we hope you will enjoy our service. Your kind patience and understanding are highly appreciated.

          lightinthebox.com Customer Service

      • hi guys, seems the boat has been landed AU, some of you has been received it, please see the comment below:

        considering different place, so it might takes different time to your hand, or it might be show up tomorrow? lol
        so please wait few days more, thanks for your patient.

        • +1

          I think there may be a problem here. The people receiving their units ordered after those still waiting (one on 19th and other on 24th). All of us with a ship date of the 14th are still waiting for our units. I'm raising a dispute with Paypal and getting a refund.

        • @thesoxman: hi dear, there have many uncontrollable thing could be delayed the shipping. but anyway, thanks for your patient and shopping with us. apologize for this trouble.

        • +1

          @MiniInTheBox: Many uncontrollable things? How about you find out what has delayed the shipping so you can update all your customers properly with the status of their deliveries? Expecting delivery within 1 month of order date is not unreasonable for ANY shipping method.

        • +1


          Where's our packages?????

        • @davodinkum: hi mate, i have asked our ship team check with shipping company today, might get feedback from carrier tomorrow, i will post the update here when i get it.

  • +1

    Payment confirmed 9th, same tracking details as Ezza.
    Orders from other Chinese vendors on 21st Jun has already arrived.
    I believe will be better if LITB don't provide tracking.

  • Mine arrived yesterday :) looks cool!!

    • When was it shipped.

      • 9/6/17 ! so I'd say almost a month wait.. pretty long eh!

        • Mine was shipped 14/6, so hopefully should receive it next week in Sydney.
          Probably this is being sent by sea freight, plus some delay. Normally sea freight should take about 3 weeks from China.

        • @hawamahal: Can't really complain given the price I think it was a great deal, I'm just glad I actually receive it =p

  • got mine yesterday, thanks

    • lol glad to hear that.

  • Mine arrived today, Probably wait till next weekend to set it up and have aplay

    • When was yours shipped?

      Did you see tracking information after this line below; Or did it arrive without Aus Tracking?

      2017-06-26 09:35 The item is on transport to the country of destination

      • Mine was Shipped on the 19th June

        Last message I got was: Your item has arrived in the country of destination.

        And delivered about a week later

        • Looks like you are special. Mine was shipped on 14/06/17 and still have not seen anything yet.

        • +1


          lightinthebox the biggest joke.

          I'm so annoyed. How does that even happen? I'm the 14th and still waiting too

        • +1

          @davodinkum: I think all of us who have a shipping date of the 14th are still waiting. Time for refund requests I think!

        • @thesoxman: My order was shipped on the 13th June and I'm yet to receive it. Tracking is still showing "The item is on transport to the country of destination" the last update was 26th June.

        • @jrlmel78: mine was shipped 21st and have thr same tracking info as you

  • I'm in the same boat
    - ordered on 13/6
    - pre-advised 16/6
    - sorting centre 24/6
    - on transport to country of destination - 26/6

    It does say 6-33 business days, which means I should have it no later than 27/7. Though I'm still none the wiser why people who ordered when my package was already at the sorting centre received theirs first.. oh well that's the Lightinthebox mystery.

  • +4

    Does anyone else keep checking their tracking everyday in the hope it will change from "on transport to destination" to now in Australia?

    • +2

      Yeah i check most days in hope that there is a change in information. But half the time the tracking isn't working. Mine shipped on the 14/06

  • +3

    I lost hope of getting this. Ordered a Nvidia Shield from Amazon. Going to put in a Paypal dispute if this does not turn up by end of next week.

  • +3

    Sick of waiting. Ive opened up a PayPal dispute.

    • +1

      I'll give them till end of month

    • +2

      Hot on you heels. I raised a ticket with LightintheBox and they gave me some standard reply like the one ezza got above. That date they say I should receive it by is the 20th. So if it's not here by Thursday (which is highly likely given the lack of tracking updates) I'll be going to PayPal too.

    • This is ridiculous. I am opening a dispute too in a day or so. It says I should receive this week, but like thesoxman has said. Extremely unlikely considering the tracking information and it is not even in the country yet.
      Why is this taking so long, it seems like the shipping package has been lost in transit and we won't ever receive.

    • +1

      I don't think I've ever been so angry over an international shipping order and I'm a very patient person.

      I got the same generic email from LITB too

      • +1

        Raised a Paypal case today…. the likelihood of it turning it between today (17th Jul) and 20th Jul is quite slim.

        • +1

          Will do the same

  • +2

    I received an email yesterday advising package is still on its way with the below:

    "Via the shipping method Postal Service - Tracking, it usually takes 14-28 business days (10-20 days) for the package to arrive. However, if you do not receive your order by 2017-07-12, please contact us as soon as possible. We will then contact the courier for you"

    Received email yesterday….. "if you don't receive your order by the 12th".

    I contacted LITB on the 13th and they told me to wait longer before they contact the courier. WTF

    • +1

      Yeah they told me to keep waiting too. I've launched PayPal dispute already as this is ridiculous.

  • +2

    Ordered mine on the date of this deal.

    Yet to receive it.. Never order from this vendor again!

  • Raised the ticket and advised to wait up to 60 days. No way for me to wait that long. Been almost 30 business days since order date. Anyone get any luck with Paypal?

    • Have raised case with Paypal and it's going through the various stages it hass got to clear. It's funny how now that a few of us have gone the dispute route that all of a sudden MiniInTheBox is back on here and actually trying to track down the shipment. Far too little too late I'm afraid. Last time I'll ever use LITB and I'm sure I'm not the only one!

      • Have you got the refund as yet ?

        • No only raised dispute yesterday and wouldn't expect a resolution this quickly. I know that Paypal have requested a response from LITB and they are now reviewing. I'm hoping to hear back shortly.

  • hi guys, about the package delayed issues, i have asked our ship team check with shipping company today, might get feedback from carrier tomorrow, i will post the update here when i get it.

    and if you have placed an order on this deal ,please pm me your order number. if the problem don't fixed, we will consider to arrange the refund.

    apologize for all these troubles and thanks for your patient

    • Hi Oscar, the below is the email from your customer service :

      We are sorry to tell you that your package might be slightly delayed. Because it’s shipped by post office, it needs to be transferred between the post offices of several countries, it might get through with the Custom Clearance, opening and checking by the officer in any post office. And any bad weather will have huge effect on shipping time.

      Our post office manager informed that for most delayed packages, they have large possibility to be delivered within 60 days. The manager can open a case to look for it if customer hasn’t received it after 60 days.

      So you still have great possibilities to receive it within 60 days, before [2017-08-12]. Could you please kindly wait for more days till the 60th day? We are really sorry for the long time waiting. Please kindly note that we are a very professional online shopping store. The reason why we can run successfully for more than 10 years is because we care about our customers’ satisfaction and we respect our business. So we will take full responsibility since you chose our company to place the order. If you do not receive it by that day, please open a new ticket to us and we'll file a case with post office to check. You have nothing to worry about.

      Please also keep tracking the package, if it’s arrived in your country, you may wait for 10 days to let it be delivered to your house. If you haven’t received it after 10 days then you can contact your local post office to inquiry about it. It will be faster than us to contact your post office because you are doing it locally.

      We really appreciate your patience and support.

    • I just PM you

    • I pm'ed you. Have a look.

    • PM'd

  • I just Pm you, can't wait for the default response.

  • I opened a paypal dispute yesterday and to my real surprise i saw an update in tracking.
    2017/07/19 the item arrived in country of destination.

    Is this just the fake tracking or the real miracle.

    • all tracking information is only update by shipping company, so it's real miracle i guess

  • +1


    Rep: Not only is LightInTheBox one of the slowest when it comes to shipping times (up to 60 days are you kidding me?), you guys obviously have no intention on fixing the spam issue highlighted by many in the past. See above link. 27 mails in 30 days - that's almost 1 daily - and even then that's after I've unsubscribed to every spam crap received. Best part is my email is not even verified. Anyway it's not an issue for me as I'll just remove the forwarder once your package arrives, but man it sucks for others that can't unsubscribe.

    • Yep mine has been updated to arrived in country of destination today also

    • hi mate apologize for this trouble, about Unsubscribe issues please see here, and after that if you still get email from us, please send the email you can't Unsubscribe to me, so that i can check it and fix it. my official email:[email protected]

      • I wanted to see for myself how bad this issue is and as it turns out, pretty appalling if you ask me. 27 crap mails in 30 days and NO, none of your unsubscribe method works.

        Anyway don't worry about me as I came prepared. I'll just delete the forwarder and this address will be useless. But please fix this issue for those that are stuck with your spam.

        • hi dear, do you mean when you did every thing i mentioned on the Unsubscribe topic and still get many email? becaurse we have test this many times and wait 1 week before i open that topic to ensure it works, and many users unsubscribe success too. all my team's colleagues(5 people) don't get any email after that. so not sure what's wrong, but if you can send the email you get, i may figure out and fix that.

  • Andddddd tracking has been updated to "arrived in country of destination."

    Let's see how long now

    • Mine is still showing "The item is on transport to the country of destination" since 26/06. Maybe I should PM MiniInTheBox :)

    • Let the next count down begin, I'm still a little sceptical on that tracker, as only after complaints were the tracking details suddenly updated…
      fingers crossed.

      • Yep I'm sceptical too

        • I am sceptical as well, as i sent him a message yesterday and suddenly the tracking updated this morning. I will still wait till the end of the week and lodge a paypal dispute it nothing turns up.

        • @hawamahal: Same happened to me as well. I filed dispute in paypal yesterday and this morning suddenly tracking updated to arrived at destination country. I hope its not fake tracking.

        • @bindassever: I don't want to file a PAypal dispute, but not receiving it even after 5 week is forcing me to do it.

      • Exactley the same.
        The morning after i message them tracking updates to
        "The item has arrived in the country of destination"

        Tomorrow will be the magical 38 days of shipping (as per the ticket) so lets see if it arrives on my doorstep

      • Me too. Suddenly it arrives in the country of destination. Definitely sceptical.

  • +1

    Im still stuck with the below (ordered 13/6)

    2017-06-26 09:35 The item is on transport to the country of destination
    2017-06-23 21:52 The item is at the PostNL sorting center
    2017-06-16 09:35 The item is pre-advised

    • Similar dates to you, ordered 11th June, arrived today.

      • Maybe in the same batch
        Ill see if its sitting in my letterbox when i get home.

        I lodged a paypal dispute thismorning so lets see if it showed up.
        The last time i spoke with LITB via a ticket they said to waid 60 business days

        • Mine arrived today as well.
          - ordered 13/6
          - pre-advised 16/6
          - sorting centre 24/6
          - on transport to country of destination - 26/6
          - arrived in country of destination - 19/7
          - delivered 21/7

    • Finally arrived yesterday.

      Won't be buying from these guys again.
      6 weeks is rediculous (and yes I know shipping was free)

  • Trying to return a faulty Mi Box from the last deal and not having a great time dealing with LightInTheBox. I'm getting crashes to a pink or green screen every few hours and I have to unplug the power cable and plug it back in to get it to work again. Told them about this and they've told me I have to pay to ship it back to China in "unused" condition inside its original packaging - now they aren't telling me how I'm meant to do this if I have used it and it's faulty?

  • Has anyone got a reply from the PM's sent about our order?

  • +5

    Definitely the 1st and last time to order here. I hope mine will arrive soon.

  • +1

    Got an attempted delivery for a package today but wasn't home so going to pick it up from the post office tomorrow. Hoping it's the mi box!

  • Received mine as well. Ordered on 11-Jun, received on 21-July. Yet to connect and see how it goes.

  • Anyone in Brisbane with tracking dates 16/06, 24/06, 26/06, 19/07 received theirs yet? Mine still somewhere in the country.

    • Mine was shipped 21st I think and apparently been in the country for a week but nothing. Melb

    • ah arrived today.

  • Mine arrived yesterday. There tracking was next to useless. I will think twice about ordering from them again.
    Having said that the Mi Box is plugged in setup and running Plex nicely.

    • Mine one arrived in Australia on 19 July but i have not received it yet. I live in city of Canterbury.

  • Received it at last, But cant install sling tv app, how do i get an american google account?

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