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Sony 49" X9000E HDR TV (2017) 15% off at Sony Online Store - $2124.15


Sony 49" X9000E 2017 HDR wide gamut TV, $2124.15 (15% off)

  • 15% off all Sony 4K HDR TVs until 9 July at Sony Online Store (however non-Sony stores will likely carry better discounts for most models)
  • Free shipping for everyone until 30 June, or free shipping for your first three orders if you register on the Sony Store as a new member.
  • Cashrewards also offers 2.2% discount for the Sony Store.

Before you laugh at this discount, the X9000E 49" can currently only be bought through Sony. It is one of the best-reviewed 49" HDR TVs this year. Given that high-end 49" TVs rarely show up in 3rd party stores in Australia, this may be one of the few bargains you'll get for this size and model. I have checked with both JB and HN, they have both told me they are unable to order this particular size in. I was also told that Good Guys won't be getting it either.

Obviously if you have room for a larger size, the 3rd party stores will have much better deals for 55" and over.

Input lag: "Very good input lag overall. In game or graphics mode the input lag is always lower than 35 ms, which should be good enough for all but the most competitive gamers." (RTINGS review)

For research reference, the X9000E is also known as X90E, X900E (USA), and XE9005 (UK).


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    It does seem like a great tv. Not sure why Sony aren't stocking it in other stores. The deal breaker fie me is the poor viewing angles as one of our sofas is to the side. Last year's 55" LG OLED55C6T can be had for under $2400 on ebay with the discount code. My only reservation about that is that it's curved.

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      LG's motion handling is nowhere near as good as Sony's and OLED HDR is not as bright.

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      Reviewers say VA panels degrade at an angle and that IPS panels are better for that purpose. I find the opposite in real life. IMO, IPS looks horrible at an angle, the contrast goes all cloudy in dark areas. I find VA panels much more pleasant to look at at an angle.
      Maybe have a look at them in real life if you haven't already.

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    Sony 55" X9000E is $2220 from Videopro eBay with $55 shipping