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Kensington Mangoes - $0.80 Each @ Coles Online (Min Order $50)


It Show $4.00 each , add 1 for $0.80 :)
Price confirmed, just got my 12 mangoes yummm……

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  • haha nice

  • +5 votes

    Thanks, my favourite mango, taste much better than Honey Gold or Calypso.

    Sadly it's only a limit of 12.

  • Sign up procedure is too long, can these be eligible for click and collect? Don't need mangoes in two weeks I want one now lol
    Yes, I'm like this

  • $50 is minimum for online order?

    • Free delivery on first order :)
      Deliver it to your neighbour if you have shopped before and then take them from there haha

      • +7 votes

        He lives in Sydney, his neighbour would probably kill him.

      • How do you get free delivery on first order? :)

        My car total is $50.80 and the cheapest delivery is $4.
        Do I have to spend $150? Thanks :)

        • $100 minimum for first time customers: https://goo.gl/7Bks6k

        • @Scab: oh oops it must be woollies that have free delivery for first order then :(

          Or maybe I just completely made that up who knows :D

        • @pennypincher98:

          Coles did have free delivery on Wednesday many moons ago, then they changed it.


        • @Scab: Lol do they think they are actually 'listening to their customers' by removing free delivery on Wednesday?

        • @pennypincher98:

          They now have Flexi-free delivery, which is ok but you have to spend $150 and choose a lengthy time slot.

          I really only use Coles online for 1/2 price stuff or specials and heavy stuff like drinks and sugar that I buy in bulk.

          I never buy any full-priced online as they charge more than in-store.

        • @Scab: Still I think $150 is quite a lot for an inaccurate/long time frame

          And do you spend $150 on half price specials each time?

        • @pennypincher98:

          Yes, I buy things with a long shelf life and that are heavy/large in bulk on special like cartons of coke, washing powder or anything that's currently really cheap.

          For fresh and everyday stuff I buy that in-store as needed.

          And they do specify a shorter time as the day nears, but you still have to make sure you're available for that day.

          Even if you had to pay for delivery though, it's only $4, it would cost me that in fuel and hassle to go to the store myself.

        • @Scab: Yeah that's why I would stuff the $150 minimum spend and just pay the $4.
          So effectively, all they have done is got rid of the free delivery?

        • @pennypincher98:

          I think from memory the original free delivery was for $100 min spend and only on Wednesday with a 2 hour time slot, so they've increased it to $150 with free delivery most days but an 8 hour time slot.

        • @Scab: hmmm… that's not too bad then I guess - so the free delivery wasn't actually free unless you spent $100?

        • @pennypincher98:
          Yes, that's my recollection.

  • +6 votes

    Will need to order for whole neighborhood to reach $50.

  • It's booting me out. Weird.

    Edit: not available in my region apparently

  • There is a minimum order of $50….

  • +4 votes

    My order went through, bought a heap of stuff.

    Got a feeling they will remove the mangoes once it's processed.

  • Mangoes removed as a product :(


    hope they are nice ones just got 12 , thanks for putting this up :)

  • I didn't notice the 12 limit in my hurry to complete the transaction and ordered the small chocolate packs and 36 of the mangoes to make up $50. The transaction went through, wonder if they will cancel my mango order …

  • It's August. How could these be in stock?

  • +1 vote

    its the beginning of harvest in QLD now..

  • Expect OOS


    says 200 grams just off out to local shops will weigh one & see.

  • +2 votes

    I picked the biggest and smallest out of the 3.99 each tray at local shop biggest 400 grams smallest 300 grams so yes they will be the runts of the litter as long as they taste good still ok buy nothing worth yelling from the roof tops, and I got some other stuff in my order at shop price so one less trip for me.

  • A great price. Possible mistake on site shows price as $4 each but price is calculated at $4/kg. With average weight of 1/5kg x $4 = 80c calculated price.

    Wholesale price is around $30 for tray of 18 or min $2.50 ea


      so the price of 12 is 2.5KGS of mangoes recon that will have me about sick of them for a month or more anyway small or big that's a big feed of mangoes LOL

      • Mangos freeze well after skinning & slicing. I used to have 30 Kensington Pride (Bowen Special) trees & grow so many.

  • waiting for my phone call cancelling order…

    • No you won't. You'll get an email saying its out of stock. Your other items will still be delivered and you might be charged the delivery since its now under the free delivery amount.


    well paid $4 for delivery got some other stuff I needed by the time I drive there park take on the people load the stuff and drive home $4 doesn't sound to bad still think I am in front :)

  • Is anyone walking in a real Coles to see if the price is in store?


    • My guess is $4 each.
      Ordered to pick up from store this afternoon so will check then.

      Possible mistake on site confusing price per mango with price per kg.

      Someone in Coles clicked the wrong box.
      Price: per kg✅ each❌
      So calculated price is .2kg x $4/kg = 80c each instead of $4.

      So much cheaper than wholesale price of around $2 each.

      Packers of orders probably won't notice, but influx of mango orders may tip off online sales team.

      Best to order for collection asap in case mistake is picked up quickly. Orders for delivery tomorrow may not get this deal.

  • Can confirm that price isn't available in store, and when I asked about the 80c price they just referred me to the $4 per each under it so they couldn't honour it:

  • As usual, not available for " The forgotten WA" :( .

  • I hope it goes through earliest collection I could get was tomorrow morning


    well its going to be interesting to see what happens if they honour the orders and price, if they renege or try to charge more that's not going to go down to well is it :)I wont be paying more !!

  • Mangoes can make a man go

  • Fairly sure Coles only give an estimate of fruit and veg on the website, and then when they weigh them when they are being packed and actually charge you how much they weigh. They then charge your credit card. Maybe you'll get changed $4 each and then have to call customer service and argue your refund.

    • Worst case you return them to a store for a refund

    • They're 80c each, not 80c per 200gm, so Coles won't reprice it. I use coles online all the time, it's either number of items or weight and the price per item (or kg) never changes, only the quantity.

      Even then, sometimes they can't be bothered. Ordered a 1.7kg roast last week, $15. Got a 2.5kg one and they only charged me for the 1.7. However they did weigh the ham from the deli and charge me the exact amount.

      • Order price is given as Estimated Total

        I think this is an online pricing error. Price should be $4 each not $4/kg. That resulted in price of 80c for average 200g mango.

        Coles have previously charged me weighed price for fruit & veggies, not price of average weight suggested online.

        Pre-weighed packaged goods like a roast may be supplied over the weight ordered at agreed price. Deli items are weighed at time of order & charged by weight in my experience.

        Orders vary in price so are charged to CC, rather than gift card etc to allow for changes. Woolies has fixed prices, payment by discounted eGift Cards, and offers refund if can't supply items.

        I prefer Woolies agreed pricing as get so much extra for no extra charge on deli items like chicken breast.

    • Yes, that's what Coles do. Woolies charge fixed price per item.
      Picking up mango order ready to collect at 3pm, so will confirm price then.

  • I just signed up and it had classified me in Westmead instead of Greenacre (even though I live closer to Greenacre). As such, the deal is not available to me.

    Actually never mind, you can change stores.

  • Got email: Courtesy notification about your Coles online order. Oh no😱

    Before you receive it, we want to let you know that some of the items you ordered were unavailable.
    Unfortunately, there were items we were unable to provide
    : …Connoisseur ice cream 🙆

    Mangoes ready for collection😋
    Just no ice cream to go with them 🍨

    Now to see how much they charged for them.
    Items ordered by weight (like these?) are priced at packing. (Mangoes are usually priced by item, not weight. So was likely error.) As collection is at Coles, should be able to easily return if full price.

    What an Ozbargain day… 2 free coffees ☕☕ from Maccas, free roast (birthday) lunch, see what I can buy with $39 Kmart credit for returned $9 radio, pickup $1 drill bit orders from SuperCheap, followed by cheap mangoes at 3pm (hopefully), & use multiple $10 off $30 Woolies offers.
    Day started with $20 refund plus 500pts from Woolies (after someone stole $20 from my cloned Woolworths Rewards card).

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