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AU $50 off Ring Doorbell or Stickup Cam with Code ($249 + Shipping) @ Ring


[edit] Even cheap at HN - Pickup. https://www.harveynorman.com.au/catalogsearch/result/?q=ring $237

$50 AU of the ring doorbell or the Ring stickup cam + shipping costs ($4.95 to Victoria). Same deal was 6 months ago.

I've had my ring for close on 2 years now and it's fantastic for the parcels that arrive when you're not home. Even my postman will sign for me and leave it at the door if I ask home over ring now. If you don't already have one let me tell you that it is as useful as you might think. Even more so..

It doe's need the monthly subscription to be able to see past recording's. You get a free month of the subscription to try it out. Sometime's I miss the alert on my phone and it's nice to be able to see who it was that rang the bell. Without the subscription it will still work just fine for live interaction's.

Personally I don't think the stickup cam is worth it since the subscription is per-device.

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    Username checks out.

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    Might be worth noting that Ring Doorbell 2 has been announced, with 1080P (up from 720P), better night vision and removable battery for easier charging.

  • Waiting for a vandal-proof, hardwired POE version that can't be hacked via Wifi.

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      I want one that can remotely incapacitate door-to-door salesmen.

    • Well, apparently it has 'Bank-Grade' encryption, so I don't understand how it can be hacked?

      • It's been on the news quite a bit about hacked Ring doorbells but I must admit I haven't looked into it

        • Anything is hackable I guess, but it depends on what sort of people are you trying to keep out of your house?

        • The hack has been patched and doesn't seem like an easy hack. In order to hack you have to unscrew the doorbell and press the orange button at the back, by the time you've done it your video has already been recorded in the cloud.

  • Was sooo tempted to get one of these recently but wanted it to act more like a standard IP camera as well as a doorbell because I wanted to send its output through to my NAS to be recorded along with my other cams. From all the reading I did it seems these are more designed as a proprietary 'all-in-one' type solution which is great for some but not quite right for others. Thing is that 'proper' POE IP doorbells are still only really 'commercial' products for apartment blocks & businesses etc. and cost thousands but it would be great if someone released one for the domestic market… unless there is already something out there someone else knows about?!

    • Check out the ring elite which is coming out.

      • Hmm, looks much better but still may not be as 'open' as I'd like. I just want to be able to punch in an IP address and access the stream as per any other IP cam so I wonder if it'll do that?!

        • Yeah 'open' would be great and you could integrate more with home automation systems and send your own alerts etc.

    • Yeah not suited for you. There are IP camera based doorbells on the market I think.

      • Have been looking at the IP/doorbell/intercoms that can open a lock/strike plate on my front gate. There are plenty on ebay but have yet to find something of quality that might work correctly. Still researching.

        Any experiences welcome :)

    • Yes totally agree with what you are saying. The Elite is looking OK but very expensive and I doubt that it will work like a standalone IP camera.

      • Yeah, I've just stuck with the work-around for the moment which is to keep a standard doorbell and throw up a standard IP camera aimed at the area. Will look into using the doorbell button, close-range PIR motion detector or even good ol fashioned pressure mat as a trigger input to send an alert whenever anyone's at the door however I wont have easy 2-way comms as per an elegant solution like these. 2-way comms isn't really high on the list for me but would be a nice bonus feature for sure. Probably only ever use it once or twice per year… if that!

        The one BIG benefit from just using a standard doorbell with a regular IP Cam is that the camera can be mounted away from the door so it's less obvious plus it can be angled in a way to see anyone approaching, not just when they're right at the door pressing the button. It's also less than half the price and at least twice the res/build quality and with far superior low light ability. Hmm, maybe I don't need anything better afterall ;)

  • Weren't these mob on Shark Tank?

  • Make sure you have good internet upload speed. Really needs min 1Mbps, so rules out most aDSL connections.
    otherwise great device.

  • Anyone can share info about how long the delay from button pressed to receiving notification?

    I have a Chinese version and the delay is about 20 seconds. Most of the time I missed the postman :(