Baby Jogger City Mini GT Half Price ($399) City Select Garnet ($600) Second Seat Garnet ($140) @ Babies R Us (Start 19 July)


I was looking for baby jogger stroller and got this email. Unfortunately I already bought a refurbished city select from baby jogger warehouse sale!

Not as awesome price as previous post ( but I think it is a good price for garnet colour. The city mini GT is half price, the cheapest I've seen so far.



    That is really cheap for the GT, and the cheapest it has been since the normal price when up around $200 a year and a half ago.

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    Great price on the City Mini GT. Have one myself and it is THE best pram for the price.

    Half price…. sorta. It's RRP is $799 but can usually be had for $600-$650 if you shop around. But yeah $399 is a great price still!

    They must be clearing old stock for a new model??


      We have mountain buggy swift for similar price (maybe even cheaper normally). Similar pram but appealed to us slightly more as you can attach a rear facing bassinet during newborn months, and we prefer the handling of air filled tyres (despite inconvenience of potential punctures).

      Would be too small for many adults but for 5'6rs like us works well


        Citi Mini GT has the bassinet rear facing option too. We used it.

        The main reason we picked it was for the fold-ability. It's so compact and folds flat and will fit in a VW Polo boot no worries without fussing about removing wheels etc.

        Cannot recommend enough to new parents out there :)

        It's funny we deliberately also did not want air tyres. My father in law has a history of taking bikes and prams to the local servo and exploding the tyres by over filling them LULZ.


    I can't believe the rrp for the mini GT is $799. They are great. But really. I got mine on gumtree for about $100. They are much more popular now though. $400 is pretty good compared to the other baby stuff you can waste your money on.


    A day after I buy a seat at Baby Bunting, this and the Target deal…


    Great price for aussie stock, check against ebay and amazon for a comparison though.

    Tempted to buy another one, although the one I got 3 years ago still going strong. It is funny when new parents see it after buy their very fancy $1000+ pram and see that you can basically dismount the kid and have this in your car in about 10 seconds.


    Can vouch for the Mini GT. We got it at this price when AUD was at parity.
    Now carting around baby #2 and still solid after 4.5 years of abuse (including two international trips).

    Very maneuverable and easy to fold.
    Definitely take it for a test drive.


    Also have this pram, excellent and still strong after 2 years. Bought $550 on sale from memory so great price.


    GT = Gran turismo?


    This Sale is now live online - unfortunately many of the big items that I wan't are quite expensive to ship and theres no Click & Collect
    Anyone know any promo codes for free shipping ;)