This was posted 4 years 6 months 8 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

  • expired - Spend €225 (~ $338 AUD) Get €75 (~ $112.5 AUD) Back


Hi guys,

First time I post a deal on Ozbargain and I am not an English native so sorry if there is some mistakes…

I found this deal on, a french like of Ozbargain.

Basically, book any hotel on for a minimum amount of 225€ (338 AUD) and get 75€ (112.5 AUD) Back.

You have to click on the link and check that there is an insert below with this message:
"Book now and get € 75 back!
All you have to do is book and you'll get € 75 back after your stay! Minimum booking cost € 225."

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  • how does it work? booking price is automatically deducted?

    • No, it's a cashback on your CB after your stay.

      • cashback or store creditback?
        As in, does the €75 go back into my bank account/card where I can use it to buy other things, or does it go on my account and can only spend it on other bookings at

        • Pretty sure it is cash back, I misread the T&C in my comment below, apologies.

        • +1

          @knobbs: Yeah, looks like it. Here's the translated dealabs post about it.

          You will be credited with 75 € (after confirmation / validation of your booking) via the CB with which you paid

    • Looks to be a sort of 'store credit' from what I can tell.

      Edit. My bad I read incorrectly, the credit is forfeited if you do not supply them with a card linked to your login. It does go back as credit to your card.

    • +10

      No, you pay full price and get that 75 euro credited into your credit card after your stay. Please note that it's best not to use Amex for this deal as this is in T&C "American Express is not currently an accepted credit card."

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    Screenshot the offer page also.

    Have had many issues with these sorts of deals over my life.

  • Anyone had experience with these sort of promos from How long can we expect to get the cashback into our accounts?

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      From the previous US$40 back offer, I received an email from the day I checked out/got back asking for my credit card details as follows:

      Welcome back!
      We hope you enjoyed your trip! Now that you've stayed, it's time to cash in on the reward we promised.
      Note: We can put your rewards money faster on Visa cards due to recent changes in Mastercard regulations. Although not all Mastercard credit/debit cards are affected, at this time we cannot guarantee that your rewards money will be paid on Mastercard.

      I entered Visa details on Sunday and got the cash on my credit card Tuesday. I didn't try AmEx, I thought I'd just enter Visa to be safe as AmEx wasn't issued above.

      • From my experience they do not allow cashback to be paid to AmEx.

      • anyone used Mastercard recently? Late August/September?

    • +1

      I booked something last week but it's for a stay in October. So, don't know how long.
      BUT, did receive this email probably 3 days after the booking:
      "Receiving your € 75 reward from

      We hope you have a great trip! After your stay, you will receive an email on receiving your € 75 reward from The reward is paid on your preferred credit card and sent to you shortly afterwards.

      Earn money by referring your friends

      Now that you've booked, why not earn yourself a little extra spending money for your trip? Refer your friends yourself, and you'll get a reward each time one of them books and stays (max 10 friends) - your friend will get the reward too!

      To get earning, simply share the link below with your friends."

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    I'd rather have up front discount TBH…all these cashback things aren't all that reliable especially if you happen to use a coupon to book. Nowadays I pretty much just bother with CheapTickets 16% off.

    • +3

      yup agree, but good thing about this deal it (seems) to work on all hotels including those that the 16% dont work on, namely the big branded hotels

  • I had similar experience to hamza23. Would recommend.

  • Do you have to book in Euros?

    Does the card you book with have to be the same card presented to the hotel to get the cash-back?

  • Could this be over multiple nights?

  • Do I have to be the first time user? I have already had account and booked hotels before. If I go through the link and book with my account, can I still get cash back?

  • So, do I book and pay in AUD, but I get a refund in pounds? Should I use my 28 degrees for the booking (it is a mastercard though)? Does a refund of pounds get charged a international transaction fee if I don't use my 28 degrees card? So many question :(

    • +1

      The currency specified is euros. That's a euro sign.

  • +1

    Thanks, just cancelled my reservation I had on Wotif (free cancellation) and re-booked the same hotel via this deal.

  • You can request the refund to go to a different credit card than the one used to pay.

  • Btw great first deal OP, thanks for the post.

  • Hmmm I just booked with yesterday.

    I should just cancel the booking, and re-book yes?

  • +6

    To check status:

    Go to Account Overview -> Free money! or click here

    Under "All Bookings" the promotion will show as follows:

    Friend Booking Status
    You 26 Jul 2017 € 75 coming up! You'll get your reward after your stay is confirmed

    My checkout date is 24 July 2017 so I assume it means they will pay the cashback +2 days.

    • Do I have to pay in Euros? :o

      • According to this comment no.

        • Cheers, it worked! Thanks!

      • The payment details of my reservation confirmation reads as follows:

        1 penthouse AUD 1,000.00
        10 % VAT AUD 100.00
        Remember, you’ll receive € 75 after you’ve completed your stay!
        Price: AUD 1,100

    • Update: I received cashback for the reservation above on 31 July. The amount was ~$113. Enjoy!

      • Did you pay cash or swpied ur card?

    • I got the email confirmation but cannot see it mention the promotion in my account using the following link in my account overview. Only mentions Earn AUD 30 by referring a friend! AUD 0. No rewards yet - start referring your friends!
      Can someone screenshot what the above looks like.


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    Is there a booking period for this deal? I had a quick look at the T&C's but didn't see anything..

  • +1

    just recently booked with these guys and cashback didnt track. Waiting on cash rewards to follow it up.

    • +2

      This has nothing to do with cash rewards. This is cash back from directly to your credit card.

  • Can you use this more than once???

    • +1

      According to the Terms and Conditions no: will only recognize one Eligible Reservation per Participant per campaign to count for an Incentive Bonus.

      • Thanks mate

      • +2

        Book with other family members' names if needed…

  • how to go to this via cash rewards, for cash rewards, don't you have to open the exact page via the cash rewards site?

  • +1

    After looking into this a lot closer it seems to be a bit of a have

    For example,
    Grand Mercure Phuket Patong from 10/10/17 to 15/10/17 (5 nights) is AUD$787 if I go through the Ozbargain link. so AU$787 - EUR75 is AU$675

    Alternatively, buying this through the australian expedia is $664. So its actually cheaper if I dont use the discount.

    • +2

      Yes always shop around when booking hotels. I booked a hotel the other day with which was several hundred cheaper than all the big guys for a 1 week stay. Booking confirmation email came from Agoda. Next day I'm seeing Agoda ads everywhere for my hotel so I have a peek… not only is my hotel $50 cheaper it includes breakfast whereas my original booking did not. Thank you very much free cancellation policy and the breakfasts they're "paying us" $50 to eat. ;-)
      Just had a sticky beak again for same hotel with this deal… it's $500 more than I paid, and without breakfast. So yea, nah.

  • Thanks OP.

    Cancelled my booking a did a few days ago, and just re-booked to save the ~$112.

  • Dang. Just completed a $350 stay! Oh well. Amazing find.

  • Great deal, have a holiday coming up next month!

  • Just one question, Can I book more than one hotel together worth more than €225?

  • I've booked it using the link and clicking the thing at the bottom.

    No confirmation as of yet in regards to the cash back.

    Will get the missus to make an account for other accommodation :D.

  • You're a legend! Saved me €75!
    Tip for everyone: Even if overseas, ALWAYS check OzBargain!

  • Thanks Op. Just booked! Lets hope I get the cash back after!

    The message in the confirmation page I recieve is below:

    "Get € 75 back once your stay has been verified!"

  • So does this need to be one hotel only, or can you book several hotels up to $350+ value?

    • Pretty sure it's one hotel/booking only. But it can be over several nights.

  • Does it have to be booked in euro or is aud ok ?

  • +1

    Will I ever find my one true love?

    • even true love is cheap on ozbargain

  • I made a booking for a relative via the €75 link today and there is a banner now showing the promo status in AUD ($111.60):

  • Can anyone confirm amex won't work with this offer? I've got an amex and a visa only. But the visa is a balance transfer card so I won't use it.

  • I've used Mastercard. Got email notification I will get 75 euros back once I've made my trip. Thanks OP!

  • Can't believe I missed this offer previously. Thanks OP.

  • Do I have to pay the whole stay with or can I pay at the hotel?

  • Does this work for flights booked from the website?

  • Just booked on the weekend, Thanks OP! now waiting for the email to confirm the 75 euro will be in my CC, on completion of stay.

  • Old account no email confirmation new account got email confirmation this for new accounts only ?

    • +1

      It's for both. New account received instant confirmation. Old account received confirmation about a week later, followed by the same confirmation repeatedly sent thereafter. Odd. Follow this rather than relying on e-mail.

      • Thanks shows there

  • Awesome deal!
    Cancelled 2 bookings I made couple of days ago for August and re-booked! Both confirmation emails state they will pay EUR 75 after the stay! So its for each booking as well (not limited to a single use)


    • Please let us know if it worked for you. Thanks

  • did the booking and now it shows 75 cash back after the I need to make few separate bookings for my stay..

    • +1

      I am not sure if you can use deal multiple times but previous post confirms two bookings made and each show cashback.

      Might be a safer bet to make additional booking via a new account.

      • Just Called customer service and he confirms that I will get the money as it is showing on the system. Regardless that the fact that it is not showing on my profile.

        Customer Service Booking Local (02) 8228 1535

  • Will this work on all hotels or some are excluded??

  • -2

    Good luck with this, I have never been paid anything this company has offered despite repeated calls and ignored emails to them. I will never use them again.

  • Thanks dude. You just saved me 75 euros

  • Seems like only 1 claim/promo per account. I wonder if we can use same card for 2 accounts. Should be ok? Thanks will only recognize one Eligible Reservation per Participant per campaign to count for an Incentive Bonus. Participants may only receive Incentive Bonuses from a maximum of 3 different campaigns per year, including Refer-a-Friend campaigns.

  • Anybody know if this works for hotels marked with "Low rate - no money back"? Is that referring to no refund or not eligible for this promo I wonder…

    • Hmmm that's a good question. I picked the low rate - no money back but till got this message:

      FREE cancellation before 23:59 on 28 August 2017
      You can cancel or change your booking easily and for free! Simply follow the link from your confirmation email


      After your booking has been verified and confirmed, you'll receive your € 75 reward!

      So… not sure what it means

      • No Money Back - just means you can't cancel it, if you can cancel no refund. I booked the same cheap rate with NO money back but still got an eamil for cash back 75

        • Thanks SydChamp. I took the chance and made my bookings assuming that was the case. Same as andri77, i gor the "booking has been verified…" message.

          I used 4 cards to make 4 bookings for 2 rooms. I could have gone 6 bookings and created a reservation for each and every day (staying 3 nights) but chose to minimise the risk of being moved around by booking 2 days + 1 day. The confirmation of the credit came through for the VISA card but the 3x Mastercards are still waiting…. once was a debit card.

          Will update if anything new comes to light.

        • @griftr: Hi mate, did you always see this in the "Earn Money" section:

          Friend Booking Status
          You 26 Jul 2017 € 75 coming up! You'll get your reward after your stay is confirmed

          My Visa bookings seem to have it but not the master card. Wondering if we still got the refund regardless. The email stated € 75 should be refunded but not in the web. Thanks.

        • @andri77: only the account with the VISA card has been charged and an email sent confirming the cash back entitlement. The 3x Master Card used still hasn't been charged so no email confirmation has come through.

        • @griftr: have you completed the stays yet? Did you cash out the money to Mastercard or VISAs?

        • @shik85: not yet.. for two of my bookings i got confirmation of the cash back. For the other two, no confirmation :(

        • +1

          Received my cashbacks to a Mastercard

          Booking.com_1430xxxxx Belfast GB40.00 USD $50.21 AUD

          Booking.com_1099xxxxx Belfast GB75.00 EUR $112.31 AUD

  • +1

    Got an email yesterday saying "thanks for staying, you have been paid €75" but haven't received anything in my bank account yet. I've checked and my card is registered on my account. I'll wait a bit as credit card transactions can take a few days to appear, hope it turns up.

    • Will be following this closely. Keen to find out how long it takes for them to process the 75 euro and how long it takes to hit your account.

      • My rebate came into my account yesterday. I got $107 back. Strange that @reveen got $113 back. Maybe it's due to euro fluctuation.

        • +1

          I actually received $116.43 into my Visa credit card which came out to $113.14 after a $3.29 fee:


          Should've used a fee free foreign exchange card to receive the refund. You live and learn.

          (BTW I definitely received $113.14 nett. The formatting Westpac use above is confusing but I reconciled the figures against my closing balance to make sure.)

        • +1

          Also I'll add that the entire process varied after I made a second booking for later on in the year, ranging from differently formatted e-mail confirmations to cashback quoted in AUD for an overseas stay. Whereas the first booking cashback, a local stay, was in EUR. See my comment here where a banner in AUD was displayed.

          This is a good promo but it is all over the place as there is no consistency.

        • @Reveen:

          Thanks, just wonder the cashback is going to the credit card used to secure the booking at the last step?

    • Hi @acidantics, The process is automatic yea for €75 cash back? Not that we gotta call customer support to manually refund? Thanks

      • If you have your credit card on your account then it is supposed to go into your account automatically.

  • Which link do I click for €75 promotion?

    • where it says "Go to Deal" in the top right of this page. Under the image of the swimming pool. Here's the underlying link

      When you get to the website, there'll be a floating/sticky green bar at the bottom of the screen with details of the promotion.

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