This was posted 4 years 7 months 5 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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4 Free Cups of Corn Delivered (<40KM from Sydney) from Country Corn


Country Corn is offering 4 free cups of corn to those who reside within 40km of Sydney. Pick from Just Plain (Vegan),Just Salt (Vegan), Butter & Salt, Butter & Garlic Salt, Butter & Chicken Salt, or Nuttelex Butter & Salt (Vegan).

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Via dessertaddictsanonymous & Curiousxcharlie on Instagram

Update: Looks like their server is experiencing issues.
Update 2: If the website doesn't work, send an order through email [email protected] via Facebook

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  • nothing happens on click of 'Send' button

  • +1

    Service Unavailable

    The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

    Additionally, a 503 Service Unavailable error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

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      Service Unavailable

      It's self-serve

  • +1

    HTTP 503 error

  • +4

    Hmm, looks like we cooked their server.

    • With 60 visits?

      • currently (2:55pm) says "delivering 1094 cups of Corn so far"

    • +46

      Perhaps an insufficiently powered kernel.

      • +13

        That's corny…

        • +15

          But not amaizeing.

        • +11

          You seem well versed in your field.

      • +3

        Maybe they can "cob"ble together a soultion

    • +7

      I suppose as it's way past the COB, we will have to wait for them to fix it tomorrow.

    • +1

      im going to stalk this deal …. omg, it's happening again, im on fire again!

    • +21

      Sometimes I get why you bold some words. Some times it just make you look retarded like you're trying too hard.

    • +13

      Go to bed jv.

  • hmm garlic and butter Salt!!

  • -1

    After 18th June 2017 only Referral orders wull be processed from this Form.

    • +1

      its talk like a KUWI month, didnt ye knuw?

      • Sorry bro.

  • +6

    looks like the server had a kernel panic after it got ozbargained.

    but if you tech pros got a solution. im all ears.

    • +8

      I think they're waiting for their IT guy to pop in.

      • +2

        The IT guy just needs to navigate the maize of servers.

        • +3

          I think they are often referred to as server farms

        • -1

          Man, all these comments are getting corny ;)!

        • -1

          @jazzymc: don't be salty. It is a sweet deal. Or do you need to be buttered up to just join in the fun?

        • -1

          @xoom: Nah, I'm all ears ….

        • -1

          @shmahoo: did he check the Data WAREHOUSE for more feed stock?

  • Managed to submit my form just now

    • still 503 error for me

  • Anyone know if this can leave at room temperature? or must it put inside the fridge

  • Wish it was in my area, 4 cups of corn is a day's roughage.

    • But is 4 cups of roughage a day's corn?

  • +1

    Keep getting error submitting my order

    • +1

      You want corn, don't you?

    • Didn't you order sweet con?

  • Doesnt work

  • +1


  • I just wanted to remind everyone that the starchy part of corn is known as the "endosperm"

    • Are we talking about corn or porn?

      • +2

        Corn Porn. Or CP as I like to term it.

  • let's stop the puns and hope the server is back soon. I would hate to miss out on free corn

    • But they're so corny!

  • Able to submit the form now
    3:00 pm Sydney time

  • There was an error trying to send your message. Please try again later.1

  • Update:

    Please send an order through email [email protected]
    Sorry for inconvenience caused. My IT person is working on it. Thanks for your patience.

    • Nek minnit, email server gets cooked.

  • Form now working for me :)

    • Out of Stock

      • +2

        Depends on what kind of soup you're making

      • +1

        No corn soup for you!

  • Got my 4 cups of corn today. Good stuff. Thanks OP!

    • +1

      thanks, cobber !!

  • got mine delivered last night at 9.
    Great work by the guys fulfilling orders and delivering it for free

  • Got mine. Thanks countrycorn.
    Good product

  • This has been one of my favorite deals OP. I love me some free corn.

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