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eBay Mega Deal: GoPro HERO5 Black $305.15 Delivered @ Wireless 1


eBay Mega Deal: GoPro HERO5 Black $305.15 Delivered @ Wireless 1

Original 15% off eBay deal

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  • +2

    Well done .. even before deal ticked over :)

    • The Good Guys currently have it for $429. Any ideas how much further, if at all, it's likely to drop by the end of the month?

  • +1

    Got one!! :)

  • loving these new deals.

  • O yeah! I am glad I didn't miss out on this one. It's selling like crazy already! :)

  • Good price.
    However I already have Hero 4 Silver and I don't intend to shoot in 4K at the moment.

    • +2

      Sell the 4 while it still has value. You might even be able to sell it for $300. Free upgrade!

  • +4

    Wow what a deal! Sold my 4 Silver last week for $380 just for comparison.

    • Where do you sell it if I may ask?

      You got a really good price.

      • also curious?

      • +1

        I sold it on eBay, to be fair it came with a 128gb SD card I got off here for about $35 but that is a sunk cost. Plus the buyer paid for shipping so I netted about $370 because of a no fees deal. It was a win win because she bought it during the 15% off deal and saved because I let her know of it.

        Thought it was worth more to be honest lol.

  • +3

    Why did a buy a second Hero 5…

    • +1

      Coz you're a true OzBargainer. :D

    • +7

      Now you can get 2 different angles. Might be enough to make you go pro.

  • +1

    I bought a couple wonderful deal

  • Bought one to replace my Hero 3! :D

  • Is this a local unit or imported? Dang I just paid $418 for mine 2 days ago :(

  • 250 sold within 10 mins!!

  • ThIs deal is disgustingly cheap

  • Wow just got one. Been eyeing a GoPro for ages.

  • 20% stock left according to the FB live event

  • Goonee..

  • OzBargained in minutes! Haha

  • +1

    I was watching them sell, too bad I couldn't afford to buy one!

  • Just missed out

  • Got one!

  • Gone!

  • Arggghhh it's gone already

  • Dayum was about to grab one !!!!..guess saved myself 300…

  • can it take photos or only videos?

  • missed :( already on cart.

  • +4

    This was one of those 'don't think, just buy deals', and I was still too late

    • Unfortunately, I was one of those thinkers

  • how many times can you use chopchop

    • Once

  • +2

    The ebay facebook channel has a live stream where they were just advertising it:…

    • Just watched a Koala playing the drums with another bloke playing bells while singing about GoPro.

    • What a flop.

  • Gone! What a bargain.. was close to pulling the trigger.

  • DAM! I was in the purchase screen and missed it :(

  • missed it

  • wow

  • +3

    Can't I have dinner without missing on this fantastic deal?!?!? What the heck!

  • i had one in my cart, then i realised i have 2 gopro hero3+ that shit me to death cause they run out of battery WAY too quick. switching from gopro to another brand - any other recommended action cams out there??

    • +1

      not sure if osmo plus is an action cam

  • bah!

  • Tightarse become Tightmouth really, please tell us what is next !

    • Pretty unfair on TA really… He should give a few more hints.

      • -1

        I got PM, thanks TA

        • Did you really? Screenshot please :)

        • +2

          I got PM, thanks TA

          Screenshot here

        • @tightarse: haha, finally you show up! caught you!

  • NOoooOOoOooOoO

  • Quite a few folks bought 3

  • +1

    Gone :(

    I'm always too slow

  • damn i just miss out

  • -3

    Anyone selling? I'll pay extra

  • +5

    Exercised common sense. Didn't need it, didn't buy it. I'll save my pennies and buy something else I don't really need.

  • -2

    Oops price error..

  • Alright.. Mounts any suggestions ?

  • Was it a good deal since gopro 6 is due in later this year?
    My understanding is 5 is not Mich better than 4.

    • +1

      Just over $300 for a GoPro of these specs is an excellent deal.

  • Reckon people just bought these to resell tomorrow?

    • +4

      Nah, dont think so. But on a different note.
      Who want to buy my brand new gopro for $400?

  • Always thought GoPro didn't allow such discounts on their products to discourage competition on their product lines. I remember that this has happened before and store/shop has been removed as a GoPro seller..

    • +1

      Suppliers cannot set a minimum price by law, but if a store sells at below cost to attract customers, they can withhold stock.

      I think once-off events like this is probably OK to GoPro though. If they start doing it several times a year, on the other hand…

      • Thanks, I knew something along those lines was in place. Not knocking the deal just wondered!

    • +1

      When did you change your username from storyteller lol?

      • -5

        Months ago, why? Why aren't you flogging CR in this post? I love your sheep <3

        • -1

          Amazing how a simple innocent question is responded to in such a way. Enjoy your evening.

        • -1


          Dunno what changing my username has to do with you though, you were having a subtile go at me because you thought I was talking shit as my previous handle here was storyteller. Thanks though I will enjoy my evening.

          I love your sheep <3

  • GoPro HERO5 Black $331.50 Delivered @phonelord-au, Code: CHOPCHOP…

    • That is the Hero 5 Black Session, a different (and cheaper) version. Sorry, No deal.

      • +1

        Sorry! My bad. I wasn't sure if it was the cheaper version. Thanks for confirming that I was about to order this one. You saved my day :)

    • you thought you were getting a bargain aye

      • This could have been my first GoPro! Yeah I thought It was a bargain for me but I was wrong. I wasn't sure if GoPro Hero5 came in different versions ;)

  • Bah had it in my cart, 15 mins after the deal started the stock was gone. Went back to go buy other stuff so make it all in one.

    • You must be new to bargains. Welcome. :)

      • Didn't think they would sell 250 in 10 mins….made the mistake with the other 15% off sale by only buying one item in one transaction. Now made a mistake by going back to buy three other things. BLEH. Anyway would have been just an impulse purchase. Wouldn't bother carrying a gopro around with all our phones - (yes i'm trying to make myself feel better haha)

  • +7

    I can't believe I bought spoons and I skipped the go Pro.

    I also failed because I skipped the go Pro hoping for bigger and better things, little did I know it was just a drill and face vibrator

  • Damm missed out!

    How do ppl jump on this so quickly? Is there an email subscription or anything?

    • For most people just luck and being on OB when such deals are posted. I was browsing the site and just checked the front page when I saw this deal posted just minutes before that. Didn't hesitate and bought it straight away as I could see the sold unit percentage increasing pretty fast after refreshing the eBay page few times.

    • Its pure luck dude. Do you want to subscribe to every item on Ebay, you'll get thousands of email everyday. Also for item that's insanely cheap will usually be gone in 5-10 minutes, so even if you get an email notification what are the chances you still can buy the item.

  • +1

    Grab a decent pole :) $34.95 delivered AU Seller, normally $50… !… <- Supplier website

    • Thnx got one

      • No worries :)

    • Any other good accessories?

      • +1

        Not sure still looking !

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