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LG Optimus GT540 for $229 Outright Vodafone Soft Locked Unlocks for Free


This isnt found anywhere on their website, but across all vodafone stores the LG optimus is available pink or black for $229, got mine today with a 2gb SD card already installed, go to any voda store and ask for it, cheapest handset to test android territory, good resolution and cpu but resistive screen, its soft locked to vodafone but unlocks for free over their website.

ohh and 2.1 update coming next week


EDIT: other users also confirmed over WP http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=1511566 i can only confirm for voda as i asked 3 store and they denied.

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  • If the unlock is free, then this is heaps better than the one from optus that they are selling at allphones outright for $279.

  • Tried this phone at the Vodafone store in townsville today and the touch was way too hit and miss to text people… and tried to go to websites like facebook and the screen wouldn't let me browse very well and the screen was too small to do anything. ended up going for one of the other phones there that looked much nicer

    • read my reply to Gecko below about voting etc Voke revoked.

      But you would already know that since you know Gecko……. which isn't a nice game to play….. Guess this over moderating game does give some interesting insights

      • Hi ozpete, only now did I see brodies post - even though I do know him in real life, I did not coerce him in any way to post this.

        Vote revoked? That's stupid.

  • well if you must have android this is probably the cheapest new phone you can get.
    i feel the negs are unwarranted. do you disagree that $229 is cheap?

  • Not liking a feature is NOT a reason to neg.

  • dont think the phone will be 170 in a few weeks, Gecko
    i got this phone and I think its pretty good for it's price, touch screen is good enough, maybe its not accurate for some of those with gigantic fingers, but for me its fine.. oh the free unlocking is bullshit i think, i cant unlock it. yes i did follow the instruction on the package ..

  • People interested in this phone may want to know that for an extra 119 you'd also get 12 months of "29 cap" on either Three or Vodafone, since you can get this phone on a 12 month subscription. Not sure if you can then unlock it, though. True, touchscreen is not the best. But it's manageable.

    • There are a huge number of reasons why buying a phone on a "cap" is not everyone's cup of earl grey; not the least being that a lot of folks are just looking for a replacement phone for an existing contract! Hence the free unlock here is a boon! ;)

  • I would rather go on a plan and receive more value with this phone….

  • i got this phone on a plan and it's good, not perfect(what is??) 240x480 screen with 3d chip, wifi, gps, bluetooth 2.1, gsensor, good battery life etc, and before you bag the screen maybe you should TRY it first? too many people think "resistive screen, must be no good", it comes with a plastic screen cover, remove that and it might improve even more, but texting is fast for me, and come end of this month, this will probably be the cheapest android2.1 phone around, those other dealextreme/focalprice phones can't compare quality wise with this, and try getting customer support with HK phones!

  • Good price but I would probably prefer to pay a bit more for something else.

    Here's a decent review IMO.. the message I got was make sure you test out the screen and is happy with it before you buy:

    • Christ some people get so defensive about their phones. Someones downvoted this guy for posting a completely legit review?

      This entire website's community is ruined. Thanks for the review kelea, confirmed what I was suspicious about. The moment LG put out a capacitive cheap android phone, I will be voting positive.

      • The problem is, downvotes are anonymous now; so there's no accountability; thus an equal amount of thought used!

        The moment LG put out a capacitive cheap android phone, I will be voting positive.

        Fair point, but it may not be $229 unlocked though! ;)

        The simple fact is, ATM you can't get this phone; unlocked; this cheap, even off ebay! This is a decent deal for a walk-in B&M store with whatever subjective time & support advantages that entails. That's important to some! ;)

  • resistive screens are great! I've had a play around with this phone and its pretty good for an entry level phone especially if you want to a touchscreen phone but don't need a new contract or the extra hardware features on more expensive smartphones.

    • If you think resistive is great, I suggest you try a phone with a capacitive screen. Resistive is ok with a stylus, crap with using your fingers.

      • Resistive has a much better accuracy at tapping at the right spot with a sharper instrument (usually finger nails) than the flesh of a fat finger. The whole "Capacitance is better than resistive" argument is false since its nothing more than marketing by Apple. You only need to accidentally contact another part of your skin and it will register wrongly with a touch. Resistive will need a certain level of pressure before it registers as a proper tap than a misplaced bit of skin.

  • Translated Russian review of optimus running 2.1:


  • "Suggested competitors devices do not have such a successful mix of technology and functionality - choose LG Optimus, you get the maximum for their money" that says it all! and keep in mind the russkis pay more for this phone-9000 rubles is around AU$310!

  • The newer LG Optimus One is a much better phone so I think it's probably why they are trying to get rid this phone. Still very cheap for this one — $229 and you get access to all the apps in the Market (unlike many China-made knock offs).

  • Good find Balls..!!!
    I wish you could have found it earlier… LOL coz I signed up for a $600 contract for a new phone yesterday and this one would have suited my needs for much less. I have had an LG phone before and was very impressed.

    To those knockers that like to compare bargains posted with other items costing 3 and 4 times more please go get a life.

    For $229 with it's features with an Australian warranty from a bricks and mortar store this deal earns the "bargain" tag, no argument.

  • Not as good as the crazy johns half price prepaid deal a few weeks ago.. I got my optimus for $124 delivered!! Unlocked in an instant, now my new backup phone ;)

    • Am looking out for a cheap Android phone for developing / playing around with and this looks to be best deal so far. Any other recommendations ?

      Saw the Crazy Johns deal but didn't see any Androids on the list. Then read the posts about LG Optimus being offered as replacement…

  • Went into vodafone shop today and girl confirmed for me that they can unlock it for free in store. Hmmm tempted. Good find Balls!

  • I've got one, nice phone for this price. I had to go to a few stores as it seems like their system will see it as post-paid with the pre-paid price, at the end one "smart" guy managed to do it. I tried to unlock it but it does not work, followed their procedure. I'm using vodafone anyway but still..

  • This is an awesome phone , and you get access to the famous android market place
    overall performance is not a great as a higher end phones, but u can always use the task killer to make the phone run a bit smoother, but my only concern with this phone or even any smart phones is the battery life
    but ya apart from that , its a nice phone to use and cant wait for the android 2.1 update for it , and i am sure there would be a performance boost / battery life boots with the new kernal :D

  • Went into Vodafone shop in Westfield H'ville to enquire about it. Guy scanned it, price came up as $190. Bought it on the spot. Android tinkering commencing soon…