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Zodiac MX6 Pool Cleaner with Zodiac Cyclonic Leaf Eater $415 Delivered - Pool & Spa Warehouse


Zodiac MX6 Pool Cleaner with Cyclonic Leaf Catcher $415 Delivered

Zodiac MX6 Pool Cleaner

Is your automatic pool cleaner leaving some areas of the pool untouched or not properly cleaned because it follows the hose or is pushed by the flow?

Let Zodiac MX6 with its programmed X-Drive navigation technology get your entire pool - floor, walls and waterline - thoroughly cleaned with no fuss.

Unlike "normal" suction pool cleaners, the MX6 uses navigation technology to methodically drive itself around the pool floor and walls covering the entire area. It can get in and out of the tightest spots with no problems.

Zodiac Cyclonic Leaf Catcher

The Cyclonic Leaf Catcher works together with your pool cleaner and helps it do a better and faster job.

It catches leafs and debris before they get to your pool filtration system, preventing it from getting clogged.

As it maintains the level of suction - thanks to its Cyclonic design, it prevents the filtration system from getting strained.

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Australia's largest range of Zodiac Pool Cleaners at the best prices.

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    code does not work.

    "Coupon code "mx6poolcleaner" is not valid."


    hose deals please rep - everyone needs hoses!


    Hmm so it doesn't need power? Still works off suction from the pump?
    I want something better than my barracuda as it doesn't clean well at all, but was looking at a powered model. Can anyone recommend this?


      I've got one (without leaf catcher) and it's generally pretty good when it's working as it should. It is 'powered' by the suction. I like that it's quiet and I generally like the job it does.

      However, it gets caught in a corner of the stairs often. Same place almost every day and can't get out. The first section of hose has a split in the connector to the skim plate after less than a year of use. It still works but doesn't fit so well. Finally, it stops working and needs to be opened if anything long gets sucked in, such as section of palm frond.


      I've got one, with the leaf catcher. Ironically the MX6 can, and frequently does, choke on leaves in which case they never get to the catcher.
      Works well for smaller stuff though, including small nuts that used to choke my old Barracuda.

      But it can also get stuck on stairs and ledges occasionally, which the Barracuda never did.

      So swings and roundabouts. I do prefer the MX6 over the Barracuda for my pool, which can contain both leaves and nuts, as I can fish out the leaves I think will choke the MX6 with the pool scoop, but I'm still looking for the ideal cleaner for when the MX6 eventually dies. If you have lots of large leaves or palm fronds I'd definitely give the MX6 a miss.


    Would this be a simple replacement for my polaris 280?


    This can be had for $386 delivered when ebay runs the 10%off sitewide deal. But obviously the deal is inactive now.
    ~$380 with Cashrewards.


    Could i use this on my bathtub?


    Looks similar in concept to the Dolphin hybrid RS1 robot pool cleaner I used to have (which was powered by suction, rather than electric cable).

    Maytronics ended up decommissioning the hybrid, and had a swap deal for a conventional Maytronics pool cleaning robot electronic cable model.

    I'm far happier with the electric version, particularly in a pool that doesn't get much in the way of leaves.

    The pool skimmer now just gets the surface leaves and runs twice daily to suck the water in for filtering, and then I put the robot in the pool once every week or so, leave it in for an hour, and it vacuums up the floor/walls etc.

    I don't think I could go back to the old school suction hose model. It's nice not having any hose etc continually in the pool.


    Robot deals please rep. Can be cx20, cx35 or vx50.


    Thanks got one! Hopefully won't be dissapointed like how all previous vacuum cleaners were. At least hope the 2 year warranty does it's job…

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