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1m HDMI Cable $2 - Coles


Cheapest I have ever seen for a HDMI cable. The cheapest on Hardly Normal is $ 11 for same length cable item (online only) - and if you go into store, cheapest is $ 20+!

Price reduced to $1 - deal post

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    What length?

    PS : that's not what she said!!

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      It's not the length that counts, but how you use it.

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        A 2m cable will do the job when only 1 m is needed, not the other way around, no matter how you use it.

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    $1.49 delivered.
    Anyone using a Harvey Norman price comparison as proof of a bargain needs therapy.…

    • Thanks. Great find. Is there any difference between this one vs the ALOGIC one? The ALOGIC is $15 obviously more costly than the ebay one. It looks to me that the ALOGIC is more "flexible" with low bend radius so maybe better for media cabinets.…

      Any comments?

      • The $2 cables might be loss-leaders to attract customers and build their spam list?

        The more expensive ones might be tougher, so more reliable if treated roughly. I just buy cheap and keep a spare handy at home.

        • Thanks mate.

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          I have bought quite a few of these ANNKE HDMI cables from this seller and they are great for price. I can confirm no spam. But, they only allow you to buy one every 14 or 28 days or something similar

  • Great price. If using for a 4K TV, best check what version of HDMI it is. I can't really make it out on the label pictured on Coles website.

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      If using for a 4K TV, best check what version of HDMI

      No, common error there. HDMI 2.0 has the same cable spec as 1.4.

      • But 1.4 can't do 4K over 24fps, where as 2.0 can do up to 60fps. Not always necessary for most content, but it's worth spending an extra $10 or so to get the correct cable.

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          That is a protocol difference. Exact same cable spec.

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          So if you buy a HDMI 1.4 cable it will work exactly the same as a HDMI cable branded 2.0 without any compromise?

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          It is possible that your "1.4" labelled cable was sub-standard, but managed to work at lower res.
          You are unlikely to have such problems for short runs, even with the cheapest cables.

          Mechanical failure of cheap cables is another matter.

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          Interesting. You learn something new everyday.

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          I work as a professional audio visual technician. In my experience you don't need to spend ridiculous amounts of money to achieve 4k 60fps on a HDMI cable. However, not all HDMI cables are built equally no matter what they cost. Some brands will cause lost frames, signal break up and all kinds of glitches the moment you push anything above 1080p resolution through them. Some cable will handle 4k 30 Hertz no problem. The moment you hit 60 Hertz 4k, the cable reaches its bandwidth capacity and you get either no signal or a crazy amount of signal drops. It's a bit of a lucky dip once you go over 1080p. I have purchased bulk orders of one brand of HDMI cables and found no 2 the same. One will happily handle 4k 60 Hertz while another will totally shite it self. HDMI is sadly, not designed very well. Ive seen HDMI ports on projectors worth thousands and thousands of dollars burnout and damage major components because someone thought that HDMI is safe to hot swap in and out while everything is powered

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          So you are saying that a large number of hdmi cables fail to meet specification?
          Any "High Speed HDMI Cable" should do 4k30. ("Standard speed" disappeared from the market long ago.)

          Googling, it seems there is now a "Premium High Speed HDMI Cable" test standard to guarentee 4k60hz.
          Which I suppose is useful if you are using HDMI for desktop or gaming, though DisplayPort would be more normal.

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          So, HDMI is NOT safe to hot swap? …. I think I have dodged many bullets.

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          @Morien: You're okay according to the HDMI specification.

          The HPD (Hot-Plug-Detect) feature is a communication mechanism between a source and a sink device that makes the source device aware that it has been connected/disconnected to/from the sink device. When an HDMI cable is inserted between the two devices, the resulting hot-plug detection instantiates a start-up communication sequence.

          Since it's possible to get imperfect (simultaneous) mating of all pins, one side may not initialise correctly during hot-plugging, that ought not cause damage. HDMI is robust against shorting any combination of pins or connection (§4.2.11 Robustness Requirements). §8.5 Hot Plug Detect Signal describes the connection and HPD process.

          There is a dedicated pin for hot-plug, the HPD pin, damage to this will cause problems (but you can say that about any pin). After HPD is asserted, an E-EDID data exchange should occur.

        • @Agret:

          thanks! sigh of relief

        • @Morien: now, that's all nice that they specify that it's safe to hot swap but real world results tell a very different story. It's all about earthing from media source to the screen or projector youll be consuming said media on. Different types of equipment have there own earthing or very minimal earthing to no earthing at all. This can allow for different voltages to flow freely through places they're not intended to run. Now, when these unearthed very low voltages run through a hdmi cable they generally do little damage, however, when you take a HDMI cable and pull it out of its port and then go to plug it back in you will on the odd ocasionan see an arc of electricity leave the cable and attempt to earth itself in your HDMI socket. If your socket is your brand-new 4k OLED TV of your $50,000 dollar projector you're asking for some pain. The result of this, and it gets worse as the components age, is that you can slightly fry a HDMI port causing handshaking issues or you can totally fry the port causing no signal at all. If you're lucky, you may be able to have the HDMI board replaced by the manufacturer or a qualified and skilled technician if you're able to get the part. Otherwise, it's now a very expensive paper weight. I highly recommend you never hotswap HDMI, especially from desktop PCs. I don't know why, but video cards love to create arcing when hotswap.

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        HDMI 2.0 has the same cable spec as 1.4.

        Citation? (I joke, HDMI 2.0 spec is not available for general consumption)

        1.4 runs a max clock of 340MHz, 2.0 is 600MHz. So while the spec for might be the same (I would love to have a copy of the spec to check!), it's entirely plausible that cheap cables will work on 1080p but not at 4k 60Hz.

        From memory, the HDMI people forbid use of version numbers in cable advertising (not that the cheap manufacturers care), so the techically-correct designation to look for is "Premium High Speed". From wikipedia:

        A third category of cable was introduced in October 2015 to certify that cables work at the 18 Gbit/s maximum bandwidth of the HDMI 2.0 specification.[77] This category tests cables at 600 MHz (2160p60 resolution), certifying them as Premium High Speed.

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    I saw these last week at Coles in Canberra (quite a few left). Didn't buy any though as they seemed pretty generic and I figured I'd be better off buying off eBay instead when I actually needed them. Like I didn't think having 1m ones around would be much use. 2m at least imo.

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    don't use these cheap HDMI cables guys they don't give a good picture quality.

    If you visit your local Hardly Normal store ask them for the $500 MonsterTM cables, nothing else gives you the amazing picture quality quite like them. Don't be fooled into using cheap junk, HDMI signal is analog and you really need the Monster cables for the quality gold plated connections and superior wires.

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      Hi Gerry!

    • Nice one wang chung

    • Have a plus-vote for your sage advice.

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    • Oh, wow! Thanks for the advice! I never, ever though that passing a digital signal over a $500 cable would be so much better than the cheap ones. I must have gone through like a thousand cheapies before I saw this post. I could have saved a heap of money if I'd only tried the sooper-dooper expensive one first!

      […here endeth the sarcasm]

    • thank you for opening my eyes! Clearly Coles are trying to take advantage of the average consumer with their discounted junk.

      • If it is a Coles brand product, I would stay clear, all Coles brand products are junk, they copy the packaging of good quality products to sell their sub standard quality products and their stores are now more or less full of only one brand their store junks. I refuse to touch those junks, no matter how cheap they are.

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    Damn, I just ordered 2 HDMI cables from Amazon…

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      haha them comments are gold in the review section

      After the purchase, my wife left me. That's why I gave it 5 stars.

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        Fired up Minecraft to test my new hdmi cable and the graphics were still extremely blocky and pixelated. Guess I'll have to upgrade again if I really want the best.

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    It's on page 36 of the current catalogue, for those like me that didn't get a direct link… Imgur

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    I still have bunch of HDMI cables from when Dick Smith closed down.

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      Thanks for letting us know.

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    They also have earphones, aux cables and phone car vent mounts for $2 each.

  • Gets a +1 from me. We need a handful of these for the office, nothing more than desktop resolutions so they'll be perfect. And, if staff break/lose/nick them the $2 cost won't be a problem.

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    Are you nuts? ALL OF YOUR DVDs WILL LOSE QUALITY WITHOUT THE RIGHT CABLES! I spent $78 on HIGH QUALITY HDMI cables from Harvey Norman!

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      DVD uses analog video output. HDMI would make no difference.

  • Hahaha good one after the forum post about HDMI cables. Did mention in there that Coles was about to have these on special for $2.

    Thanks OP needed a laugh about Harvs again.

  • Now I only need female to female 1 dollar converter from eBay and I ll be able to play WASD first person shooters on the TV screen. Extending my original 2m cable as 3m was way too expensive. Could play on USB keyboard so far, but this will be more comfortable.

  • The next cheapest I have seen (Not online) is Officeworks, $3.98 for 1.5m.…

  • Thanks OP, plenty available @Coles Earlwood NSW.

  • I saw these and thought the price must have been wrong.

  • Plenty left in Coles Rundle Mall (SA).

  • Merged from $2 1m HDMI Cable at Coles (In-store)

    Hey guys,
    I saw this at my local Coles (Earlwood, NSW) today - HDMI cables at $2. I forgot to check the length but if it's anything like the deal a few days ago and just eyeballing them it'd be 1m. Edit: Confirmed 1m.

    In-store only

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      Normal price at Officeworks.

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      Thanks for posting but possibly Dupe? I can't see why the original is marked EXPIRED.

      • It's possible that it's now in store only - can't find them online. Will wait for other users to report back

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      I prefer Monster HDMI for $159.00 at Gerry's
      He's always looking after his customers.

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      Bought one of these, confirmed 1 metre.

      Also for $2 (labelled "gold coin products") are
      - retractable USB cables (white)
      - in ear headphones (white, blue, pink)
      - 3 in 1 charging cable (USB, micro and 32 pin OLD apple connector)
      - aux to aux cable
      - universal USB cable (not retractable, black)
      - earphone/USB/memory card storage case (blue only?)
      - phone cases (GS6 and others?)
      - screen cleaning solution (looked great for $2)
      - phone storage air vent clip
      - screen protectors (GS6 and others?)

      And many many more in store - these are just some of the electronics, there are also microwave containers (round, square, blue, green, pink) and general accessories. All $2.

      *All in stock at time of posting at Coles Macquarie, but deals available nationwide.

      • Does it work fine?

        • Well, all of the products/electronics I have tested work - great for $2 I reckon. Lets just hope it doesn't pack in after a week :D

      • Thanks, have edited

      • In Macquarie centre Coles ?
        I could n't find it in Stationary shelf on Saturday. Where exactly these are present can you please tell?

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          I'd be scared of non-stationary shelves. ;)

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          Nah it's not with the stationery (e) - it's in like the second aisle or so when you walk in the shop - near the up and go's 😂 😂
          Lol I don't know but if you enter and take a slight right you can't miss it

        • @pennypincher98:
          Thanks able to find it in no time all $2

        • +1

          @raghub: no probs glad my (limited) directions ended up helpful!

    • Confirm I saw these on the shelves at Coles in Westfield Burwood, Sydney on Wednesday 2/8/17. Was in a hurry and didn't stop, don't need any of them anyway.

  • Bought a few of these at Coles on the weekend for $1. My idea was to patch using female to female connectors. Anyone care to suggest where the best place is to buy female/female connectors which are of reasonable cost/quality?

  • Plenty left at Baulkham Hills.

  • They're now $0.50 if you can find them (as well as the other formally-$2 stuff, like containers and disposable mats).

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