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25% off Fresh Truffle + Shipping from $25 @ Eat Truffle


Want to show your dinner guests the high life?

Eat Truffle Sydney

I just built this store for a client. They have thousands of KG of Truffle to sell!

They gave me permission to give a 25% off code until 31st of the month! Get in there quick people!

This Truffle was farmed on the eastern tablelands of Australia. From NSW to ACT this stuff is great - I should know I tried it the first time a week ago int he way of Truffled Eggs…. TOTALLY AMAZING!

There are a few different Truffle recipes on the site for using your truffle too. Go check it out - you WONT be disappointed - I love this stuff!

Shipping is over $25, how ever shipping of Truffle needs to be done in insulated packaging with cooling included.

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  • They gave me permission to give a 25% off code

    20% off Fresh Truffle @ Eat Truffle

    Something is not adding up.

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      Order and see. They are also doing a 25% off for Facebook Marketing as well. Dont believe - call them on their number.

    • $150.00
      Discount SCOTTNAILON
      Shipping $25.00

      That's close to 20% off.

      Discount SCOTTNAILON
      Shipping $45.00

      That's close to 25% off.

  • Sounds fancy!

    "We’ve heard it too often to expect anything different!
    You can purchase your adventure online and receive your truffles packed for longevity and pleasure. When you open the package, the aroma will wash over you and embrace you, and inspire you to action."

    Sounds too good to be true!

    $1,400 - $1,800/KG minus the 25% off.
    Available in 25-50g increments.

  • Please include the shipping cost in the title… especially when shipping is $25 for 50g!
    The discount doesn't even cover the cost of shipping.

  • What is the actual code though?

  • Nice. Who is Scott nailing?

  • Lots of hype on truffle…
    Anyone tried it before?


      I built their website…. I wasn't keen at first but when I tried it I was surprised. I cant explain the taste. They put a small truffle in a Tupperware container with a bunch of Eggs for a few days, the eggs sucked in the flavor of the truffle and when we scrambled the eggs it was pretty nice. Very different. I hope that helps.

    • Truffle is amazing. A little bit goes a long way.

      • Good to know…
        I checked the website, minimum order is 50g.
        How many times can I use that?


          Not sure - I think only once per customer.

        • Depending on how heavy you want the flavours. Keeping in mind that truffle is very potent, which is why I said a little bit goes a long way. If you use too much of it in one dish it can ruin it as the flavour is so powerful.

          You can put it on virtually anything as well. On top of fries with parmesan, in mashed potato, in pasta (it's great in risotto), and mix it in butter to drizzle on top of steaks etc. I have heard of truffle desserts as well but have not tried these myself.

          Ideally you use a slicer to slice a very thin amount into your dish. I would say about 2-5g depending on how big the dish is.

          FYI it is truffle season at the moment. Truffle season covers a month or two over Winter and prices can vary depending on how good the season was.

          I have not met someone who has tried it and not liked it, although I might recommend you try it at a restaurant first to get an idea of the flavour and how it fits into dishes before you try it yourself. Or if you like to cook, then skip that and give it a go!

  • You can get imported French varies from 75 or 50g pickup without shipping (prepacked). What makes these truffles worth more?


    I would email them through their form on the site and ask that question. From what I know Truffle doesn't last long - but I am no expert. These are grown in Australia but Truffle farmers. These are black Truffle. I have heard that any form of Cryopacking is not good as well if that helps.

    These guys are a co-op. That means its a bunch of aussie truffle farmers who have banded together to sell truffle through one point.

  • Just back from Canberra and bought some truffles from the Kingston Market. Price there was $2800/kg. Grower said they will keep for up to two weeks, so it does make me wonder if there could't be a cheaper shipping option (say if people were prepared to take a slight risk on delivery times).

    Just as a food delivery point of reference, I've had a kilo and a half of Padron peppers picked from a field in queensland and sent via postin a box within two days to Sydney for $32 including delivery; at $2800/kg I'm sure there's enough of a profit margin built in to subsidise shipping on orders say over $100?

    And for those asking about the hype on truffle - to my mind, good truffles smell like (good) dirty, earthy sex ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


      Great feedback thanks a heap :D

      I have forwarded this info on to them ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      And who DOESNT love Earthy sex :D

  • They have thousands of KG at $1800-$2800/KG!?
    Forget cooking meth in hotel rooms this is tge new get rich quick scheme.


      Growing Truffle is not easy. and thousands is a little bit overstated :D

      There are multiple Truffle farms who are a part of this CoOp - plenty of stock there.

      Its expensive - yes - but also very nice :D