Myer eBay Said That They Can't Refund When an eBay Dispute Is Opened

Is it true that myer on eBay can't give me a refund if a dispute is opened against them?

The story is, I bought the 48" batman with the light up chest from Myer on eBay. It never came so I contacted them and was told it was sold out. The ordered was cancelled and a refund was promised. Which was fair enough but multiple emails in and over 3 weeks later still no refund. They kept on telling me that the refund won't take much longer, it's pending for approval, it's with the Paypal team for processing…

I was sick of waiting for my refund so I opened a dispute against them and then received a message from them asking me to close the dispute because they are not able to refund me when the dispute is opened.

Sounds strange? I have never had so much trouble getting a refund before. Any in sight appreciated. TIA.

I have been in direct contact with eBay and this is what they said:
"The seller can actually process a full refund directly through the request you opened in eBay Resolution Centre."

So it's a load of bull that Myer said I had to close the dispute for the refund to go through.

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    The whole point of disputes is to sort bad sellers out like this and get refunds returns ect.
    ignore it and let ebay sort it out will will have you refund in a few days.

    Make sure you ask to have ebay step in.


      Do I ask eBay to step in after the required date expires? Is there an option that comes up? Sorry for the questions, not sure about the process.

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        Yes there should be a date when you can ask ebay to step in when the date comes an option will come up.

        If you communicated with the seller via ebay messages then ebay should be able to see this when the time comes for them to sort the issue out if not then ask for your refund once or twice while you wait for the date that you are able to ask ebay to step in.

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    I had the same issue with Myers for the same product. Just escalate with ebay on given date and you will receive refund.


      Can't believe it has to be go through this route to be refunded when it was their end that stuffed up. Extra disappointing coming from a large company like Myer.


        Myer and David Jones are both garbage in this field. David Jones won't refund you if you pay with Paypal. They will give you a gift card instead. I couldn't (profanity) believe that. They have it in their policy but there was no mention of said policy in the purchase. I caused a scene and they gave me my money back.

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    I ordered an item from China, it didn't come so I messaged the seller who said they would send another one, I waited, they kept saying it was coming. Finally I said I want a refund to which they agreed (the refund must have gone the same way as the item because I still haven't got it). Now I find I can't do anything because that was back in April. So I will always open a dispute if there is a problem with a purchase in future.

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      You have 180days to open a paypal dispute.

      Note i said Paypal NOT ebay.
      you do this on paypals website not ebay.

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    tl;dr there is nothing stopping them refunding while a dispute is open in fact that is the preference as closing the dispute takes the pressure off them.


      Also means that once the dispute is closed, you can't re open a new one so they've got the upper hand there


    Strange from someone like Myer, but who knows these days…


      This is what the exact message from them said:
      "I am so sorry that you still have not been refunded. We have been attempting to refund you through PayPal but as you have an eBay dispute open it does not allow the refund to be processed. Can you please close the eBay dispute so the refund can go through?

      They ignored my 4th or so email but as soon as I opened the dispute, they replied with that! I can't believe a big company like Myer would do this…

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    This is actually true. I have to issue PayPal refunds as part of my job and when there is a dispute the funds are 'held' by PayPal and there is no function to refund the transaction as the money isn't in your account. I had to ask a customer this week to close a dispute so I could process the refund. This article says you can issue a refund while a dispute is open but I couldn't find a way, there was no option to refund that particular transaction.
    I guess you could just click the button 'escalate to PayPal' and let them sort it out.


      You are talking about Paypal disputes while this is about ebay disputes (two separate things)
      ebay disputes are handled on ebay.

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    Wouldn't be surprised they are purposely being troublesome, with their poor feedback record.

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    Is it true that myer on eBay can't give me a refund if a dispute is opened against them?

    They could, but no company will give you a refund if you've opened a dispute.

    You could get the refund and continue on with the dispute and Myer may be forced to refund you again.

    And don't cancel the eBay claim as once you do that you won't be able to reopen.

    Just continue with the eBay claim and you'll get your money back.


    I bought a watch from David Jones in Bondi via Click and Collect.
    I then walked across the road about 2 hours later to collect it to be told that they hadn't picked it yet and the team were busy. I then called 3 hours later at the end of my working day to be told still not ready.

    I needed it that day so I bought elsewhere then put in a Paypal dispute advising that it was not my issue and it was refunded within 24 hours :)

    Legally they should be refunding via the same payment method. Equally, Paypal protection covers you against these things.


      He's done an eBay claim, so he can't do a PayPal one.


      So you went there expecting the product before they even told you it was ready?

      Fyi, most stores will contact you when it's ready to be picked up.


        I purchased it at 10am, and it wasnt ready at 4pm.
        I walked in and offered to collect the watch myself from that department / bring it to the click collect area but they said no.

        The item was in stock. It just needed to be picked off the shelf.

        Logically, (like every other place I have been to) I can pick it up myself or they just grab it when I get there. It is a 2 minute job.

        Myer / DJ pretend to offer you a better level of service so I wouldn't have thought that this would be too much trouble.. I even offered to do their job for them :(


    When such a situation arises, is it better to raise an Ebay or Paypal dispute?
    Or are there differing circumstances when one is better than the other?
    Thanks in advance.

    Edit: Noted Axelstrife's comment re timeframe - 180 days to open Paypal dispute, longer than ebay's 45 days. But other than this factor.

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      eBay is not 45 days, it's 30 days from latest estimated delivery date.

      Main difference apart from time is that eBay automatically covers return postage, while PayPal also does but you have to activate this feature.

      PayPal is also up to 8 postage refunds per year and is capped at $45 per claim.

      When such a situation arises, is it better to raise an Ebay or Paypal dispute?

      Neither, first step should always be to contact the seller and work it out, most will be happy to as they know eBay will force them anyway.

      If that fails, I would do an eBay claim and if that fails then a chargeback (if your PayPal account is funded by a debit/credit card).

      Only time I would do a PayPal claim is if the eBay Guarantee timeframe has elapsed.

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