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Silicone "LEGO" Man Mould US $0.92 (AU $1.16) Delivered @ AliExpress


I've had this in my shopping cart for a few months and noticed that it has dropped massively in price.

the mould will make a 9.5cm lego-esque homage character.

can be used for making lego shaped soap, gummy bears lego (melt gummy bears in saucepan and pour), chocolates, ice-cubes, etc.

Material: high quality food level silicone
Easy to use and clean
Reusable, non-stick
100% Brand new and high quality
These silicone molds are ideal for use with Fondant Cakes, sugar paste, DIY cooking or craft clays
Make A Nature Style Cake by yourself
How to use
Take fondant ,chocolate or other foodstuffs,pressed into the silicone mold
After drying,take out the mold
Rating of temperature: -40 centigrade to +210 centigrade
Do not allow children to bite in mouth, food level plastic do not mean can eat
Manual measurement, error is inevitable
Color is random
Handy and washable(Hand Wash Only)

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    Do not allow children to bite in mouth, food level plastic do not mean can eat

    Oh man, are my kids in trouble.

    • +6

      I think that's Chingrish for its not safe to ingest.

  • +1

    You really love Aliexpress. 9.5cm would be a decent sized ice cube.

    I like that it's handy and washable, although error is inevitable.

  • +8

    Bought 2 of them, gonna make vodka jel.. I mean I'm going to give them to a friend… Cheers OP

  • +13

    Thanks OP, new sex toy sorted.

    • +10

      Another Lego man dies while exploring…

  • +10

    My concern is the claimed food grade bit. How would you really know?

    • +14


    • +6

      Test them out on grandma first.

    • Didn't you see the food safe logo on it in the photo?
      We all know when Chinese products have a logo endorsement on them they are legit.

    • should visit China, half the time Im not sure if Im eating real food or not ?

  • +2

    That's very cool. Also op, to make jelly baby add more gelitine to standard jelly.

    Also, if you put jelly baby's in vodka they grow, imagine this after a soak lol.

  • +1

    Trying hard to not give in to the OzBargain I REALLY NEED THAT urge!

  • cant buy more than 2 otherwise shipping applies $2.05

    • +1

      Multiple orders.

  • Is this an offical logo product? Never knew lego went into the food industry.

  • +1

    It's an official Logo product but not endorsed by Lego.

  • +3

    Going to melt down my LEGO from the recent 20% off deal and make a LEGO Mountain from GoT. Thanks OP!

  • Thanks

  • +1

    This looks good for $2 if you want to make normal sized LEGO men too

    And I picked up this set of LEGO brick moulds to help stimulate the Chinese economy

    • Should always look for the same product at a cheaper price. This same LEGO brick mould is US$1.28, your link is for US$1.61.. and could possibly be even cheaper elsewhere, I just did a quick search..

      • +4

        The 33 US Cents I wasted will haunt me for the rest of the day :(

        • Close to the cost of a killer python lolly from the Milk Bar! Noooooooooo!!!!!!

  • Bought. I'm usually cynical about anything food related from AliEx but I'll give this one a go. LEGO!

  • This is pretty sweet, but wouldn't it be kind of inconvenient buying only 1 mould, when you could buy a mould of 6 all together?

  • Can people over the age of 99 use it?

  • +1

    Surely you mean LEPIN man mould.. It is ALiX after all..

  • I want but don't need. I feel stuck :(

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