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LG 34" 21:9 2560x1080 Full HD UltraWide IPS Monitor (34UM58-P) $399, Free Shipping by Kogan


I thought it's not a bad deal referring another deal a few days ago, https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/320372.

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  • Kinda hoping this goes down to $299 again… Missed out last time

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      I knew I'd seen this bad boy before. That MSY deal was great fun to be apart of! (and miss out on)

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      This deal?

      For those that has this monitor. Any drawbacks? Worth $400?

      • I got this for $350 on good ol’ Gumtree.

        I use it for Office and browsing and it does this very well. It’s great being able to have three full programs open at the same time. Or whatever combo you can think of.

        The LG screen software is good and bad. Sometimes it’s better just to use the inbuilt Windows software. Or Mac equivalent.

        It goes without saying but it’s a big monitor. Bigger than I imagined. So make sure you have the desk space.

        I built a riser for it as there’s no height adjustment.

        I don’t game or do photo/video editing so I can’t comment on colour accuracy etc.

        Overall I’m very happy. Hope this helps.

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          Thank you

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          I like mine a lot, but bear in mind that the far edges aren't as easy to see. ie, you can definitely see the advantage of a curved screen of this size.
          I do a lot of side by side stuff. Don't do much gaming but what I have done was pretty awesome.

          For work productivity I prefer having 2x 24", which is what I use at work, but for general use I'm very happy with it, especially for the price.

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          Good point about the edges. If I had the budget I'd get a 34" curved.

          I used to have two 24". Whilst I lose a little screen space going from two screens to one I like the simple setup and clean look.

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    Not a bad price, it's* $499 normally at Umart

    *updated for derp

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    That one is 29'

  • LG need to ease up on the use of 'Gaming' labelling in their monitor range.

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    Holding out for 1440p….

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    I think 34" ultrawide should better go with 1440p and 1080p is perfect for 29" ultrawide.

  • 27" 1080p cops a lot of flack but i have this monitor and game on it and it's great, the extra 15Hz makes it a touch smoother and the panel quality is good, in games the resolution isn't a drawback (In fact, unless you've got an ultra powerful system its pretty beneficial if you're like me and demand your games run at max fps at the expense of graphical fidelity) great menu/buttons, better than most monitors i come across in this regard. The only drawback is as i've moved from dual montiors to this singular monitor (Small desk) i don't have a spare screen for TS/Music/Guides when ingame.

    Obviously if your machine can push 1440p ultrawide you may be better served by that model, but considering the price on this thing it's pretty hard to beat (Mind you i got in on the first deal)

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    I'm using the MSY deal monitor right now, split screen with some work I'm doing and it is just fine. No issues playing games. I can imagine 1440p would be nicer than the 1080p, but for someone who plays games sometimes and does work most of the time, this monitor is perfect

  • Thanks OP. I bought one for my son on the MSY deal and he loves it, he games on it and does school work etc. So even at $100 more I bought one for work, I'm looking forward to ditching my 2 old 24" monitors that work supplied!

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