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Torpedo 7 48 Hours Sale: Kid's Haast Merino Hooded Jacket $40, Hoodie $48


Torpedo 7 48 sale, Torpedo7 Kid's Haast Merino Hooded Jacket seems like a good deal at $39.99 same with the torpedo 7 sector hoodie at $47.99

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    Not a bad deal for the Burton customs either considering it's this year's model

    • It's last year's model. We are already in 2018 models since they designate the year according to what will be available for the northern hemisphere. Southern hemisphere gets the new products first.

      • Yeh you're right. I forget that. Well I guess its just ok for the price then

      • Still selling for $600 plus in my local stores though. I'm very tempted to grab it

        • Go and chat to your store and see if they will do a deal for you since previous season stock usually goes for 30-50% off even in Sydney stores.

          Unless things have changed, Torpedo 7 uses couriers please for large deliveries. Took about 1 month from order to get my skis which had to be picked up from their warehouse as they claimed they tried to deliver and i wasnt there but security cameras prove they never showed up.

  • Shipping is a bit of a killer.
    Adds another 10-30% depending on the value of your purchases. The Free Shipping threshold is too high.
    I jumped on a deal when they had a Free Shipping window just before EOFY. This sale has the same price on that item plus shipping.

  • Is it just me or has Torpedo 7 really lost a lot of available items for Cycling. I remember finding a bunch of stuff usually now there seems to be like 3 things per category.

    • Nah I've noticed it too. Used to be worth a look haven't bothered for a long while!