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Finish Powerball Classic 60's for $7.99 @ Chemist Warehouse


Cheap Finish Powerball Classic tablets.
13.33 cents recurring each. Free postage if you spend $20.

Free shipping already posted here, but I'll attach code here.


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    The ball is a lie

    • Still looks delicious…

    • I see a class action lawsuit coming, after the Nurofen precedent.

    • Wow, all this time I paid for the full ball, but it was actually half a ball.

      I demand half my money back. Where's the class action?! Spewing!!!

    • New, improved Finish PowerDome Classic, coming soon!

  • Store name in title please.

  • perfect timing! I'm down to my last few tablets from a previous Reject Shop purchase. I might try compare & report back as I bought the x100 box for what I recall being a pretty good deal.

    • UPDATE: bought a box from my local store. A fairly obvious tip though; if you cant find them in the usual cleaning products section, look on the ends of the aisles / featured items / sale items area near the checkouts.

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    Temporarily Low Stock Online -
    Please Try Your Local Store

  • cant complain for this price even tho its not the best around, still does its job so fair enough

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      How do these compare to the aldi ones?

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        I have found the logix platinum perform better than the finish classic in my bosh dish washer. I haven't tried the standard logix tablets yet, so I can't compare. The problem I had with the finish classic tablets was the would often (25% of the time) only partly dissolve and end up in the cutlery basket, not giving a proper clean. Has anyone else found this with the finish classic? (only the classic, quantum max work fine).

        • Hi GrantG,

          I have experienced similar problem on Bosch Dishwasher - the only difference was I was using Woolworths Select classic type tablets - occasionally I could see residual undissolved tablets at the bottom of the dishwasher.


        • @b_sean: Undissolved tablets are usually the result of poor stacking or overloading, resulting in the dispenser not opening fully and allowing the powder/tablet to dissolve properly in the wash cycle.

    • What is the best?

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        Quantum max appears to be best so far in my old dishwasher. I hate the BS marketing name but it's pretty good.

  • Awesome, just bought a new dishwasher and needed these. Thanks heaps.

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    "13.33 cents recurring." Thank-you for clarifying.

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      13.3 (recurring) cents. It is the "3" that is recurring, not the cents. And only one 3 is recurring, ".33" is redundant.

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    Thanks. Bought three boxes. The missus was a bit perplexed.

  • Unfortunately for those stuck in the 50's these aren't septic friendly ….

  • There's at least 100+ boxes in coventry markets, WA.

  • Classic 60's… sounds like an evergreen record title :)

  • Now in store only

  • Picked up 4 boxes this afternoon. I left 1 box on the shelf because I felt sorry for the couple that came looking for them after me.

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    "13.3 (recurring) cents. It is the "3" that is recurring, not the cents. And only one 3 is recurring, ".33" is redundant"

    Pedantic, much?

    • No, one statement is wrong. The other is educating people so they don't make the same mistakes in future. I don't like people perpetuating ignorance without anybody pointing out the error, that's all.

      • Praise de Lord, linguistics Brother!

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    I cut my dish washing tablets in half as I find only half of one does the job and makes the box last twice as long.

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      You are the OzBargain ninja!!!

    • That's not a bad idea for a small load or people who pre-rinse their dishes, not just in the interest to save money.

      Too much detergent can damage the cutlery and crockery. Detergents need some grease to dissolve and work properly.

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      Appliance servicemen have been telling people to use less for as long as I can remember. More won't give you a better wash. All it does is gunk up the works and damages the dishes.

      I used to use a teaspoonful of loose dishwashing powder before they made it hard to find, and forced you to use entire tablets. I was shocked at the dose they made you use. It's great for the manufacturer that they get to sell more product, but not so great for the consumer.

  • Thanks OP - grabbed 8 boxes from my local.

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      Mate.. how many dishwashers have you got?! :-D

  • Did anyone else get nostalgic when you received a shipping notification from 'ePharmacy'? No? I do miss those guys

  • Merged from Chemist Warehouse 50% off Finish Classic 60 Tablets $7.99 Free Shipping Min $20 Order

    First time to post! $7.99 for a box of 60 tablets. This is the cheapest I have ever seen! I have tried in store but couldn't find this item in Eastwood or Parramatta stores. Online is probably the best way to stock up. Just bought 7 packs and paid.

    • Just over 0.13c each if you order 13 boxes to get free delivery. Although 0.10c each seems to be the going cheap price.

    • Doesn't work. Add 3 in cart and get this error:

      APPLY Submit
      Invalid Voucher!
      or Order does not meet the condition!

    • Free delivery code is FS7824

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