expired IKEA Perth: GNEDBY Shelving Unit Now $5.95 (Was $59.95)


Yes, who still buys CDs or DVDs, so there's a reason these are heavily discounted. But buy a few of them and you can combine them into a nice feature wall. Or use the parts for other projects. At this price they are a steal, rock solid, over 14kg a pack.

Plenty of stock in Birch and Brown-Ash in Perth as of 7pm yesterday. (White and Black are sold out)

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    To me, this looks like some thing which could easily topple over and there goes CDs, DVDs or blu-rays flying all over the place. Just takes some one to knock it. You know tall but thin shelving unit.

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      Yes, they suggest to screw it to the wall and I think it includes some sort of bracket.


      Nah, that's like saying: "lamps are easy to topple over and there goes the light bulb glass flying all over the place. Just takes someone to knock it."

      I've got 5 of these and can say that they're quite hard to knocked over, as you're supposed to put them up against a wall, and the way you use them (or at least the way I use them) is to store blu-rays, PS4 games, figurines, etc. that I wouldn't be handling or interacting with the shelves roughly.

      The Ikea items that are at risk of toppling are their chests of drawers - I have the Malm and if I open the top 2 drawers together (e.g. to transfer clothing from one to the other or put away stuff after laundry), it topples forward on to me and all the drawers start rolling out due to the angle and making the whole thing fall on me… freaked the shit outta me the first time it happened and I could easily see this killing kids (which I believe they have in the United States and a product recall was ordered).


    Did you take a photo showing the discounted price?


    Adelaide sale page says $19.95


    $69 for the stockholm nest tables down from $300 is an amazing price too, they're really nice in person.


    IKEA should do deliveries :-(


    Great find OP, we purchased 6 of these from Ikea Perth (Ossie Park) some time back and to think that we could have had them today for $30 all up. Damn, currently kicking myself and trying to strangle myself at the same time :-)

    Regarding getting them home from the store. You can see they are long units, but not particularly wide. Just awkward for handling really. We fit all six of ours into our Corolla Hatch (2010 model) with the back seats down, and head rest off the front passenger seat (Laying across the top of the front passenger seat (Packed some large rolled towels under the units to avoid any rips to upholstery), and they all fit and still allowed the rear hatch door to close down (So I am sure there are lots of other small vehicle out there that will actually do). So do not go thinking that you need something really big to move them, just get your tape measure out (If you actually still use a tape measures, maybe you have an app for that too).

    We use these units for our BluRay and UHD 4K disc collection(So this is great for old people like us who are so behind the times to be still using physical discs with full 4K picture and the latest HD audio).

    The units link together at their tops with some small steel rod links that slot between the tops of each unit (So they support each other), there was then a couple of small steel mounting brackets that allow you to attach to the tops of each end unit, and then the rear screw them to the rear wall (WE have six in a row, with all linked together using the joining rods, but only using two wall mountings, one on each end unit. The units are strong and stable.


      If you've bought more than two units you can save yourself some space (see image) with this simple Gnedby hack.


        Great tips (although it seems a lot of work to save a few cm!)


          For some I guess it might but the end result looks more aesthetic especially for multiple units. 🤗
          But you can easily hack the hack to simplify what you need to do. 😈
          From three Gnedby units, I used the two left over sides and added two more units. All I had to do was drill the holes through the sides and as they're already drilled on one side you don't even need to measure anything. I also used dowel pins instead of the screws supplied. "Simples" 🐿

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