expired Target - iPod Touch 4th Gen 8gb $299 32gb $389 plus 10 item accessory pack


iCoustic 10-in1 accessory pack: Regular value $169. iPod speaker, 2-way splitter, FM transmitter, wireless headphones, sock cover, wall charger, cleaning cloth, earphones case, anti-slip mat and connector cable.

However if only after ipod then bigw price 8gb $268 and 32gb 358

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    I wouldn't call this a bargain. Esentially you get a bunch of stuff that they have priced at $169. The speakers/earphones are probably horrible quality.

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    maybe so but essentially your paying a little more ($30 compared to bigw price which is cheapest in Aus) for all that extra stuff.

    I think that extra stuff (FM transmitter, Wireless headphones, speaker dock) worth more than $30 thus bargain for some.

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      For those who care little about the extras, it's worth waiting a week or so to see how the competitors are going to respond to this deal.



    $389.00 Each

    Includes: one 8GB iPod touch and one 10-in-1 accessory pack

    looks like either the 32GB or 8GB part is a misprint

    EDIT: nvm… the pic in the catalogue has pricing but not in the details


    This would be an excellent bargain if you could return (without receipt) the accesory pack, at a later date and claim a credit note for $169?

    i.e 8GB Touch + accessory pack = $299 minus credit of $169 = $130 total

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    90 dollars extra for an upgrade of 24 GB. Why don't apple make a 16GB model.

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      because 4 sizes would be unnecessarily complex. i think they have it right, with the cheapest one having minimal storage, and two top models differentiated by cost of nand memory.

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