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Optus Oppo F1s $209 @ BigW


16MP front and 13MP rear camera
5.5" HD display
Fingerprint reader
Up to 32GB internal storage
Octa-core 64-bit processor

starts on toy brand sale

save $50

Important Note from Oppo Representative on Whirlpool forums

"The network bands are locked on the Optus F1s to the ones that Optus uses. The network band lock will remain even after an unlock code is supplied by Optus to let you use other carriers. Just wanted this information to be out there so everyone can choose which is the most suitable option before purchase!"

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  • NFC?

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        • Why did everyone upvote the funny but unhelpful comment but nobody upvoted the answer! Don't worry, I got you. ;)

        • @dust: Haha thanks!

    • NFG

    • NFR

    • Eventually opal cards will be integrated to NFC chip making NFC more essential then ever as now it already does Android pay

      • When that happens there will be Oppo Z1s for the same price with NFC v2

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    No NFC. I am using this phone since few months now. It is a nice sturdy phone, but there are some issues with Bluetooth while connecting to Car. It connects easily to my Hyundai but not with Toyota.

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      Car's issue. Lol

  • available after 22nd June. Can imagine how fast these will go!

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      i think they have 4g so should be prett fast.

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    16mp front and 13mp rear? dam a phone made.for selfies

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      It's actually referred to as a selfie phone.

  • 2 simcards PLUS an sd card slot - is that correct (3 in 1 with a special tool like a paperclip thing to get the cards out)?? I was looking at these a while ago. around $300 in OW. Nice one OP :)

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      Can take 2 SIM cards or one SIM card and a micro SD card.
      My wife has one of these, cracking phone. Might get one myself.

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        Thanks Branners - for some reason I thought it had all 3…wishful thinking most likely.

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          LG V20 can do all 3 but it's double the price of this. Next ebay EOYS should see it dip below $400 I reckon.

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          Moto G4 Plus (and maybe G5) have 2x sim slot plus a separate SD card slot ;)

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          thanks dheywood - good prices on these currently too..

        • @Click_It:

          The LG G6 as well, right?

        • @StrayfireX:

          Yep pretty sure the G6 is identical in that regard, though a slightly more expensive phone. It has tumbled in price massively in the last 2 weeks though.

        • @Click_It: LGV20 is a highly superior devicr compared to the oppo f1s

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          @thriftysach: I have one and love it. Apples and oranges I know, just chipping in my 2c on the 2 sims + microsd option which LGV20 supports.

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        Isn't the second sim locked or blocked on the Optus version? It was with the F1.

  • Damn Optus…. Can they be unlocked? Off to YouTube…

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      The noted BagMan can unlock them for, I think, $18. Some might be cheaper but he comes with the Branners Seal of Approval…

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      Can be, but these Optus ones are apparently spectrum locked to the same bands as Optus if I remember correctly from the Whirlpool.

      • is that even legal :/

        • could always pay Optus $70 to unlock or whatever they charge…

        • @MishyMoo: that still doesn't unlock the locked spectrums.

        • +2

          Thanks rodripa. That takes the fun out of the deal.

        • Yes

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        From The OPPO rep on Whirlpool:

        "The network bands are locked on the Optus F1s to the ones that Optus uses. The network band lock will remain even after an unlock code is supplied by Optus to let you use other carriers. Just wanted this information to be out there so everyone can choose which is the most suitable option before purchase!"

        • thanks geebes - that's useful info

        • +1

          This info needs to be in bold at the top of this deals description!

        • Only an issue if you are on voda as you would miss a few …..most Telstra and Optus bands are the same ….eg both use 28.

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    Had this phone for a few months now and can't fault it. Yes does not have NFC but for the price i love it. Camera is great both front and back and the bluetooth works well in my toyota :P Put a 64GB micro in it also and works well. Worth every cent i reckon, plus bulk cheap cases on ebay etc

    • Does it have a notification led?

  • -2

    No Band 28

    • According to Optus it does have band 28.

      • but the spectrum is locked so you cannot get Tesltra 4g

  • Most likely you will miss 850 MHz band for 3G/nextG, optus operates 900/2100. There is unlock version which has all the bands enabled. Optus one only enables bands which optus uses.

  • the alcatel 6 incher for 150 is a good deal if you want a phablet and a cheap price.

    cant say its picture perfect but looks good on paper.

    • Which Alcatel is that?

      • maybe this one I think - rubbish 2580 battery


        • +1

          For what you get its ok.


          It is a slow sd 210, 1.1ghz and 1.5gb ram…. as i said if you after aphablet at rock bottom price this has to be it.

  • Not related but don't forget about all these items going up for sale on the 22nd are in part stocked by OW for price guarantee aswell!

    • Stop right there, OW only hasn't unlocked ones.

      • Oh, yeah, my bad.. wrong on one item.

        • +1

          You could try your luck on this, I've successfully got the staff at officeworks to price beat the Optus locked phone from Target twice ;)

        • @emaydedewhy: Yeah, but they stocked the item in that case, he was saying OW does't stock an Optus Oppo F1 (..I would assume) Yeah, just checked for the sake of argument.. OW only has unlocked versions of these for $317.

          Also, its IPS, now I know why everyone is saying thew 720x1820 display is nice.

        • @dfaktz: Nah, I actually got OW to sell me the unlocked version for the price of the Optus locked one at Target. They just assumed they were the same

        • 720x1820 is plenty …..

  • Can anyone find this item either on the Big W website or the catalogue?


  • locked to Singtel Optus!

  • HD is a bit not so nice

    • Something you barely notice on a small screen.

  • +1

    online forums have people saying that this (unlocking, yet not being unlocked) is uncompetitive and reporting it to ACCC.
    OPTUS' response was lame I thought.


    I wonder if OWPB would notice that the BigW phone is locked… :)

    • +1

      I wonder if office works have an OB Alert set up for "Office works price match"

  • Absolutely amazing bargain phone.
    Amazing picture quality.
    My wife was using this one instead of her own iPhone 6s for taking pictures and videos.

    • Really?? isnt iphone 6s pics would be way better?

      • Stupidly better. Yep.

  • +5

    Ive had this phone now for about 6 months.. Im typing this on it right now.
    Ive had every new galaxy and the last few note phones. I got this when my last note died as a temp untill something worthwhile came out, and many things worthwhile have come out…. And i still kept this phone… For the price, its freaking incredible. It works flawlessly and feels like it should be triple its retail price. And the HD screen looks like its a full HD screen compared to other HD screens.

    What im trying to say is.. That I recommend the sh*t out of this phone

  • *** deleted

  • Would an Amaysim (Optus network) work on this phone without unlocking?

  • Have had this phone for a few months now. ColorOS had just updated to Android 6 base from 5.1. For those interested, 5.1 was rootable with Kingroot but 6 is not. Haven't found a simple way to root 6 yet, nor are there any custom roms available that I've found. Doesn't seem to be a well supported phone in the dev community.

    • +3

      I took my A57 and R9s Plus back based on this. Phones are well made but the ColorOS was so broken and buggy it was unbearable. Started getting on forums to find out about rooting and installing a ROM to get rid of ColorOS and found that devs don't want to touch these phones because Oppo are basically breaking the Android EULA by locking it down and by not releasing any of the code and drivers for their OS.

      While I can't complain about the build quality of Oppo phones, it's just their software, it's woeful. Two different models with identical problems. There were issues well documented on the Oppo official forums that are still outstanding since 2015.

  • I am with Vodafone. Will I be able to use 4g/3g after I unlock this? Quick google search says both Optus and Voda basically use same frequencies. Anyone using it on Voda network 4g?

    • Mrs Branners ran hers on Kogan for a month, absolutetely no probs. They were slow as heckfire to port the number out when she left, but while she was on Voda, it was fine.

  • Expandable memory? How much RAM?

    • +1

      It comes with 4 RAMs and will take a 256gb microSD, according to the specs.

      • 4GB RAM? That's unbelievable at this price.

    • It's the 32GB version which has 3GB Ram

  • Was wondering how this compares to xiaomi redmi note 3???

    I used to have a Samsung note 4 and it was the perfect phone but mine got damaged with water.
    I bought the xiaomi and I found it virtually identical to note 4. Expect for low light photos.

    My xiamoi has broken recently. And am looking to either replace with the same or similar one

    • The redmi n4 is better in almost every way except lack of band 28. Despite the hype, the camera isn't THAt much different. The n3p is also better in many aspects too, but they're becoming hard to find nowadays from your regular channels.

      What provider are you with? If you're with optus or Telstra, go with oppo f1, or look for a redmi note 3 pro special edition.

      If with Vodafone, go with n4 for sure.

      • Ahhhhh thank you

        I'm with kogan.
        I'm considering buy another xiamoi Redmi 3 or 4 for 220 aud.
        Just saw the oppo and found it hard to compare in practical purposes

  • +2

    F1 because it's like really really fast?

  • Bought 3 of these when they were last on sale, can't fault them. Using with LiveConnected on the Optus network. Gave the other two phones to in-laws who are doing fine with them. Put in a 64Gb card and all good.

  • +1

    Hey guys

    Does anyone know if it is worth spending the extra money to get the oppo A57? I saw that JB Hi-Fi has it for $328.00.


  • +1
  • so apparently you can enable those locked frequencies in engineering mode but have to do it on every reboot :/

    • That was the case for the old F1 model. Are you sure this is still true with this F1s?

      • oh oops.. but no sorry I was just reading on that optus thread

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