expired TigerAir: SYD<>GC $39, MEL<>ADL $39, SYD<>BRIS $45, MEL <>GC $59, SYD<>ADL $55, MEL<>PER $109, MEL<>PER $109 @ IWTF


TigerAir is having a domestic sale. Lots of routes on sale. Travel in 10/Oct - 14/Dec/17. I have listed all the routes, the sale price and the travel dates. Click the supplied links for a list of the exact dates with the sale price.

Prices listed are for payment using POLi, slightly more for Credit Card.

Departing Adelaide

Departing Melbourne

Departing Gold Coast

Departing Sydney

Departing Brisbane

Departing Cairns

  • to Brisbane Flights one way for $59
    ….Travel Dates: 12/Oct/2017 - 14/Dec/2017

  • to Sydney Flights one way for $89
    ….Travel Dates: 10/Oct/2017 - 14/Dec/2017

Departing Canberra

Departing Whitsunday Coast

  • to Sydney Flights one way for $75
    ….Travel Dates: 10/Oct/2017 - 14/Dec/2017

Departing Townsville

  • to Melbourne Flights one way for $95
    ….Travel Dates: 10/Oct/2017 - 14/Dec/2017

Departing Perth

Departing Coffs Harbour

Departing Darwin

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  • +1 vote

    I miss the $10 flights. :(


    What, no $35 flight each way to/from NZ?
    I will hold out then until you release them for me :)


    Would Jetstar price beat these, or any other reputable company price match them? Basically, I want this price, but not with Tiger.

  • +1 vote

    Do people still consider flying with Tiger?
    I thought that died off 6 years ago

    • +1 vote

      No, we just post it to pricebeat with Jetstar since they'll pricebeat by 10%. +

      If Tigerair cancels your flight, you're forced to buy them again on short notice at an exponential price.

      If jetstar cancels your flight, they'll at least organise an alternative route.

      • +1 vote

        Had a flight cancelled a 2 weeks ago with Tiger, they just moved me to the next flight.

        Had one cancelled 8 weeks ago and they transferred us onto a virgin flight at the exact same departure time.

        I've been using them a bit this year to book last minute flights between MEL-SYD and for the most part they've been pretty good.

        The only downside is the people that think it's an all in brawl to get to your seats first and the people with 5 bags that somehow manage to get past the person weighing bags as you walk past. At least they're not as bad as jetstar on that front, I had them weigh my compendium last time…. I mean really…how the heck can a compendium weigh more than 7 kilos…


          Guess I was working with out of date info - thanks for the heads up! Still, i'd prefer the 10% discount and - if a cancellation does occur - Jetstar has more flights as a popular airline, meaning a shorter delay.


    Should be mentioned sale is only for flights on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.


    Does anyone know if Virgin "Fare promise" would price match with this?


    Hi all,

    WARNING WARNING….I have emailed IWANTTHATFLIGTHT for an explanation on the following.

    I attempted to review and book some flights for the links provided and once I was directed to linked booking site all flights on various dates were not available anymore yet IWANTTHATFLIGHT had them still at $59.

    Therefore false advertising and a FAIL!

    NO Bargain at all NOW!

    Due to other Neg votes on other bargains that I believe to not be the case I am not able to Neg later Sep

    -VE vote for this deal!

    Edit: This is what happens if you email IWANTTHATFLIGHT:

    Delivery to the following recipients failed.



    Garth Adams
    I Want That Flight

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      Their data will understandably tend to be a little behind.
      I don't think that amounts to 'false advertising'.

      Maybe Garth was busy updating the site when you emailed?


        The info incorrect info was there more than 24hrs…….how long is a "little behind"?????


          how long is a "little behind"?

          Best estimate i have is a lot less than 24 hours.

          BTW i have no idea what they do - i just go to the Tiger site and then do a price beat with JetStar if i can.