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Kogan - 43" Agora Smart 4K LED TV (Series 9 MU9000) $419 Inc Delivery


Another Kogan deal - seems good as it's got a LG panel.

With a slimline design that packs brilliant 4K image quality, this direct-lit LED TV is your gateway to cinematic viewing.
Top-quality UHD 4K resolution – four times the resolution of Full HD
Built with a superb LG panel
Enjoy incredibly realistic cinematic action
Intuitive smart functions
Search, stream and browse the internet on your TV
Media playback via HDMI and USB

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  • Great price. I couldn't find if it does ARC - does it?

    • I'm using the 49" model and it does ARC.

      • Mentions it on the 49's page.

        But not this one. So I dunno if I'd risk it.

        What's the picture quality anyway? Never seen a Kogan TV in person before. Reviews are a bit all over the place. The mention of a confusing interface and fuzzy picture from some people is a bit of a turn off.

  • Couldn't resist, got a shitty old Samsung 32 with a roku in the kitchen that needed to go

  • Is this good as computer monitor, not for gaming, just wants bigger screen for watching movie.

    • You may find that certain use cases will have harder to read font (web browsing etc.), this really depends on what OS you're using and how well it scales for 4K.

    • I've also been looking at a TV to use as a monitor.
      The problem is the size, if I remember correctly the minimum viewing distance for a 43" is 1 meter away.
      I think 40" should be doable, but anything over you might see the pixels.
      there is a website that calculates viewing distance to tv/monitor.. use that to decide the size according to your desk and sitting position.

      • Ya, that is what I am scared of because I have a 32" monitor in my ebay cart but have not pull the trigger because I can't decide whether to get a proper monitor or another TV, I already have 2 big TV in the house.

  • +14 votes

    Lets make it a better deal.

    1. Buy 4 $100 gift cards worth $400 for $360 from here

    2. Pay extra $19 from your bank card

    3. $379 delivered.

  • What is the difference between the series 8 and series 9? Seems like LG vs Samsung? Series 8 is a bit cheaper too.

  • It has android 4.4 not android TV os.

  • I was about to buy this, but then saw these reviews - the latest set seem pretty bad and have completely put me off. Offer too good to be true? https://www.productreview.com.au/p/kogan-55-agora-4k-smart-3...

  • I am thinking of using this as my primary monitor for my PC at home, could anyone confirm if this support chroma subsampling 4:4:4 by any chance? Thank you! I couldn't find much information from the spec, so anyone who has actually bought this PC, could you share your knowledge :)


  • Anyone notice in the specs is says 60hz for all resolutions, except “[email protected]”. This doesn’t bode well for anyone wanting this as a computer monitor. Kogans JU8000 states only “3840x2160” and “60hz”, maybe that would be the better buy if the MU9000 really can only output 4K at 30hz. That would mean all of your Xbox one X and upscaled Xbox one S content would be locked to 30hz too.