expired LG 50pcs DVD-R for $5 @ Bankstown today only.


Spoted this on facebook this morning.

J&W Computers LG 50PCS DVD-R for $5. Offer Expires 7PM 30/09/2010. Available only @ Bankstown Store. Limit of 2 Per Customer

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    For those wondering, the store is at the Home Center on Chapel Rd.


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    Crappest media you can use. Don't expect a burn to even work, let alone last awhile.
    I still have 2x50 spindles if anyone wants them for FREE (just pay postage).

    Useless crap.


      I wouldn't complain if it's $5 for 50pcs. You can't even get a generic one for that price.


    For one off and as a bday present for friends that you hate, yup~ that's right, I have burnt some music on the dvd for you~

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