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Bugaboo Buffalo Pram Base $999 Delivered @ Bugaboo.com


Limited stocks are available, does not include tailored fabric sets (sun canopy+bassinet apron). Looks like an older model (without faux-leather grip) but still a good deal considering 2nd hands are ~$1000 on gumtree and new model is ~$1500 (sale price). Cheapest fabric sets are ~$135 online.

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  • Baby Jogger City Select or GT is cheaper and looks much the same as well as both being high-end brands

    • Not even in the same ballpark!

      • Elaborate…

        • I used my bugaboo for 2.5yrs with the 1st kid, 2.75yrs for the second and now onto the third time around. It's still going strong with no rips, stains or damage. It includes a bassinet - which is detachable so can be a bed that is as comfortable as home when we are out - meaning they can sleep anywhere. The hood is changeable, so you can have a fleecy one for winter, and an open mozzie proof, sun proof ub rated enclosure for summer. The child can face forwards or backwards, the wheels are heavy duty and don't get stuck when going over sticks or sand. It folds in 2 pieces, so I could lift each piece separately even after a c-section. And the capsule attaches directly on. There are quite a few accessories, but you don't need them all - a bit like the Weber. I am someone who buys well and buys once. I have many friends that bought many prams for different occasions and ages which added up, and I just had the one and I still love it all these years in

        • @Little Miss:

          Everything you've said applies to the city select and can be bought cheaper. Our is 5yo, sister in laws is about 4yrs old and about to see through a 3rd kid.

          So they are the same league you obviously don't have real world experience with the baby Jogger.

      • Completely agree.

        Bugaboo is to BMW, baby jogger is to Toyota.
        Both have four wheels and a seat but doesn't make them the same.

        Yes both are probably equally reliable but it is all about status and premium branding.

    • I'm glad we went with the babyjogger rather than getting sucked into a bugaboo which seems to be more a status symbol than a genuinely better designed pram.

  • I have a Bugaboo Buffalo as well, I can say this is a good price!

  • We bought the 2016 buffalo the other week from david jones for the same price (ie $1000). Just FYI if someone wants to try and pick one up right away instead of waiting for delivery.

    Edit: 14 still in stock at bugaboo for anyone wondering.

  • Jesus. You can get a '92 Laser wagon with 8 months rego for less than that.

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    Buffalo Pram Base $999

    Holy cow !!!

  • I had a Bugapoo once. I hated it. Heavy and hard to fold.


    Bugaboos are hideously expensive but their resale is good so it isn't as costly as you think at face value.

    I used to think these high end prams were a waste of money and bought a $350ish one online based on a glowing CHOICE review. Never trusting choice again and never buying a pram again without wheeling it around first. The other one was always a struggle to change direction, heavy and cumbersome, and added extra stress on top of the experience of being new parents.

    I now use a bugaboo bee3 - couldn't care less about 'status' it's the most manoeuvrable easy to roll, easy to fold and relatively lightweight pram on the market and seems really durable as well. Bought it on sale from DJs, stacked with discounted DJs gift cards from eBay sale

    • I'm sure thats fine for 3 bees, would expect it to bee maneuverable, but the OP is talking about putting a buffalo in the pram. Does anyone have any experience of this?

  • One strong point about bugaboo is the resale value, i bought a bugaboo bee for 700 on sale and after 3 years sold it on ebay for almost 500. The wheels still looks like new aside from small scuff marks on the metal frame. And the fabric don't fade easily compared to maclaren. Now we uses an umbrella type one for the little miss in the house.

  • Wow, who'd have a thought a thousand dollar pram would be controversial on OzB?

    I thought the demographic here was mostly just the pimply nerd from the Krusty Burger looking to save one percent on SSD's or get some Domino's on a Saturday night!


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    I thought ozbargainers carry their babies in a bag or a $20 kmart stroller?