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FREE amaysim 6x 28 Day Plan (Unlimited 1.5GB)


As a Click Energy user, they provided a code to get 6 x 28 day Amaysim plan (unlimited 1.5GB) for free. Through the personalised link I found I could also generate multiple code for mates. So I found a way to de-personalise the link for all my Ozbargain mates. Click on the link here, scroll down the page and click on 'generate code'

After the renewals are used up you will start to be billed the $24.90 each renewal. From the T&Cs:

• place a new order for an amaysim UNLIMITED 1.5GB mobile plan (Eligible Plan) through the amaysim website;
• enter the applicable redemption code from Click Energy in the promotion field when signing up for an Eligible Plan; and
• pay with a credit card, debit card or PayPal (postpaid only) when prompted.


EDIT: As of 11:10 PM AEST Amaysim site is reported down for maintenance. We had a good run!

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  • Looks like party is over. Codes are not working.

  • Its working again!!


    • +1

      Not working for me :(

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    It states this on checkout.
    Are you a Click Energy customer looking to score some sweet savings on your phone plan? Simply email [email protected] with your full name and phone number and we'll be in touch.

    • it also does on my account that got created on the checkout

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    The free 6 months is over, but now they offer me $9.90 for 6 months instead!

  • damn, its dead :(

  • It's working again for me now!

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      generating a code works. applying it doesn't.

      • +1

        What's the error message?

        • +2

          Sorry, looks like the promo code you’ve entered isn't valid. Please check the code and try again.

      • Makes sense, I already got it so I didn't apply it. Thanks!

  • Why mark as expired u can still generate codes, think to many ozbaauners killing their site that's the problem.

    • +1

      because the codes are no longer valid………………………

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    12388 cancellation emails will be sent by midday

  • Get ready to show them
    Energy customer account number.

    • +23

      Anyone have a Click Energy account number generator?

      • +1

        Now that cracked me up… thanks for the laugh.

    • +2

      But the whole point was to send these codes "to a mate".
      So im sure EVERY single ozbargainer has the same "mate" (ie OP) who is a Click energy customer ;-P

      • +1

        anddd this is where a good IT department comes in and uses the refer-from data to see what website they came from to the deal. Sweet sweet metadata. I can't see them doing this.. though.. it is the solution to the refer a friend loophole everyone is finding comfort in.

        • The term "mate" is used loosely here ;)

    • Why, the extra codes were for potential friends to the account holders.

  • +2

    OzScammers lol

    You cheeky buggers haha. Hope they honour the deal

    • No Scam! Like OP said, for his friends lol.

    • if you're not a click energy customer, why bother with this deal? can't see them honouring it.

      • Clearly your not a 'professional'! ;-)

  • +7

    Poor amaysim and the chick/bloke who is going to get fired today.

    • I don't know about the poor person that's going to get fired, stuff like this should ALWAYS go through the legal team first and I assume it did, if they didn't have the risk assessment skills to realize how broad of language 'share a code with a friend' is, then they kinda deserve what they get. It's all good n well when someone stuffs up at maccas and everyone gets a free coke compared to someone stuffing up and everyone getting half a year of free phone use.

  • If the code is invalid and they can show it was obtained this way I'm guessing they can bill you the full price. If so why cancel it now? ;P

  • Looks like they will check b4 sending the sim, so the deal is DEAD?
    "Are you a Click Energy customer looking to score some sweet savings on your phone plan? Simply email [email protected] with your full name and phone number and we'll be in touch."

  • Has any one read the terms and conditions

    • Here you go: Click Energy promo conditions

      Special Conditions
      Click Energy 6 free renewals on the UNLIMITED 1.5GB plan
      Valid: 1 June to 30 June 2017
      The Promotion
      1.1 Duration of the Promotion
      From 1 June - 30 June 2017 inclusive (Promotion Period), customers who:
      • place a new order for an amaysim UNLIMITED 1.5GB mobile plan (Eligible Plan) through the amaysim website;
      • enter the applicable redemption code from Click Energy in the promotion field when signing up for an Eligible Plan; and
      • pay with a credit card, debit card or PayPal (postpaid only) when prompted.
      (Eligible Customers) will be eligible to receive the Promotion Benefits described in clause 1.2 of these special conditions.
      1.2 Promotion Benefits
      During the Promotion Period, Eligible Customers will get their initial activation for an Eligible Plan and for the next 5 consecutive renewals free, after which the Eligible Plan will be charged at the normal cost ($24.90 incl. GST per 28 days).
      Any other product renewals, upgrades or vouchers within the Promotion Period are excluded from the Promotion Benefits.
      1.3 Terms and Conditions
      a. All other conditions of the amaysim Standard Form of Agreement, Fair Go Policy and the Price Table apply to the Customer’s agreement with amaysim.
      b. amaysim UNLIMITED plans included unlimited standard talk and text. All for use in Oz. Additional data (if you run out) is 7.2c/MB or $10/1GB. All UNLIMITED plans auto-renew every 28 days. Personal use only.
      amaysim Australia Ltd, PO Box R567, Royal Exchange NSW 1225, Australia, ABN 65 143 613 478
      Click Energy 6 free renewals on the UNLIMITED 1.5GB plan Valid: 1 June to 30 June 2017
      c. Not to be used with any other offer.
      d. Promotion subject to change without notice.
      e. Limit one per customer.
      f. Not redeemable for cash.

      • Ah, good old 1.3(d) will get us.

  • +10

    I got the email they were sending my sim tomorrow etc after signing up and now they are acting like I forgot to check out offering a 10% discount.

    TBH I didn't think it was too good to be true because I'm guessing a lot of us will spend an extra 20 a month on a couple of gigabytes of data. Also it would market the brand to thousands who have perhaps never considered amaysim before (friends of family of ozbargainers, I know I have never mentioned amaysim to them before this deal and I had to convince them hard about it even if it was a free promotion). It will leave a sour taste handing over my CC details and continuously refreshing the website for 30 mins if they don't honour it.

    I understand they could refer to t&cs of the promotion but fact is they were accepting the codes for everyone who was applying it. If they didn't intend on that then why have an online auto code generator? If they pull out of the promo they will look like fools, however if they allow it they may increase their market reach and cuthrough by tens of thousands.

    The two people I referred never ever considered amaysim before (they are family snobs) but took this offer, if amaysim cancel now I'm sure it will cement the negative impression they previously had about amaysim.

  • very weird, wish I saw this way earlier than I did because I had a amasyim $2 just sitting here…tried this morning and it doesn't work

  • -3

    Just got charged $1 for my "free" account - those bastards!

    • +2

      That's actually good. That's a $1 hold to make sure your credit card is valid, and will drop off after a few days.
      Implication of that is that your application for a new phone contract has been accepted. Maybe…

      • Can confirm when I login account still active, says SIM on its way and they've done a 1$ auth on my CC.

  • Just received the SIM card.

    • Did the free code work for you? I have generated one last night but haven't requested a sim yet.

      • I signed up last night and it was delivered to me this morning.
        Expiry of promotion shows 23 Nov 2017.

        • +1

          That's quick. Hard to phantom auspost being so efficient.

        • +1


          So I got anxious with our OzB comments and activated another Amaysim card I had in my drawer.

          Anyhow, this is my account view after I disabled auto-pay.


          So it looks like the promotion got honoured somewhat (my calculator says that yesterday + 28 x 6 = 11th Dec, rather than 23rd Nov).

          Not sure why they want me to "turn on before your plan expires on 25th July 2017".

          Just to be safe I removed all the money from my debit card account.

          Edit: It seems to work, got my Nokia to call my smartphone. Can't try data because it's a nano SIM that refuses to fit into an adapter. Looking forward to the Tri-fit being delivered.

        • @StrayfireX:

          You didn't get the full sim delivered? I got mine today and it has full sim, nano and micro…

        • @koalafied:

          Nah I got anxious at people saying that their orders got cancelled or whatnot.

        • @StrayfireX: It should be: yesterday + 28 x 5
          You only get 5 recharges left since you would have used 1 recharge yesterday.

        • @StrayfireX: make sure you disable overdraft on your debit card otherwise they still can charge you.

        • -1

          @padman: fathom

        • @lostn: phantom sounds cooler

    • Wow, that's lightning fast. How was it delivered?

      • +2

        Amaysim has 3 hour courier for Sydney CBD.

        • Great service from Amaysim for Sydney. Maybe even less than 3 business hours then.

        • It took them a week to deliver my card for the $32 cashback deal.

  • Any extra mate code please pm

  • Guess i was late to the party, codes dont work for me, generated or not

  • +1

    Got this in notifications

    Start getting excited - your amaysim SIM card is on its way!

    I'm excited!!!!!,

  • I ordered one last night & got charged $1 on my prepaid gift card account. is this refundable? :)

    • +1

      Apparently this is just them checking that your credit card is valid, it should just disappear after a few days.

      • I got charged twice $1 of Kogan deal last time which was half month ago, it still sitting in the pending section & hasn't been reversed back. Don't know is this because prepaid card or not.

  • Ordered one last night. Thanks op

  • +3

    Maichu the OP sure has a lot of mates !!!!! ;)

  • Can confirm I have not received sim card.

    • login to your amaysim account it'll say in transit.

    • +6

      Do you not see the big red expired sign next to this post?

    • +3

      Can't you see?? it's been marked "EXPIRED" already!

  • +1

    received my sim

    • Me too! Can't believe how fast they delivered

  • Received my sim too

  • Do we have to activate the sim by the 30th?

    • Yes…

    • +1

      I think so. From https://www.clickenergy.com.au/terms-conditions/free-mobile-... I assume it applies to this promo as well.

      "Customer must sign up to a new amaysim UNLIMITED 1.5GB mobile plan using the redemption code on the amaysim Website and activate their new SIM by 30 June to receive this offer."

      • I am pretty sure Amaysim will not be shipping SIM cards till they pass 30th. They are going to have the last laugh 😂

        • Can't you buy a $2 sim instead and activate it without receiving sim in mailbox?

        • +1

          Well I just got mine today and I ordered when this post had 150 upvotes, so I'm pretty sure they've shipped all orders before they caught up to it and turned on the maintenance page.

        • @koalafied: How would they post it so quickly? Did you get an email confirmation for the order?

        • @yht:
          I received the confirmation email:
          Thanks for joining amaysim! Your SIM card will arrive tomorrow.

          They had the "Next day" shipping option available on the site before the maintenance page went up, but it seems to be just "Standard Delivery 2-5 days" now.

          Got the sim delivered by the postie so I don't know how they ship so fast especially since Australia post is slow as hell these days…

        • @yht:

          Good customer service?

        • +1


          Via Courier Please, that's how it got to me so fast!

  • -1

    I was told by Amaysim cc that if i go with Promotion with Click energy, Amaysim will asked for the contact info of the Mate, who refereed you with Code. its there verification process. Is it true?

    • Mate is Maichu

      • its there verification process before activating service.asking Contact details, including Email. Has anyone activated their service yet? what is a process for activation?

        • No need contact details.

  • Anyone knows how long do I have to activate it? I still have 1 month to go on my contract with Optus.

  • I need a mate code:

    • +1

      you'd need a mate first, mate.

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