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[INVALID Deal] Re: GelaSkins



Gelskins have verified that they will not ship these orders. They are offering a 10% discount to those who are interested use OZBARGAIN

As we indicated the "deal" was suss but there was a great divide in opinions here.

With so much positive votes this deal got a life of its own. The Mods will now discuss this type of situation so that we can learn from this in the future.

Unfortunately we are not always here 24hrs and we too have a life and we too have a "democracy" in that we need to discuss and come to joint agreements, so those criticising us for not killing the deal, need to understand this. As seen in this thread there are arguments for and against etc…

We did our best to warn people given the circumstances.
THREAD LOCKED and link removed (it will just come back to this post) but not deleted so you can read the unfolding story…. Discuss in the Forums if you wish

Step 1
Visit http://exclusive.rogersthankyou.com/ and click "Enter" to enter the site and begin the process of getting a code.

Step 2
Wait for the site to load and click the "Open your gift now" button, then click continue.

Step 3
Tick the third box only (high speed internet), clicking any of the other boxes will not allow this tutorial to work, then click continue.

Step 4
Enter a random first/last name combination, for postal code enter; M5S 2H7, tick the two agreement boxes, enter a real email address (this is where the code will be sent to) and for the phone number use: 415 XXX XXXX (X being substituted with random digits), then click continue.

Step 5
Wait for the envlopes to load and click any of them. (They are irrelevant to the process of getting the code).

Step 6
Click "Open It!" to open the envelope and allow you to select a prize. The GelaSkin radio button is radio button number 4, so we click that one. (Rest of the prizes except for the donation require a real registered Rogers Canadian address).

Step 7
Click "Submit" and the code will be then sent to your email address instantly. (Sometimes it may take 2-3 minutes but don't worry, they will come).

Step 8
Visit http://www.gelaskins.com/rogers to input the code you received in your email and follow the on screen instructions.

Step 9
Enjoy your free skin with free shipping worldwide. You will then get your skin within 3-4 weeks, but usually earlier.

Thank You Rogers.

If you want a awesome custom made one with a Leica M9, use this template:

from: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1016833

mod - 19 Sep 2010, 9:17pm
"Open to residents of Canada, 16 years and older, who are existing Rogers customers and who received the invite to the special gift offer & contest"

While orders maybe accepted by the system, when it comes to be posted and Rogers has to pay for international shipping, dont be surprised if they dont ship. (fyi only costs $1 more for shipping to Australia, rather then Canada)

If anyone "complains" about not getting this - we'll think of some appropriate penalty - how about skinning alive LOL

The poster implies they have got theirs but when you look at mac rumours site its only just been posted on the site and Mac rumours is a US site - Canad to US is a lot different in cost than Canada to Australia.

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