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Dell XPS 8920 Tower Desktop - 7th Gen Core i7-7700, 16GB RAM, GTX 1070, 256GB SSD, 2TB HDD $1,481.72 with Delivery @ Dell eBay


This system (been on here around the $1650-$1750 mark) is reduced by dell at the moment to $1,743.20
Combine this with CRAZY discount code to bring it down to $1,481.72 - enough for me to pull the trigger for a new work computer

Original 15% off Sitewide at eBay Deal Post

Cashrewards at 1.3% would make this $1,462.46

7th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-7700 Processor (8M Cache, up to 4.2 GHz)
Windows 10 Home 64bit English
16GB Dual Channel DDR4 2400MHz (8GBx2)
256GB M.2 Solid State Drive + 2TB 7200 rpm Hard Drive
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1070 with 8GB GDDR5 Graphics Memory
Tray load DVD Drive (Reads and Writes to DVD/CD)
1Yr Premium Support:Onsite Service Choose Options
Height: 15.22” (386.5mm) x Width: 7.09” (180mm) x Depth 14.02” (356mm)
Weight: 22lbs (10Kg)
Integrated 5.1 Channel Audio with Waves MaxxAudio®
802.11ac + Bluetooth 4.2
Dell KM636 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Black, English
Gigabit Ethernet
460W (PSU efficiency varies by regional regulatory requirements)

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  • I bought this last week off the Dell site. Set it up last night. I love it, but I wish I had waited for this price. Is there any way of getting refund of the price difference from Dell?

    As an aside, if you buy this, I suggest you get a good mouse and keyboard as the one supplied is pretty average IMO.

  • Everything has just gone cheaper since last week. Tomorrow price hike with the new tax laws is going to hurt

  • I was contemplating the desktop this morning with the 15% promo code @ $1700ish. The 20% off and the 15% promo sealed the deal and I have you to thank for helping me make the decision.

  • This is the 21st century classic joke of Intel.

    While i7 3770 with 95% of the performance of the 7770. Price is only 10%.

    • 3770 isnt 95% of the 7700, more like 70-80%

      • and price is only 10%

      • Only when you do number bench marking, it is around 78%

        However if you do daily office/home use/gaming bench marking, you are looking at 95% ~ 99%

        And what about the price?

        an E5 processor 5 or 7 years ago is faster than the shity 7700

        • Clock for clock, the 7700 will be much faster for gaming. Source.

          The 7700 has a higher turbo clock than the 3770, so the gains will be larger than that.

  • Crucial spec missing from this post - it has a GTX 1070

  • Finally see a great deal before it expires too bad I lost the ability to play games.
    Thanks OP, hope someone from here gets in on this!

  • Damn this is a good deal!

  • This pays for it's self after 10 months of mining :)

  • If only I had $1500 to spare :(

  • Damn that's a great deal. gonna buy one cause it's kinda cheap.

    • what do you do with your old one?

      • I gave it to my younger brother a while back, haven't been able to game properly cause of study and work, my old laptop was enough for everything I needed to do. But that price is amazing, I had to buy it

        • same. brothers already got my old one but i really want this one! cant sell my old one (2007!) its so old but its a Q6600 gem that still going strong!

  • I've been contemplating this XPS over the past month with the 20% selected sellers code from eBay. Debated about it, but decided against it due to preferring to build a Ryzen system and the cost was nearly the same as DIY.

    With this extra discount, it is significantly cheaper than what I could build myself and I couldn't resist. Bought! Thank you so much for posting the deal :)

    My first PC in nearly 15 years of exclusively Mac systems, I can't wait!

    • Welcome to PC's! Great system to start with :-)

      • Hah thanks :) I was really looking forward to building a system from scratch, and making lots of mistakes along the way. But at this price I just couldn't resist.

        Last PC I used was just after Windows XP came out, I uhh, have a LOT of catching up to do hahah :)

        Any suggestions on tutorials/guides to software or anything else I should know?

        • As a mac user who switched for the cost of the new macs was way too high, I spent a lot of time with drivers and youtube. I even tried to install mac os x on it with virtual box and another virtualisation app. However was always way too slow to be useful.

          Uninstall anything you dont need, bloatware.
          Update all drivers
          Use Chrome as its the same on mac.
          Use VLC for media.
          itunes for tunes.
          Set the desktop image to a nice photo that mac uses too. Feels homely.
          Be patient with the trackpad and mouse set up. Not better than macs, but you will learn.
          Lots of youtubing and googling.

          Don't be silly with what you download etc.

        • @Bargain Seeker:

          • Uninstall apps you are sure you don't need, being careful that some are core components of other apps.
          • Update to the latest BIOS's and drivers that are at least two weeks old, buggy ones should be detected and removed within 14 days of release.
          • Media Monkey for playing music.
          • Media Player Classic for media.
          • Firefox for Browser
          • Windows 10 Spotlight for wallpapers
          • Buy a decent mouse
          • Don't be silly with what you download.
        • @FabMan:

          I wouldn't update drivers if it already works. I updated the audio driver on this and all the sound within a browser stuffed up. Had to revert back to the original to get it working.

          I'd recommend updating the graphics card drivers though.

        • @Circly:

          I highly doubt only the browser sound was messed up, and if it did, you must have updated it with the browser already open.

  • Great price. Any suggestions on display panel to go with this?

  • Probably only a handful left now - 152 or 96% sold - only 7 or 8 left!

  • It's gooonnnneee

  • Ahh sold out - i can finally stop beating myself up about buying this

  • not buying it, but epic deal.

  • Note to anyone wanting to upgrade the RAM, 2400mhz is the max speed so if you get 32GB 2666mhz like I did, it defaults to 2133mhz

  • Out of Stock :(

  • well, anyone give me a reason just to calm myself. I'm building a Ryzen 5 1600 with MSI Gaming X 1060 3GB. Parts bought for $1460ish and this deal came up. That's GTX 1070 !!! No words …

  • Relisted at 1999.20!!!! Congrats to those who will be enjoying their new toy :)

  • God damn. Was considering it, too. Usually build my own but wondering if the GPU is replaceable?


    It's back at 1999.2

    • come on…just to jack up the price..this is really terrible


        89% sold looks like the majority got the cheaper price, I bought it last week at a higher price . You lose some and win some

  • Crud.missed it

  • Missed it … :(

  • Is it stupid I didn't buy this because I prefer to build it myself? I think so.

    • Yes, very. Even though it feels better to build yourself, there is no way in hell you can get these parts for the same equivalent at this price.

      • You could get pretty close.

        Find the below list of parts (or similar) from eBay sellers, use the 15% off and you have a similar PC for under $1,600 + the price of Windows (~$20-140 depending on purchasing methods available to you).


    • +1 vote

      Whilst this deal was very good value, you have to be comfortable with a locked CPU, a very basic motherboard, a basic power supply and a case with a very basic design and dull aesthetic.

      • a very basic motherboard

        What makes it that basic?

        It's BIOS might not be as customizable as some fancier motherboards, but it has some pretty decent features for a Dell-branded unit.

        • I'm thinking this is something you're not going to appreciate unless you've worked with a decent board from the likes of ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte, etc.

          One thing I will praise the board and case for, the four front USB 3.0. Very nice to see.

        • @O15:

          Not sure if you're simply just assuming things but this board has the z270 chipset with the max amount of express lanes you can get and two m.2

        • @fuzor:

          Proof this PC has a Z270 board?
          I'm thinking you don't understand how Intel's chipset naming works.

          Z270 is the chipset which supports overclocking on unlocked CPUs (unlocked multiplier). There is no reason for this PC to have a Z270 (or any Z series) board as it has a locked CPU (7700, not a 7700K).

          The eBay page clearly says "H170 or Z170 with Intel K CPUs only", neither of which are Z270.

        • @O15:

          I'm thinking this is something you're not going to appreciate unless you've worked with a decent board from the likes of ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte, etc.

          I haven't no, so back to my original question, what makes it very basic compared to mainstream boards from well-known brands?

        • @O15:

          This is for the 8920 XPS model which only comes with 7th gen processor so its for the 200 series. I know this as I have bought this PC and knows that it comes with a limited z270 chipset even with an i5

        • @Lorindor:

          The IO, the expansion slots (or lack thereof, in both cases), the BIOS/software, lack of MOSFET and VRM cooling, potentially proprietary (unclear in this case).
          I think listing more would be a waste of both our time.

        • @fuzor:

          I really don't think you know what you're talking about.

          Although Kaby Lake is supported on Z170 and H170, I would expect the product description is inaccurate and the PC comes with a H270 board.

        • @O15:

          Again you're assuming as you don't own the PC, I know its the z270 as I own one and it has Intel Smart Response. Anywho even if it is a h270 board, its not exactly "a very basic motherboard". Maybe one of the B250 chips in the Inspiron range is basic but not the XPS.

        • @O15:

          The IO

          What's wrong with the IO on the XPS's motherboard?

          I think you overreacted by stating that it is very basic as it doesn't have the same features found on a high-end gaming motherboard, but everyone has an opinion I guess.

    • I had the same thought too. Im buying parts for my Ryzen 5 with only 1060 3gb card and already costs $1460. This deal is a kill at the GTX 1070. But then, if you build yourself, it looks better and you can build it on top quality parts. Not sure what parts Dell uses for this build.

      • If you've not purchased your graphics card, yet, upgrade it to the 6GB version of the 1060.

        You don't want a graphics card with only 3GB VRAM in 2017, that's just asking for disappointment and remorse.
        Take it from someone who had 2GB 670s in SLI, plenty of GPU power towards the end of their life but I was constantly hitting VRAM limits.

        • hi mate, thanks for your advice. The one I go for is MSI Gaming X. I can get the 3GB for $326 and 6GB for $419. I am not a daily gamer and anything that is too much in gaming, I still game though. But I will work extensively on designer software CAD and REVIT etc, and video editing too. Do you think the $90 difference is worth it?

        • @roonaqdai:

          Depends on the kind of games you want to play.

          If you want to play games with technically more advanced graphics and higher resolution textures (Battlefield, GTA, the usual AAA stuff), then the extra VRAM will help you.

          If you're only going to be playing games with more simple graphics (LoL, DOTA, Counterstrike), the additional VRAM may not be of benefit.

          If it were me, I would want the extra VRAM. I was maxing out my 2GB cards at only 1080p a couple of years ago.

        • @roonaqdai: No, it isn't worth it if you game at 1080p. Problem with more RAM is the cost, if you like the best bang for your buck, the 3GB is better. By getting 6GB on a 1060, you effectively have far too much RAM for the speed of the card.

          I have a 960m 2GB laptop and play Battlefield, Witcher 3, Total War: Warhammer. The 1060 3GB has 50% more faster RAM, while being a faster card. You want the card speed and amount of RAM to match, but if you had to choose the lesser, less RAM is better than a slower card. You can always drop textures from Ultra to VeryHigh to decrease RAM load, but a slow card is a slow card.

          For CAD, 3GB is easily enough unless you are doing massive projects with lots od high res textures.

          I know nothing of Revit.