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New Balance Revlite 996 (Sizes 4 & 13) - $32.40 Delivered


Sold out of Grey/White. Other colours still available

Really nice shoes here for sale, have been discounted down to $60 from $160, but can be brought down all the way to $32.40 Delivered with these codes. Good range of sizes available as well. For CARTOFFER02, you have to to the homepage and then back into the cart for it to work. Thanks to Cheap Charlie for the codes.

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  • Don't forget 6.4% cashback with cashrewards

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      CR does not pay out cashback on NB purchase with discount codes.

      • dang

  • How come I added all the codes and the discount was only $6?

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  • got the worn hobo look

  • Worked for me. Great deal. Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP, bought one!

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      normally they come in pairs

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        I wear rocket boost on another feet, just to speed up when I am late for work

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          How many feet do you have?

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        well played sir, well played.

  • What nb sizing like?

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      Quite small, I'd order a size up from what you usually get.

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        Nah, maybe for running shoes but not the retro style sneakers like these. Asian made 500 models and below are TTS. Made in UK and US 900+ models run a half size large. These I'm not sure about as they're not made in UK/US.

        • These are running shoes.

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          Not really, they're basically fashion sneakers. They were used as runners in the 70s/80s but these are very outdated in tech compared to today's runners like Adidas Boosts or whatever, I don't see anyone run or do any sports in these nowadays.

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      Sizing sucks. I ordered a size more that what I normally wear, the shoes were still tight. Will have to go two sizes up to get a decent fit.

      • Damn, they used to be quite good on sizes and width.. ok about 15 years ago.

    • My nb size is the same as Adidas and ASICS

  • Nice one - I nearly bought these with a smaller discount earlier.

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    19.08.2017 @ 10:26

    The offer is still valid on other colors.
    Red, Black and Yellow still available at the time of writing

    • Nice, didn't realise. Will update the post.

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      though the other colours are horrible

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    Three codes also stack on this,slightly dearer but worth it.

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      Yes, I bought this one as Revlite 996 is out of stock, and this one is $34.56.

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      Nice ozbargain orange

    • Thanks ordered

    • Thanks ordered

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    I want to buy the yellows so no one will run me over at a crossing again.

    • I bought the yellow. Whatever… the yellow looks a little better than the black.

      I just need a durable good shoes… i rather use yellow than buy a kmart regular shoes at almost the same price.

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        If I see a pair of yellows on the street I'll nod to my fellow ozbargainer, as no one else would buy such an ugly pair.

  • Thanks OP, it's good to have size 13 feet.

    Anyone find some other good discounted items on the site?

  • Perfect. Thanks OP. Got myself a pair of Red Revlite 996. Not the ideal colour but to me it's much better than the yellow.

  • Use CARTOFFER01 and EXTRA20 coupon to get 20% off and - the shipping cost.

  • codes worked, ordered mine, thanks.

  • Aud 60,Use CARTOFFER02-Aud 6=Aud 54,use ANZ40-21.60(40%),use CARTOFFER01 free shipping,total is Aud 32.40.

    For CARTOFFER02, you have to the homepage and then back into the cart for it to work. Thanks to Cheap Charlie for the codes.

    Don't forget 6.4% cashback with cashrewards,i'm not sure can be use,but i'm received conform email form cashrewards.

    Grand Total is:Aud 30.33

    Thanks OP.

  • Clever to choose a pair from the non-clearance to get the extra code to work.
    Bought a few different pairs including these in red for $40 average.
    Will put some away to keep them new for when the other get worn.
    Thanks for this.

  • Sigh, just once I would love to see an shoe sale that has sizes above 12 or 13. (hell a non sale online store with decent sizes that aren't crazy expensive would do).

    • See if you find anything that you might fancy via this link(all the size 12s & 13s left) mate. Remember to stack up the codes. Whatever is applicable to your chosen item is gets applied.

      Good luck!

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        Cheers for the link :)

  • Oops I think I ordered the wrong sizes. What's the chances they will let me cancel before they ship them out to me? I didn't join up with the site.

    • Last time I ordered the wrong colour. I rang them up they told me to make another order of the right one and return the other and gave me a replied paid label
      Returning is very easy.

  • Does the codes for for shoes only?

    • No for all shoes not in the clearance section

  • The codes work for a number of shoes - Just got a Fresh Foam Zante v3 for $91.80
    Thanks for the post !!!

  • Just got some new runners!

    New Balance 590v3 Trail $64.80 including all discounts.

    CARTOFFER02 didnt work for me but I'm very happy with the discounts that I did get.

    Thanks realfancyman!!

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    ANZ40 says it is expired :-(

  • What is the actual offer for cartoffer02? When I add it I get free shipping, then I add cartoffer01 and that gives me free shipping and cartoffer02 no longer applies lol

    • CARTOFFER02 will give you free shipping under $100.
      In the event you have free shipping, be it by spending more than $100 or by way of CARTOFFER01, CARTOFFER02 reverts to an abandoned cart discount offer.
      To achieve the abandoned cart discount you first need to leave the cart page, IE just return to the home page before returning to the cart again.

  • 2 of my orders have been cancelled stating out of stock

    • Same

  • Yep, just got the cancellation order. Hope I don't get anymore for my other 2 pairs of NB shoes I purchased.

    Edit: email says they will honour any discounts applicable to this item so basically we should be able to use the coupons again?

    • Yes called them got the discount on another pair that was discounted, great customer service from them

      • Were you able to pay via PayPal or only credit card over the phone?

        • Credit card but didn't ask about PayPal

  • Only size 4 left :(

  • Got my pair of yellow, can confirm they're as ugly as they look on webpage, maybe even uglier as it's an off yellow like spoilt cabbage.

    • +1

      You said the horrible colours include yellow. Why did you buy it?

      • It's ozbargain, what do you think?

  • Got the grey and white yesterday. Very nice.

  • Received all 3 pairs now… all for $150. Not too shabby!

  • Just gave them a call due to cancellation, they applied the massive discount from these onto another pair, got the 999 elite edition reds for $45 :)

    • Did you talk to a lady (I forgot her name)? I had mine cancelled too due no stock, and they told me in the email that I can have the discount applied on another pair if I want. I might give them a call in the morning.

      • Yep. just had to tell them my order number that got cancelled.

  • Ordered Revlite 996 in red, 005 in Blue and Fresh Foam Zante V3 in Orange.

    Revlite 996 and 005 got cancelled due to stock. Spoke to their customer support Theresa (lovely lady) and she applied the discount to 2 different new pairs of shoes.

    The Revlite had a 40% discount and the 005 had a 20% discount.

    Ended up getting the 997 New Balance in Voyage with Black for $43.20 and 501 Textile in pink for $32 for the missus. Not as cheap as the original discounted Revlite 996 but still better than my current Kmart specials joggers :)

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