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eBay 15% off Sitewide (Min $75 Spend, Max $300 Discount)


eBay's final promo as part of Hump Month and there won't be another sizeable sitewide offer for a while, so make the most of this opportunity. Note that eBay has set no expiry on this offer. It can be withdrawn at any time without notice. It may not even go beyond today. Full T&Cs here. Enjoy :)

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Use Cashrewards for an additional 1.3% cashback on everything at eBay

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      Don't forget the bonus 1.30% Cashback from Cash Rewards

      I always forget. :-(

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        I wish I read this before pulling the trigger - saw the eBay email first and in my excitement forgot to do Cash Rewards :-(

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          I bought a ~$890 Geforce GTX 1080TI graphics card. Was in a hurry to get it as only one available on the site at the time. :-(

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          Spent well over 5k this month and forgot to use cash rewards

          One sale for a 2.5k TV did track but I had to cancel the order and reorder it as the price had dropped quite a lot but I didn't go through CR again :(

        • @danielh: I used to have the extension but Malwarebytes kept complaining it was chatting to 3rd parties so I uninstalled it. Takes so long to get it anyway so all good. If it was 5% or 10% cash back then I'd be more upset. Even still, you feel gipped :-)

      • So how do cashrewards work? just click shop now from their site?

      • If you use Chrome, there is a plugin/extension designed for this purpose. Every time you visit eBay, a big button will pop up to remind you that - just click the button and it will do the rest for you. I believe other explorer has similar plugins.

        • I am using the Cashrewards plugin for Chrome. I also have AdBlock enabled. I usually switch off AdBlock before purchasing (as is recommended by Cashrewards).
          However, I am thinking if you are using the Cashrewards plugin to activate cash rewards, then it shouldn't really matter if AdBlock is enabled or not.

    • it doesn't work with $180 Woolworths online evoucher, why?!

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        Perhaps considered a gift card which are usually exempt.

        • maybe, I do have a TREAT 10% which works, weird eBay

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    Hopefully for few days. Buying lens auction ending tonight!

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    Hopes of a 20% off have been dashed

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    LOL just paid with my 10% code…

    • Same, after the disappointing sales earlier in the week I thought that 10% was going to be the best we'd see.

    • Mee too!

    • Don't worry I'm sure your not the only ones. I mentioned last post people should wait

      • +3
        • you're
        • +1

          you are

        • Ozgrammer again. Thanks sir

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      Claim it on your coles/28deg card. They just recently changed the price protection to apply to differences under $10 :)

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    I was wondering if this was going to happen or of they had already met there sales quota / spent the allocated marketing spend for hump month.

  • -4

    No 20%?

    • +5

      And you were so adamant.

      • +10

        Was expecting eBay to logically save the best for last. I guess I was expecting too much as this whole month of promotion seems poorly planned due to being so inconsistent from the start. Bring on Amazon. I just hope they have a much more competent marketing team.

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      You got caught up in the nonsensical hype. This magical fantastical 20% off was never going to happen.

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    You know you've been spoiled by eBay discounts when a promo code goes up for 10% earlier in the week, but it's not high enough!! :-)

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    Awesome !! I was about to get a lens with 10% off!

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    time to stock up on everything.

  • +7

    Damn. ….. max $300 off again.
    I'm devastated

    • What do you want to buy that's more than $2k?

      • +1

        A new wife?

        • +10

          That'll cost you at least half of everything you own :P

        • @syousefat minimum lol

        • A new life?

        • +1

          I'll buy the old one if you can do mates rates and she's low kilometres and has only had one owner.

      • ive been waiting to spend $5k,

        obviosuy 15% would be $750
        would have been happy with a $500 discount,
        oh well, life goes on ;)

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    bullion this time round?

  • -3

    PS. I like all the "+ votes" (38 already within 7mins!!) when there's not even any T&Cs up yet.

    I know it's sitewide this time, but didn't people learn anything from TGG "20% price increase then 20% eBay code" shenanigans? *sigh *

    • +11

      This is sitewide. I don't shop at the big retailers and pick up genuine deals with no price jacking. Good for international sellers too.

      • +4

        Its not like everyone seller on the site is going to price jack.

      • +1

        Aware of "sitewide". :-) But without any T&Cs we don't know for sure what's included (even though TA is of highest repute).
        The T&Cs could say "certain categories only", or even "excludes everything except imitation iPhone cases".

        Past form from eBay is fine & the code will most likely be good for all, but how hard is it to wait 20mins for TA to post T&C link before voting?
        The code isn't even listed yet, it's that pre-emptive.

        • +2

          I was about to pull the trigger on a purchase. Thankfully TA posted this before I did. if he had waited as you said i'd have missed out on a $40+ saving by 20 mins. Thanks TA!

      • Won't work on US eBay stuff purchased via AU site. Weird, used a AU$20 code in the past and it worked, it just converted to USD. You'd think it would qualify under "site wide"?

        • Has worked for me previously. Must have changed.

        • worked fine for me just now

        • @keverns:
          Not here. Still get "This code can't be applied to some of your items." Same error with every site wide percentage discount.

        • @rhangman:
          It's cause the checkout page has different currencies.
          Like one store is USD, then the second store has AUD, 3rd store in Pounds etc
          At the checkout page everything has to be within the same currency, I had this problem last year.

          If it's just for a single item and not working then meh, don't know.

        • @Zeral:
          Single item. Well clutch+flywheel, but single listing. Pretty sure if your cart contains different currencies, have to checkout separately anyway.

        • Same problem here too. I couldn't find anything in the T&C's relating to this. 15% off is 15% off regardless of currency. In fact I applied a 10% off code and that worked fine.

    • +2

      it's a sitewide code. duh.

  • +2

    $300 max discount… Disappointing.

    • Use multiple accounts to get more.

      • +13

        We cannot split the $3000 TV into multiple accounts.

        • +1

          I was going to grab the new Razer Blade with eBay's last EOFY discount, but $300 off works out no better than getting it from MS's store with student discount.

  • +2

    Been eyeing this new keyboard from PLE for a couple of months now. Every time there's a site wide sale, they jack it up by $20.

    Currently its at $158:…

    Lets see how long it takes for them to jack it up

    • +7

      can you not purchase, and then pay in an hours time?

      • OHHHH thats a genius idea. You sure that will work?

        • +6

          I've done that before and it seemed to work a few months ago.

        • +6


          Thanks mate, worked. Suck a fat one PLE!

        • @No Child Support:

          its still at $158, but could change!

        • @berger:

          I will change, trust me on that. I've been watching them for a month now. Just have a look at their price history and you'll know what i mean. Thanks berger

        • @No Child Support:
          Nope, still at $158.

        • +1

          No price drop at all this time!

  • +2

    AGAIN!!!!! My Wallet rested for a few days and still not ready to SPEND!!!!!

    • +3

      If you're on OzBargain your wallet should always be ready to spend :)

      • +7

        lucky for you. I sold my wallet to get something last sales.

  • -1

    What's the code!!??

  • +4

    Can some one please ask caah rewards team to increase to 5 % :)

  • Is it starting 10am EST or the time where you purchase?

  • DAMMIT!!! Spent $6 on eBay only yesterday - $0.90 goes begging :'(

    • +3

      $75 purchase min value. :-)

      • +2

        Yes but usually eBay lets you group 10 purchases to make up the minimum spend. I've plenty of other things on my watchlist :D

  • +2

    Any iPad deal after Myer dashed alll hope by cancelling the order

    • +1

      Try using the search bar.

  • +1

    Finally!!!! I have been waiting for this from last one week. I can buy the LG G6 phone I have been looking for.

    • Same

    • im still undecided on v20 or g6

      • buy both!

      • Me too, or even Moto Z Play.

      • Isn't v 20 a beast for music? Id go with that.

        • g6 has quad dac as well with the h870ds model…
          i like the removalable battery with the v20 and the larger screen size
          but also like the water resist with the G6

          ahhh just dont know!

        • @konji: LG G6 deal is posted!

        • @konji: battery removal is overrated imo

      • I was in the same dilemma myself. Decided on the v20 for the following reasons:

        • Dual SIM and Micro-SD expansion slot. None of the hybrid 2nd SIM slot crap.
        • Second screen
        • Cheaper
    • Done and done, white G6 on the way :)

  • So the LG G6 for $467 ($550 - 15%) is the best bang for buck smartphone at the moment?

    • +1

      Thats what I think, its waterproof and got good processor + might have wireless charging depending on the model. Also +1 is that its android 7.0 and has dual camera. The only difference I see between g6 and s8 is the design.

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