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Huawei AM180 Noise Cancelling Earphones $23 @ Telstra eBay


Grab a bargain!

Original Huawei AM180 active noise canceling earphones

Ingenious design, perfect combination of art and technology

Active noise cancellation, providing unique silent space

Advanced noise reduction technology, 15 - 30dB low frequency noise reduction

Effective acoustic damping materials, oxygen-free lopper wire core and rose gold plating 3.5mm earphone port

Good wearing experience, using inorganic silica gel earmuffs, protect your ears well, and more comfortable

Convenient humanize experience, one-button operation

Use code C5OZ if your spend is $30 or more for an extra 5% off (combine it with other purchases or if purchasing multiple).
Original 5% off Sitewide at eBay Deal Post

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  • +12

    These are $50+ on Chinese sites like Gearbest, Banggood etc.

    And will come in 2 days.

    And Aussie Warranty

    What can I say? Thanks OP.

    • :)

    • +1

      stapppph. I have enough assorted earphones, headphones that I can open my own store now.

  • +3

    Telstra Ebay store deals the new Dicksmith?

    • +7

      Here today Kogan tomorrow?

      • hahaha exactly my friend. its a stressful job being an ozbargainer. takes over your life

  • +1

    How is the sound quality on these?

  • +1

    out of stock.

  • +1

    FFS added one to the cart, by the time I hit pay it was sold out. And that was with 5 left in stock!

    • Same! :(

      • Guess we might see these pop up on Gumtree soon…lol

        • How much do they retail for?

          Edit: nvm $110
          Sweet ! scored 1

    • when i added to mine there was over 10. man that went fast was still reading the reviews

  • out of stock already.

  • +3

    Ozbargain effect:


    so many in a space of 4 minutes…

    • Some lucky bludger bought 2

    • +1

      .and been sitting around for over a month is the sad thing, even with a 20% code thrown in.

    • Hey I see my name!

      • -1


        • Actually not the account I purchased on

  • Sold out.
    Any active ebay codes?

  • +2

    Not even time to upvote.

    • +1

      Upvote now and taste the tears

    • +1

      No time to research and decide if you should buy it or not either.

      With Telstra ebay, it pretty much needs to be impulse buy or bust.

  • Sold Out :(

  • +1

    Replenish damn you…replenish.

  • +1

    So are/were they any good?

    • +1

      Don't know, but they look very sleek and I like that it has a clip on the battery unit. I would have impulse bought it.

      From a review

      Sound Quality

      So far we liked its physique and were actually pretty impressed at how premium-looking these in-ears are. Since it got our approval for build quality, we’re a bit expecting it to fall short in the sound department since what we’ve noticed was that it’s not common for a sub-Php3.5K earphones to also have good build and sound on top of being affordable.

      After the break-in we loaded our usual list of tracks for testing the sound quality. We noticed right from the first few minutes that it was a pair of bass-driven speakers. Lows are what’s headlining the entirety of the sound — all in a good way and not overdone. The bass levels simply resound with solid oomph.

      Mids go next to what you’ll notice since it’s got the right warmness in its sound. By that we meant that you can hear and almost feel the natural ambience of the track and not metallic which we have experienced with other in-ears.

      That leaves the highs up next. We thought the brightness of the treble-y parts went a bit overboard. They got too high in some parts of the track that resulted to loss of definition and simply resembled a static sound from the TV. This is understandable though since it’s a casual weakness of entry to mid-level earphones/headphones, according to our experience.

      Active Noise Cancellation

      Because of its in-ear design that already has passive noise cancellation going on, adding an active noise cancellation results to an effective shutting off of external noises. This works best while commuting by land or travelling by air as it effectively leaves you alone with your songs.

      • +1

        Thanks for that, yeah probably would have jumped to at that price. :)

    • +1

      I own one and I love it.
      Noise cancelling is very good, better than my $150 Audio Technica.
      It looks and feels like hi-end earphones.
      Cons : The battery is so tiny and lasts only 2 hour so cant use it for long flight

      • +1

        If you have a Huawei phone it charges through the 3.5mm headphone jack though.

      • +1

        The only real reason I'd get this is for flying. So darn! What does it plug into to charge- microUSB?

        • It has an adapter, audio 3.5mm to USB. To charge it plug the earphone to the adapter then plug the adapter to USB charger/wall charger or power bank.
          Alternatively if your phone is Huawei you dont need the adapter, just plug the earphone to the phone for trickle charging

        • @tiara: My phone is a Huawei Nexus 6P and it does not charge the earphones.

        • @tiara: can you charge and listen at the same time?

        • @Colombian:
          My bad, yes it only works on selected Huawei phone model.

        • @ycon:
          I don't have Huawei phone so the answer is I don't know

    • They re okay, sound good but struggled a little with seal so noise could creep 👀 n
      NC works but battery only 3 hrs so 1 flight and done
      Use with mobile somethimes people say I'm muffled but hold close to mic and okay

  • +1

    Missed out!! :'(

  • +5

    Well, that's my evening plans sorted. refreshes EBay page again

    • sounds like a good plan!

  • out of stock again

    • What you mean again did they replenish and i missed out again?

    • oops, i been checking page often never saw any added. when did they add?

      • Don't think there were any added later as the total sold count remains 116 since yesterday arvo.

  • out of stock again

  • -1

    out of stock again.

  • +2

    Seem to be back. Just ordered a set. 121 sold at time of my order (up from previous count of 116).

  • +3

    Back in stock Precrastinator: sorry I was 19 secs late. :)

  • Bought one!!!

  • Thanks. Nabbed a set, cheers! :)

  • Thanks. Been waiting since deal was posted and i missed it. The quality is really good. Bought one

  • Awesome, grab a couple for my brother and I!

  • OOS :(

    • Bugger, just missed out too. Went to add to cart but too late

  • out of stock again

      • +2

        Downvoted by those that missed out probably :)
        No way reselling.

  • Cheers I got one :)

  • Managed to grab a set earlier too. Thanks OP. 216 sets sold, but out of stock again.

  • Courier brought mine today! Thanks OP

  • I cannot believe I missed this twice! Only saw I had because I saw it had gone up in 100 sales.

    • Where do you live I ordered 1 to many, happy to send but that'll be a bit extra.

      • I am in WA and missed the third lot too. I have a phone call and studying for exams so not on here much.
        I live in a small unit with 5 others so the noise when studying is unbearable some days so need to invest in some decent headphones but funds are tight. Hopefully they release more.

        Thank you for the offer and thank you to those who pm'd me they were back in stock.

      • Hey, let me know if you are still selling one. I live in NSW and I have missed out 2 times >.< grrr

        • Sorry sold on gumtree

  • Make friends with boozler. He might gift one to you ;)

  • +1

    Quick its back in stock!!!

    • Thanks, got one :)

    • what's your secret man! You knew they had stock like right after they restocked!! :c

  • Three days of clicking and I finally got one!

    • +1

      hard work pays off!

  • come on every day to see its sold out but had more quota…. finally got my hands on a pair today

  • Just ordered 2.

  • +1

    Got a pair! Cheers!

  • +1

    Are you freaking kidding me? I had 2 in the cart, went to buy, said not enough, wouldn't let me drop just 1, went back in to buy and all sold out!


    • I was entering my credit card detail..!!!

      • That just sux!

        My Huawei Mate 9 needs this

        • i have mate 8. also can get the same benefit? (battery charging thingie, right?)

      • That is why it is handy to have paypal configured for payment. I did buy it clicking twice and that was all.

        • Yeah I have all that configured, but it wouldn't let me drop from 2 pieces to 1 without starting the whole purchase again.

          Emailed the seller asking when they will be in stock and the advice was "Just keep checking"…

  • +2


  • had one in the cart and already signed into paypal, but no stock when confirming…. :(

  • +6

    Telstra Restocks quantity everyday at 12.50pm got 1 after missing out 2 times, only 100 available each day…

    • +1

      thanks will set reminder now

      • No probs I'm sure you will get one 👍

    • +1

      bought! finally
      thanks for the head's up about 12:50!

  • Anyone want my phone number so they can SMS when they restock? I've missed out twice and I really want one for train rides :(

    • They are back in stock.

      • Cheers bro :)

  • Got my headphones today ^_^

  • +1


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