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Tronsmart 54W 5 Port Charger (Quick Charge 2.0 & AU Adapter) $14.99 US (~ $18.83 AU) Shipped @ GeekBuying


This deal is back and at a record low price. The charger uses an AU plug and features 1 port with Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 and 4 ports with VoltIQ Fast Charging allowing you to charge many devices quicker than conventional charging.

  • Apply the coupon RTESUJBJ to get it for $14.99 US (~$18.83 AU)

AU$ based on current Mastercard exchange rate at time of posting. Free shipping included with express options available.

What is Quick Charge 2.0 and VoltIQ?

Tests have shown that a 3500mAh battery can be charged from 0% to 60% in only 30 minutes for any compatible device using Qualcomm's Quick Charge 2.0 technology. Quick Charge 2.0 achieves this by increasing the voltage (5V/2A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A) to provide more power.

VoltIQ is suitable for devices not using QC (iPhone, iPad, Raspberry Pi etc.) as it will charge much quicker than conventional charging up to 5V/2.4A in each port simultaneously.

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  • Another Geekbuying one. I have the Tronsmart port charger, it is great but too bad the sellers are sketchy as heck

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      GeekBuying is Tronsmart's official store 😉

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        TA upside down? I'm confused, are your TA or JV?

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          ǝɯ oʇ ɹɐǝlƆ ʎlʇɔǝɟɹǝd sɯǝǝs

        • @3:

          ¡ʞɔǝ, ,uıddılɟ ʍʍʍɐ

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        • @tabz:

          Calculator man!

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    Wish it had 2 QC ports 😔

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      QC makes batteries hot and so shortens their lives, the idea is emergency charge on QC, else normal charge overnight or don't run to flat….. how often do you need to charge 2 phones in an emergency ?

      • the idea is

        I think the idea is to let the protocol make all the decisions.

      • I have a s8 and wife has s7, so if we want to charge together quickly i prefer having two. Currently we are using wireless charging to unify cables

      • I remember posting a comment along these lines here over a year ago. I was down voted something crazy.

        Yet only this week I read something on one of the big gadget sites saying exactly this.

        • +1

          Probably because people paid a lot of money for an expensive phone marketing this feature without knowing the limitations.
          Then you told them it will damage their devices. You upset them!

      • QC charges at a high rate only at the start. So it gets to 70-80% very quickly while staying cool. The remaining 20-30% is charged at regular USB 2A rates. The only time it gets hot is if you have an rogue app draining battery while it is charging, or you are playing a 3D game while charging. Between USB 2A and QC2.0, I find QC cooler on my S6.

        • The cable being used for quick charging makes a big difference.
          My LG G4 if charged with the default charging cable supplied with Xiaomi Powerbank 2 becomes hot but using blitzwolf charging cable merely gets warm.

        • @techno2000:
          Agreed. If the cable is not capable of QC charging, most QC chargers will default back to the 2A or 2.4A USB charging. This could be the case with your LG G4. With my SGS6, it shows on screen if it is just normal charging or fast charging. In my case, it is cooler during fast charging!

  • For ~$11 more I'd rather get the AUKEY 6 port with 2xQC 3.0 here https://m.aliexpress.com/s/item/32786332020.html?productId=3... (mobile app price)

    • Interesting info about QC2.0 vs QC3.0
      Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Technology

      With Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Technology, the PA-T11 Wall Charger charges compatible devices four times faster than standard chargers and 40% more efficient than Quick Charge 2.0.

      Quick Charge 3.0 Device:
      For HTC One A9 HTC 10
      For Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S7 Edge LG G5
      For Xiaomi 5/ Mi Max
      For Nubia Z11 / Z11 Max
      For Asus ZenFone 3 / Asus ZenFone 3 Deluxe / Asus ZenFone 3 Ultra
      For General Mobile GM5+
      For HP Elite x 3
      For LeEco Le MAX 2 LeEco (LeTV) Le MAX Pro
      For Lenovo ZUK Z2 Pro
      NuAns NEO
      Qiku Q5 / Qiku Q5 Plus
      Sugar F7
      Vodafone Smart platinum 7 and More Quick Charge 3.0 supported phones.

      Quick Charge 2.0 Devices:
      For Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge / Edge Plus, Note 5 / Note 4 / Edge
      For HTC One M9 / M8, HTC Desire Eye, HTC One remix
      For Motorola Droid Turbo, Moto X 2014
      For Xperia Z3 / Z3 Compact / Z3 Tablet Compact / Z4 Tablet
      For LG G4, LG G5 Flex2, LG V10
      Google Nexus 6
      and more mobile phones.

      • +21

        Their list is somewhat inaccurate as the S7/S7 Edge is actually QC 2.0, but they're right. QC 3.0 is up to 40% more efficient.

        More than happy to do a QC 3.0 charger deal if there is a demand for it.

        • +3

          You have demand here!

        • +1

          BlitzWolf BW-S7 :)))

        • @m9: Geek don't sell BW products, however the Tronsmart equivalent is faster as it's 54W while the BW is 40W.

        • -3

          @Clear: Yeah I know was hoping you could post on behalf of Bangginggoood..

        • @m9: Blitzwolf is exclusive(?) to BangGood.

        • @RichardL: Covered in my reply to Clear

        • +1

          @m9: I saw after I made the post. Sorry.

        • @RichardL: Don't be.

        • does it have one or two qc 3.0?

        • @Clear:

          can we have deal on QC 3.0 charger ?

        • @Clear: link to product please? And yes there is demand. Thanks

        • +1

          I am in for a QC 3.0 charger :)

        • +1

          Another QC 3.0 buyer here….Post some QC 3.0 deal…..

        • QC 3.0 user here. Do you have Australia plug? I can only find US, UK or EU plug on your websit for QC 3.0

        • @ylbeethoven: If the option isn't available and you really wanted the QC3.0, you could always purchase a figure 8 cable from OW for ~$4.50

        • +1 QC3.0 Thanks

        • QC3.0 yes pls

        • Interested in QC 3.0 Charger deal!!

        • QC 3 here ploise!

        • Hell yea! I'm demanding a sale for the QC 3.0! :P

    • Bought AUKEY 5-port QC3.0 one from AUKEY official store about a month ago and QC3.0 port is not working any more. The other 4 are OK.
      Got a refund, but I need working charger, not a refund

      • My faulty tonsmart is still awaiting refund. QC ports dead. Didnt last long at all. Mesgd Clear and they told him i can choose a refund or replacement…. Forgot about it until this post and still no refund…

        Id settle for any blitzwolf anyday over tonsmart..my blitzwolf been flawless for yonks..

        • Send me a PM with your order number and I'll get that sorted for you.

    • AUKEY doesn't have an AU power cord, so that's another $5 you need to spend.

      • AUKEY doesn't have an AU power cord, so that's another $5 you need to spend.

        It takes a figure eight power cable, I'm sure most people have a spare one they can use or an adapter.

  • +6

    I used this in Europe last month. It powered 2 iPhones an iPad and 2 noise cancelling headphones with ease. Brilliant product.

  • Better buy with QC3.0 for future proofing. That's what i did over 6mnths ago and glad i did when i upgraded to a new phone which has QC3.0.

    • I might wait until Apple reveal the iPhone 8 specs before buying any more chargers.

    • pd is more future proof than qc3.0 imo

  • +1

    These are great. Have my S8+ fast charging alongside 4 other phones (Z2, Lumia 630, H P9, LG G2) and it maintains a stable voltage/charging rate. Charges faster than the standard S8 fast charger weirdly… Bought mine 18 months ago and the only "sort of negative" thing I've noticed is that it can get quite hot while charging, but not dangerously so.

    Also, the included MicroUSB cable (quite long) is worth half the price IMO (much better than the Tronsmart 5 packs which had troubles with the connectors).

    • +1

      Samsung rebranded Quick Charge 2.0 as Adaptive Fast Charge and for some reason left out 12V/1.5A in their chargers. That's why the Tronsmart will charge faster than their stock charger.

      • Yeah, I found it unusual that the charger they supply is the limiting factor and there isn't an actual hard limit set by the phone at 15W (*though I don't have enough data to prove this). Not quite a 3W difference (15 vs 18W) but definitely a few minutes faster.

    • +2

      the extra heat on QC is not that phone explodes, the heat shortens the battery life, and few phones now have user replaceable batteries, so it's more about phone longevity.

      People seen to understand that a car engine needs oil, water and runs best at a certain temperature , but with lithium batteries care to make them last longest is not as ingrained.

      When you own RC models, which use lithium batteries, how to make the batteries last longest is important due to the cost to replace and you want long run times ….. and heat during charge is an issue.

      • Absolutely, manufacturers should state this and make it obvious how to enable slow charging/not use QC all the time. I always use my 700mA charger on my phone when charging overnight, and QC only when needed. Would've had ~600 deep cycles on my past Z2 and the battery was almost like new.

  • No deals on cables this time?

  • Bought, thanks!

    I bought one for $25 for our US trip recently and loved it.

    It died after a month at home, but honestly I think it was the dodgy powerboard we had it plugged into. so I bought another one.

  • OP can you please allow the QQ watch 51% off coupon deal for everyone?
    Here is a quick method:
    Type what you feel about the watch and get a coupon in account that will be good for a month and can be used for a lot of Tronsmart products including the
    Hubsan and Cheerson drones. The link for the products is on the same page at the bottom (See More Selected Items). Just got a US plug Tronsmart QC 3.0 for AU$11.69 (US$9.31). It appears that items are selling fast, but maybe you can help in getting them restock, please? Thanks!

    • That promotion shouldn't be active and will likely not be honoured.

    • I remember doing this a few years ago and managed to get 2x Tronsmart Titan for half price.

  • @Clear:
    Package contains 1xCharging Cable,
    Can u make some deal for 4 charging cable?

    • +3

      The 6 pack of Tronsmart Cable are rubbish anyways. Connectors become loose after a few uses.

  • Trying not to sound stupid, as a basic good quality multi charger, how does it compare to the BW-S1? I have one if these, and it's great (and around $10)

    • Doesn't have the QC2 port which charges compatible devices significantly faster than normal charging. The other 4 ports use the same tech as the BW-S1.

      • +1

        Can we get a deal on the BW-S1? I prefer slightly slower charging for the longevity of my devices :)

        (+ QC doesn't help iDevices anyway)

        • Sorry I can't do deals on competitors. You're better off asking the BG rep.

        • @Clear: ahh fair enough ;) any USBPD and/or non QC multiport chargers?

  • +4

    Great charger. I sleep with it. It doesn't buzz. Neither does my gf
    Damn it must be me then. I'll let myself out.

    • +1

      If you're not buzzing you're not living.

    • +1

      So moral of the story is: As long as you're keeping your gf happy there will be no buzzing sound while you sleep?

  • +1

    Hey OP,

    Could you deal on these: http://www.geekbuying.com/item/Tronsmart-Quick-Charge-3-0-US...

    Also, how does this work in OZ? There is no plug option for Australia available


    • +1

      Just purchase a Figure 8 cable from OW to use in Australia.

      Some old stereo player/printers also use these cables.

  • I should have ordered more of these.

    • +1

      That one doesn't have Quick Charge, but is half the price, if you don't need QC.

    • They ran out of stock back then. They ended up refunding my money 😢

  • From makeuseof.com: "Fortunately, experts like Benson Leung and Nathan-K, and websites like GTrusted, put all the best USB-C chargers and cables in one location. Leung and Nathan-K collaborated on a spreadsheet containing a detailed analysis of a tremendous number of chargers and cables. The spreadsheet can be difficult to read, so I’ve put together a list of their top recommendations along with some buying tips." link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vnpEXfo2HCGADdd9G2x9...

    A number of tronsmart chargers are listed as dangerous on this spreadsheet. Can OP please tell us if all tronsmart chargers are UL certified? According to the report which was compiled by a Google engineer, he has this to say about Tronsmart "Vbus hot and CC pin flaws. (Most Tronsmart chargers share these flaws)." I have a number of Tronsmart chargers at home purchase during previous deals and I am sorta worried. I don't want it to either fry my devices or get electrocuted. I was about to buy a few more Tronsmart, but after reading that spreadsheet, I decided on the Anker device (USA brand) they recommended from Amazon.

    • Note the Tronsmart listed on the spreadsheet are for charger that plug directly in to wall and are in relations to USB-C .

      That being said, Anker is definitely the better brand to purchase if you don't mind paying a higher price.

    • You're better of emailing Tronsmart, but I'll answer the ones I know.

      All QC chargers have been certified by Qualcomm through UL.

      When USB Type-C first became mainstream most manufacturers released products which did not follow the specifications. Since then Tronsmart have updated their non-compliant chargers, like the car charger with an inbuilt Type-C cable to be compliant. That's why there is a mention of V1 and V2 not being compliant and V3 being compliant. The spreadsheet even refers to products no longer available on Amazon.

      I don't know the specifics of the wall chargers, but they don't have AU plugs and are not available here. One issue is that QC over Type-C breaks specification despite many manufacturers still releasing phones with Type-C and QC together.

      • +1

        QC4.0 is USB Type-C PD compliant. Everything else earlier isn't.

  • Bought this before on a previous deal
    Paid much more than $18.83

    Only gripe is its quite slippery and often slips from the cupboard when moving the cables.

  • +1

    Personally, I think the 90W Tronsmart Titan at US$25.99 is a better deal. This has 5x QC2.0 ports vs only 1x QC2.0 port on this deal. I bought the Titan a couple of months ago, and it has been very handy doing away with 3-4 wall chargers


    • Have to agree with you. I purchased Tronsmart Titan at the beginning of last year, and have used it daily since. Still going strong today.

      EDIT: I also like that there's an on and off switch located behind the charger.

      EDIT 2: Just note that you can purchase a figure 8 cable from OW instead of using an universal adapter for ~4.50.

    • +1

      Unfortunately Spain is for European customers only.

      • Will you have a code for this one please? I'm happy with Eu plug

        • +1

          What I mean is that the stock is located in Spain and will only deliver to Europe.

  • How is the quality in comparing with Anker and Aukey products?

    I am using an Aukey charger (same 4+1 configuration), and the quality seems not quite good - it makes many of my phones' touch screen useless when charging. The same phone, using the same cable, when plugged into other chargers (original charger or Anker) didn't have that issue.

    • There's a review of this one by a charger enthusiast here.

      Other reviews are linked at the bottom of his/her post. Doesn't like the noise level of Aukey/Tronsmart multi-port chargers, which could have weird effects like your touchscreen issue, but deems them safe at least. Seems to rate the Anker chargers more highly overall.

      • Thanks. So Anker is the best. I got one in the past, however it stopped working after 6 months, due to an issue with its fuse :(

  • Will the VoltIQ be Compatible with iPhones, iPads and Samsung Tablets??
    Can't find that info on the product page.

    • +1

      Yes. It'll work with pretty much anything that isn't QC.

  • +1

    Coupon only works for one item per order :(

  • I want a charger like this that will work with my Xiaomi Air 13 (65W) and 6P — anyone have an idea?

  • Looks good for replacing a bunch of chargers I have in a powerboard.
    Thanks ArseTight!

  • Went to order 3 and found out the voucher was for just 1. Will order cause I want one, but it should clearly state it is for 1 only or is a $9 coupon.

  • Will this charge a MacBook with USB C?

    Sorry if it's a noob question

    • No. For that you need a charger with USB-PD. This one for example…


      • Even if you plug in a USB-A to USB-C will it not charge a MacBook 12 inch?
        The standard Apple charger is 29W and this one is 54W so why doesn't it work?

        • This is 54W overall.

        • @xtremevicky:
          So what is the individual USB power output?

        • @JTTheMan:

          In the listing.

          Powerful: Total power 54W 5 port (Auto detected charging port 5V/2.4A*4 + Quick Charge 2.0 12V/1.5A)

        • @xtremevicky:
          OK, this is like pulling teeth but what are those in Watts?
          Actually don't bother wasting anymore of your precious time, I'll go read a text book!

        • I received this charger today and it seems to charge my MacBook OK?

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