This was posted 3 years 5 months 26 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[NSW] Origin Energy 24% and 14% Discount on Electricity and Gas Usage Charges - with 2% Bonus Included


The website still shows 22% discount but you can get the 2% bonus if you call. Solar rebate is 9 cents per kwh.

Update 4/8/17: it is now 22% discount on electricity including 3% bonus.

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  • Website for me is showing 10% off. What state are you in guessing the offer varies. Their daily charge is higher than others I have been looking at but the kwh charge is a little lower. (Simply Energy)

  • NSW only I assume.

  • All I see on the link is 'upto 16% on electricity' & 'upto 11% on natural gas' discounts, and I'm in SA. I don't think that discount in the OP is nationwide.

  • NSW : have negotiated 30% off electricity and 25% off gas with EA.

    Push and you shall be rewarded…

    • Makes you wonder what value the energy retailers bring to the table.

    • would you mind sharing how did you ask/push for this mate? thanks :)

      • NSW: I was offered 32% off electricity and 25% off gas plus 5000 flybuys points for staying with AGL after I requested to move to Energy Australia.

        • VIC: I was offered 36% off electricity and 21% off gas plus $100 cashback for staying with EA after I said I will move to AGL. Lol

        • @axu1: Getting 40% off with Simply Energy, discount for RACV members in Victoria :)

        • @axu1: Awesome! Energy Australia did call back but they couldn't match the discount offered by AGL. Maybe it varies between states (or perhaps even between areas?)

        • @scrypton: They won't match it, there are some energy company agents who offer free comparasion for you, and they can do slightly better because they can get some commission if you sign up or switch via them. So I told EA my current offer from those agents, and he said he couldn't do better, so I told him just close my account and I'll move to AGL, then he put me on hold for approx 2mins and came up with the good offer. :-)

        • @scrypton: With the $100 credit, it was a current offer for new customers(not sure if it's still an offer), and he was not going to give it to me, but I asked him why existing customer is not as important as new customer? Then he couldn't answer, and he gave me the $100 credit too. Lol

        • Another issue is the Origin and AGL have different prices on which those discounts are calculated on.

          They also have different daily access charges too.

          So comparing just the discount percent is meaningful by itself.

  • only by direct debit

  • All the big providers offer pretty much the same "discount". The real savings are in negotiating down the daily usage charges and determining if you go on time-of-use plan or a flat rate plan. Without that information the discount %'s are meaningless. Also AGL provide 11.1 c/kWh for solar and I think Energy Australia might give you 12.6 c/kWh. No deal here…

  • Origin has one of the most expensive rate among the electricity companies. Getting 20% off from them is almost like making it on par with other companies. Better off getting another company and + another 20% off.

    My electricity bill was $600 before discount with Origin and now $450 with another company before discount.

    Check your local rate first before getting fooled by the discount they are offering.

    • In which state are you, and do you mind to share with us the company you're with? I'm in SA and with Origin, and my electricity bill is always the highest around this time of the year. I get 12% discount and live by myself, and my latest quarter bill was more than the double of that of the same time last year. Shit is getting more expensive all the time.

      • I'm in VIC and swapped from Origin to Red Energy. Origin price is extremely ridiculous, they charge like maximum price as possible and without any discount you will be paying above the normal rate.

        Not to mention once you finish your contract they will stealthily remove the discount. I just ditch them straight away for being such an ass.

    • Funny. I am switching to Origin after Dodo announced that they are jacking up their prices. Their usage and daily charges are cheaper than Dodo before discount. However, even with the lower Origin electricity prices, I will still be paying about 4% more than what I paid last year. Wish I get a 4% pay rise every year. I am in Brisbane.


        I thought the Dodo increases were quite reasonable, I checked around and it was still the cheapest.

        Then I get an email last week about an increase? Another one?

        Am I getting scammed with a double increase?

  • Discounts dont include supply charge which is usually the highest component

    • I don't know how you live, but for us that is not true. We are a family of 4, supply charge for 90 days is around $110, usage charge for 90 days for us is about $250.

    • and supply charges vary, so you have to do the sums

  • No deal. They have raised the usage and service charges.

  • From my bad experience with Origin for 2-3 months on their hell expensive Gas rate, highly recommended to avoid this company in Victoria.
    Please do some research on their rate before sign up with them.

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    It's usage charges only. Better off with a company that does entire bill such as click. Lumo.

    • click's electricity price is much higher and worked out worse than Origin.


        Depends on your area and usage perhaps but click is cheaper than origin for me.

  • Another negative with this Origin deal … discounted rates stop after 1 year.

    Ongoing contract with 12 months benefit period.

    • All contracts are same

      • Red Energy still honours the discount with on-time payment etc., even after the contract concludes.
        Origin doesn't.

        It depends on the re-seller.

    • you're not locked in for 12 months. you may change provider any time. you can sign up to another contract before, on or after 12 months without penalty.

  • Currently, Alinta Energy is cheapest for Endeavor Energy. You have to calculate the actual cost of the unit (after discount) and the actual cost of daily supply charge (after discount if any) and then compare which is cheapest. This sheet can be made easily in excel. I can send you mine that will help you compare.

  • Better to sign up for the one big switch and get 30 per cent off the electricity with Alinta. They also offer me 18% off has too . I will need to check their rates though as I think they are actually a bit higher than origin.

  • I am with origin and it is not 20% off bill , just had an hour over phone and they could not is dodgy. In a nut shell my bill only had 9% discounted for on time payment where my plan was for 15%. They will charge you nevertheless you are on plan and apparently providers charge.

    • Just ask to "re-contract", starting with this deal.

    • They % off discounts typically only apply to electricity usages… it does not (typically) apply to daily supply charge. So if you are a low user & the majority of your bill is made up of the daily supply charge then you want realise as much of the % discount as you expect.

    • Most companies changed to on Usage and not bill years ago.

      Usage is electricity used, it excludes supply

  • Power company deals in ozbargain.
    LOL !!!!

  • I had bad experience with them a fewer years ago. My gas usage was deliberately lower estimated more than 50% during the first year discount period. Then They accumulated and recalculated those unpaid first year usages after my discount period with higher pay rate. Unfortunately the official gas rate also increased after there discount period. So I lost about $150 for joining its discount scheme.

  • What provider in NSW people have good experience ( cost wise) for gas and Electricity ? I'm with Origin for a few years and and no discount other than pay on time which is very frustrating as a Ozbargainer!

    • Try Dodo, 20% off electricity and gas in NSW, the rate is also lower than EA;
      call centre is from Deli though, the new Deli you know, if you dont' mind.
      Service is ok at least not bad as I had with AGL or Origin.

  • When will the change over actually take place? I have just received my last bill 2 days ago, do I have to wait another 3 months before my new provider can take over?

  • I found Origin's tariff rates are lower than other providers in my area in NSW.

    cents/kwh before GST
    Peak Usage 27.09 AGL 29.00
    Controlled Load Off-Peak 1 10.45 AGL 12.00
    Supply Charge Controlled Load1 cents per day 6.23 AGL 6.00
    Supply Charge cents per day 82.89 AGL 84
    Solar Feed in 9.00 AGL 11.1