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$36.75 (73% off) One Month Unlimited Online Counseling ~ $47.8 AUD @ BetterHelp [New Member at Groupon US Only]


Long time lurker here in OzBargain. This is my first time posting as no one seem to have posted this deal. I've been searching for an alternative to face to face counseling.
Unlimited counselling for one month with registered therapist, valued at $140 USD ($180 AUD).
Follow the link to buy the deal at Groupon US website and enter the coupon to bring down the price to $36.75. Need to be first purchase at Groupon US (which is separate from Groupon AU, I created a new account using the same email as used on Groupon AU and it went through just fine).
The deal also come in two months option at $99 ($74.25 after coupon).

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  • I've been searching for an alternative to face to face counseling.

    What did you get counselling for?

    • They pretty much cover the whole lot. I did it mainly for anxiety and stress related issues.

      • They pretty much cover the whole lot.

        Can they help with sexual ailments, or would you suggest face to face for that?

        • I would say that traditional face to face counselling is preferable in most cases but online could be an alternative for people who need additional support or prefer anonymous and text based communication or having difficulties gaining access to face to face consultation (location, scheduling, fund, waiting period etc).

          If you can afford to, I'd suggest having face to face consultation.

  • Hmmm, reviews seem at extreme ends of spectrum. Either glowing reviews that smack of sales pitch like these:

    You get qualified therapists and much faster results than with traditional therapy. A tip? If you're on the fence, give it a try for the free trial week. I think you will be impressed with what you find.

    It really helped me, go for it. You won't be disapointed

    Or at the other end reviews like:

    Customer service stopped replying you when they can't seem to find the answer of your problem

    They required a credit card before allowing us to speak with a counselor even though we provided the Groupon information. They, BetterHelp, double charged our account and it took us 5 attempts to get the counselor we requested.

    It's taken me a week to get going with a counselor. They charged me $112 when the groupon was supposed to be applied. I'm still waiting for them to give me the correct counselor and process the refund.

    I would recommend researching further before spending your hard earned.

    • I concur, the review can be at the opposite end of the spectrum.

      However I would say the same thing could happen with face to face counselling, getting affordable, proper mental care is unfortunately often a frustrating experience of trials and errors.

      Both options would require doing due diligence in research.

      Regarding the double charges by credit card, I would suggest using PayPal to protect that from happening.

      I am not sure regarding the counsellor delay as get matched almost immediately.

  • Do I get counselled by a bot

    • It would be a registered professional.




        Don't know many people would even remember that. came bundled with my soundblaster 16 card way back when.

        • Same here. Got it in a bundle with a CD-ROM drive that attached directly to the sound card.

          Don't think he (Sbaitso) helped too many people with their psychological problems by shouting at them all the time.

  • call me sceptical.. I face to face saw therapist after my 14 year long relationship breakdown and even after the full course of 8 visits I felt like we had achieved absolute zero due to being asked the same discussion topics over and over. Eventually I feel I sorted myself out.

  • Perhaps a better alternative for OZbargainers is to see your GP, get a mental health plan made up and a referral to a qualified local psychologist who can provide 10 FREE sessions a year as it is covered by bulk billing.

    There are plenty of health services out there that provide bulk billing, not all therapists are the right fit for a client, you may need to try a few to get the right choice for you… some may go on to a full fee or part funded service if they find the right therapist.

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