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Sushi Train 25th Anniversary - All Sushi $2.50


Gold Coast Sat 9th September
Cairns Sat 16th September
Brisbane Sat 23rd September
Adelaide Sat 30th September
Sydney Sat 7th October (Bondi Beach, Neutral Bay, Newtown, Randwick, Sutherland)
Sydney Sat 14th October (Bondi Junction, Cronulla, Dee Why, Maroubra, Oxford)

*Udon, Ramen, Rice Bowls, Soba, Sashimi and Drinks are excluded from specials.
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Sushi Train
Sushi Train

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  • +2

    Thanks. Marked on my calendar.

  • +8

    Start lining up lol

  • +1

    Sushi train are scumbags, they've been repeatedly caught underpaying their workers far below award. They'll never see a cent of my money.


    • +3

      Sounds like some other business I know….

      • +9

        Sounds like MANY businesses I know……

        • +13

          Sounds like I'm gonna be having like 20 plates on the day, cant wait

        • @The Cat:

          Same! The line up is going to kill me though.

          Were generally overpaid in Australia anyway.

          I like my $10 pho's.

        • +2

          Sound like ALL restaurant businesses i know …

    • -1
    • I'll be angry when I need to be angry, but for now i'm going to gorge myself on cheap sushi

    • +1

      Welcome to Sunnybank, my friend.

    • +1

      and then when every business pays correct wages, you will complain why everything is 2x-3x more expensive.

  • +3

    Perth is crying at the conner.

    • +2

      And Vic

      • yes Vic omg :(
        moved from Sydney to gold coast and sushi train cravings were satisfied - all good.
        now I'm in Melb and… what sushi train :(

        While I'm on the topic… any recommendations for sushi places in Melb? Willing to pay up!

        • +1

          Shira Nui in Glen Waverley. Or if you are in the CBD, Kenzan.

        • Shop called Hotaru has cheap sushi, it's in an arcade between China town and Bourke street mall near Russell street.
          Quality not as good if you were to go to more expensive place but if you want cheap then this is the place to go.

    • Adelaide rocks! For a change!

  • Only in capital city stores?

    • No, all stores in Australia judging by their store locator. Cairns and Gold Coast are included.

      • But when it says Brisbane for example, is that just 1 store? Or all the stores surrounding Brisbane?

        • I took it to mean that every Brisbane store would have the deal on that day.

    • The stores are listed in the link

  • +5


    • +3

      Do you have a City Wok?

      • +1

        Trump could take his advise on his city wall.

        • +1

          Stupid Mongolians

  • wheres oxford in sydney

    • Srs?

      • Oxford?
        There's Oxford St but I've never heard of Oxford (suburb) in Sydney either.. although, Thenarrator, it's NSW so it could really be anywhere in the state :P

        • i assume oxford st.

          Perhaps i shouldnt assume :)

  • -1

    Too bad its the worst Sushi i've had in 3 states so far…

  • -1

    So QLD & SA only.

    • NSW included too. Details are included in the post.

  • Good sushi but god damn it's going to be insanely packed

    • Take away is always good when this happens

  • Sad about nothing in Melbourne.

  • Can I set a reminder to email me the day before but not receive the other emails they send?

  • I could have sworn there was one in Chatswood Sydney.

  • Just went by the Newtown restaurant and they were queued halfway down the block.

  • +1

    man there is such a long q for Randwick, I got tired and left although it's my favourite Sushi place.

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