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GeekBuying: Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Bip Smartwatch (GPS, HRM, IP68) Chinese Lang $59.99 USD ($75.25 AUD)


Pebble's line of smartwatches is gone and no longer purchasable… but Xiaomi's got the right kind of product to fill that void.

Chinese watch has chinese user interface only.
Status: In stock
Use the coupon HMIBIP to take $20 off price, ending with $69.99 US dollars.
Update new code: CNAHUM now takes it down to $59.99 USD. This code will expire in 24 hours from now.

English watch has english user interface.
Status: Pre-order and will not ship until next month.
Use the coupon AOZJIMQH to take $5 dollars off the price, ending with $74.99 US dollars.

They are a new product and as such there's no real reviews out there since the English variant hasn't been released. The chinese version is now out and can be purchased for a much bigger discount than the English variant.

Shouldn't be too hard to use anyway..

It features:

IP68 rated water resistance
45 day battery
Gorilla Glass protection
Reflective display (kind of like Pebble Time series)
built in GPS
built in optical HRM sensor to measure standing heart rate
Run, Walk, Riding activity tracking.

It's basically like a Pebble Time, except it has GPS too so tracks distance walked.

Processor: Unknown
Operating System:Proprietary OS
Display: 1.28 inch 176 x 176 pixels
Memory:: Not known
Battery: 190mA lithium polymer battery Standby time 45 Days
Sensors: Pedometer, Heart Rate Monitor, GPS + Glonass

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  • +1

    And lasts 45 days, where a pebble lasts 7… Is it rechargeable? Or does it take lithium coin cells?

    Just read the last line, sounds rechargeable. So how do they get 45 days out of it?

    Also last I checked you could still buy just about any pebble on Amazon, just depends if you want to take a punt. Great to see that fit it has done SFA with their IP

    • 190mah lithium battery, it charges on a cheap looking plastic dock.

      If you turn on the GPS, it only lasts a single day. From what I've read anyway.

      I think the 45 day battery is probably a very optimistic claim, because you will most likely be using the backlight to see the screen in the dark, and that uses power. Not to mention the heart rate monitor will also burn through the battery.

      • The thing that annoyed me about these watches is that you either can't see them in the dark or you have to enable automatic backlighting, a Nd then it's coming on about 1000 times a day when you aren't looking g at it. They need to just implement a button like the old casios

        • 45 days standby battery life. Eg: if you put it in a drawer and don't use it.

        • +1

          The previous Amazfit watch which I own got almost a fortnight; so this being physically larger, with a nearly double sized battery IIRC, it's not impossible.

          For those wondering how; this things battery usage makes the Pebble look like a hog.
          Unlike Eink and a backlight, this thing uses a transflective LCD, like your old casio watches used to.

          They look washed out, dull and cheap, but boy do they have great functionality and battery life.
          I still use mine as my MP3 player at the gym.

        • @MasterScythe: that's cool. I got burned by the pebble 2 kickstarter and fitbit ruining it for everyone. currently happy with my miband2, but vaguely curious about what I might be missing out on with an actual smartwatch. after pebble died i couldn't find a suitably dumb smartwatch with good battery life. I don't need a smartwatch to do everything my phone does, just do stuff i don't want to pull my phone out of my pocket for.

        • @salem:

          I use mine purely to know if the notification is worth pulling my phone out for, as opposed to actually doing an action on my watch.

          If that sounds good to you, and you want cheap, what you're after is this bad boy.


        • +1


          Apparently the 45 days is based on scenario of:
          running 30min per week (not sure if that is with GPS and HRM)and 100 notifications/day at 10% screen brightness

          4 months battery life if used as watch with sport (step counter I'm guessing) and sleep monitoring.

          Tempted to buy the Chinese version, learn what the watch icons represent as the mobile app should be in English.. or at elast I'm hoping considering the spanish review had his app in something that was not Chinese. I'm assuming it was in Spanish.

        • @StevieRay:

          Not sure how they do brightness at 10% since there are only 5 levels of brightness from what I can see…
          Guessing the first brightness bar sets it to 10%

    • Ummmm, I must be missing something … what does "Great to see that fit it has done SFA with their IP" mean?

      • +4

        SFA - absolutely nothing
        IP - intellectual property

        meaning to say that Fitbit who acquired (bought out Pebble) has done nothing with their newly acquired intellectual property and are just continuing to push out their own core products. they've basically left Pebble to wither on the vine.

        • OK, thanks.

  • +12


    Will this solve my identity crisis?

    • +1

      Subtle … but clever.

    • +1

      Jv would be proud of you, young grasshopper!

  • OP forgot to put the English version for preorder here:


  • 45 days if you only use step calculator etc. So if direct Bluetooth connection is on and receives calls, text etc. Will last? 0 days, 1 day? 2 Max?

    • Nah it will still last weeks. I get 3 weeks out of my mi band 2 and this is basically the same unless you use the GPS, just with a bigger screen and bigger battery.

  • +2

    I just got an email from geekbuying that this is 59.99 USD for the next 24 hours using the code CNAHUM

    • Must be targeted - I just tried the code and it says "Sorry, this coupon code is applicable for some specific items."

      • +1

        Works for me. Are you logged in? It's just a generic email so it should work. It is for the Chinese version. Price comes down to 77.89 AUD

      • Worked for me..

    • Nice, code updated.

    • Thanks to OP and code supplier.

      Discount still working…..

  • +1

    Thanks Scrimshaw. Was unaware that Xioami were due to release this. Didn't like the Amazfit Pace design but liked the simplicity (and price) of the Mi Bands so this is something I would consider buying.

    Tempting but I'll wait for a few reviews and a proper English release (if we get one) before taking the plunge.

  • +2

    Quick video showing off the Amazfit BIP. Also the Aus Direct shipping is worth the ~$2.84 US.

    • A not so quick one in Spanish here.

    • Selected direct shipping as suggested however not sure how fast it can be. What's the current processing time for the Chinese version?

      • Processing time is typically 2-5 days. Then the actual shipping typically arrives in 7 days.

  • Bought one, thank for posting!

  • only black is on sale.

  • Code still working, just bought one.

  • Hmm. Tempted, but unsure if I should wait until it's been around for a bit. Not sure it offers enough to depart with my MiBand2 yet :P

  • Received yesterday (14/Aug), ordered on 2/Aug, 13 days in total oz direct line. Shipping took exactly 6 business days though.

    • How are you liking it so far?

      • +1

        Light and functional. Message (WeChat, SMS, email titles) pushing works fine. Battery life is apparently excellent.

        Cons: limited selection of watch face, step counting seems a bit lower than miband, can't wear it in bath/shower.

  • Love how all these reviews using same format, tones and seems like written by same one guy….. (it is extremely common to buy rating in Chinese market if you running a online store..)

  • updated to latest firmware when first synced to Mi Fit on Mi Max 2 phone.

    Just flashed to English menu on mine using GadgetBridge.

    Thanks to devs responsible.

    Have set weather in phone's Mi Fit app & resynced but no weather on device…

    Also no response from GPS.

  • Still haven't got mine :(

    • that's not good… did you get a tracking number?

      • Yeah been told now that they're delayed till the end of the month

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