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amaysim Unlimited 2GB 6x 28 Day Renewals $27.30 with Code (Was $39) - New Customers @ Groupon


Wow this probably is one of the best deal for Amaysim from Groupon


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    • stupid question, any vendors offer wifi calling at the moment? never heard of it.

    • I'm pretty sure they don't support VoLTE or Wi-fi calling at the moment (not that my phone supports either :)).

    • I think that is counting toward your data usage. For example, using LIME's or FB's voice call with your phone's 3G/4G…

  • Newbie question. Is data capped at 2GB with this offer? Or are you billed if you go over.

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      Just re -read the offer Excess data charged at $0.072/MB or $10/1GB

      • Data should stop working once you hit 2gb every month.
        Also after your account is set up you can change your payment method to bpay, then there will be no automatic recharges of any kind.

        • Excess data charged at $0.072/MB or $10/1GB

          Wonder if they would pursue payment if you went way over 2GB, and had bpay or debit card set?

    • Get billed for going over…unfortunately!

  • Too bad 2GB is not enough for me

  • Too late, I have been deep inside with OVO already lol

  • Can someone clarify if you can purchase it now and have the 6 months commence later (say 3 months down the track) or do the 6 months start when you redeem it which has to be done by Sep 10th?

    • Adding another question on:
      Or can you do 1 month and redeem/activate the others later? Awesome deal but I'm not needing it for a few more months.

      • Nah I think they come as a consecutive team. Looking at the platform there doesn't seem an option to 'pause' or redeem month by month.

        • Sad face :(
          Oh well thanks anyway, there might be another good deal in a few months anyway

    • I would say if you were getting a new number sent to you that it is activated when it is sent to you. With ported out numbers (like what I did with mine recently with this deal), your time doesn't start' until you do the number port. How long that actually lasts though is another question. Not sure if I'd wait 6 months but I waited like a month and had no probs.

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    Can I buy this sim now and activate after November to get 6 months from then ? Coz my current plan finishes in November

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      Don't think so. I have the same issue. Took the last $25 for 1.5gb for 6months Groupon deal which finishes in November.
      Guess will have to wait for the deal to come back in a couple of months.

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      As commented by simmogunner above, he/she waited a month before activating it and no issue so not sure whether you can hold off after November. This will only work if you port your number. Why don't you give it a try and report back as I'm sure many ozbargainers would like to know too.

    • Keen to know this too as I'll be away for a couple of months and would like to activate it on return

    • I find the cashback conditions on Cashrewards may help answer this question.Someone may answer this question already in earlier Amaysim posts that I did not bother to read through.Welcome to correct me if I am wrong.

      Cashback is paid only on a new service (SIM) which is activated within 3 months of purchase and remains active for 60 days after. If however the service (SIM) is not activated within 3 months of purchase, the sale will be deemed cancelled and cashback will not be awarded.


      This terms indicates SIM will be valid for at least 3 months if not longer.
      Very likely,you have 3 months to activate after application.Some members did report successful SIM activation after 1 month or so.

  • Weird qt: If I do port out to Telstra and port back in to Amaysim, I can still keep my current mobile number, right? Or do I need a new one to prove I'm a new customer?

  • Bastards ….. I got 2 for 39 each.

  • I bought this (thanks TS). Tried to claim on Amaysim but got stalled since it is asking me if I want to get a new number or port an existing. I want to port over but would like to do so only at a later time since I just activated a Lebara prepaid a few days ago.

  • With the 6x renewal, do I have to renew right away after they expired? If I m going overseas for a month in January next year, can I renew after I come back to Australia?

    • When it's over, you go back to Pay As You Go

      • Nope. When it is over, you automatically go back to normal price of the plan which is $25/ month I believe.

        • How do you ensure you don't automatically have to pay for the month after it finishes?

        • @Fobsessive: Mark the calendar and get your account cancelled (and find alternative by then).

        • @Fobsessive: Change payment method to BPAY after purchase.
          Assuming that you visit Ozbargain everyday,set a reminder at this deal here(you will find it under the deal),say on 10th Feb 2018,which reminds you to move out the plan in about a month time.

        • @Neoika: I made my only payment method as "voucher" so hopefully that works too

  • Can you redeem it today and activate the port in 2 months?

  • Do they charge you $10 automatically for each extra GB? My family member will blow 2gb in 2 minutes.

    • No… I'm pretty sure you can turn that function OFF manually.

      • Unfortuntely you can't. Postpaid gives you no control whatsoever. It will simply add $10/1GB pack if you hit the cap. In prepaid, you can pre-purchase 1GB packs if you know your usage or else it will charge per MB if you go over 2GB cap which will be even more expensive. So silly you can't just stop internet after 2GB usage automatically or even manually in any case. The best way to deal with it is to set a cap in your smartphone so that it will give you an alert when you approach certain usage in a bill cycle.

        • So even with prepaid you get charged for going over?

        • @Fobsessive: Yup unless you have no credit and no payment details saved :)

        • @virhlpool: kids will not have the discipline…that will end up much more expensive.

          Amaysim went down the Vaya route with that 'feature' and I moved elsewhere.

        • @mrbillions:

          Though I havent tried, one possible way of handling it is to change payment method to BPay or something (if availbale) in prepaid option, so that they can't deduct the amount automatically and that way they won't be able to add 1GB packs on their own. And of course, not keeping any extra credit in the account.

  • Any idea on when the deal will be over?

    • Arr…got my answer!! 10/Sep…

      • +1

        Sept 3 actually

        "Promo code valid 1 - 3 September 2017 "

        • God.. Can't believed I got that wrong!! Glad I ask. Thanks buddy :) Cheers!

  • When is last activation date?

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    Even though you only have to redeem the groupon by 10 Sep you should ideally activate the SIM as soon as possible (within 2 weeks) if you want all 6 renewals without a hassle. If you wait too long the 6th renewal will fall short of the promotion validity date in My amaysim which is determined by the date you've signed up, not activated.

    That was my experience with the previous offer. I had to webchat and wear down the rep to get a credit applied to my account for the 6th renewal but it was a PITA with the back and forth.

  • Does it come with Sims or just a voucher and need to buy a sim?

    is that true need to be activated within xx days/month? looking at using this amysim service next month

    it said new customers only, i just move to Optus 3-4 months ago..consider me exist customer or new customers?

  • Holy cow Groupon pays their CR fast. Almost instantly received my $1.36

    • Me too! :) Have you received your code for redeem from Groupon yet? I'm still waiting…

      • Yeah I got my code after a small wait.

        • Really? I bought it yesterday and I don't have it!! Where did u obtained the code from???

        • @PAXA359:

          Email came from: [email protected]

          I ordered around 6PM and got the code at 7PM. Have you checked spam folder etc? Otherwise you should get in touch with them, they've obviously processed you for you to get the cash back but maybe something went wrong somewhere and they need to re-send you a code.

          I have other problems though. I got a Telstra starter sim to port out (from Amaysim) then back into Amaysim for this deal. Been waiting all day, Telstra usually happens quickly, even on weekends. Oh well…

        • @Click_It:
          Thanks for the head up brother! Couldn't find it anywhere even in junk mail. So, I ended up visiting my account at Groupon and there I finally found it!! Damn… took me a fully day waiting for that stupid email to show up… haha

        • @PAXA359: i got groupon code in 3mins but cashrewards didn't show.

        • @jwl81124:
          Was your sent to you through email? CR took a hour on me tho.. so yours should be soon :)

        • @PAXA359: yeah through email but have it in Groupon account as well

        • @jwl81124:
          Oh ok… guess they just don't like me then… lol

        • @PAXA359:

          Wow that's strange, some inconsistencies here but I guess they were getting swamped with customers. Good to know you can simply log in to find it too, I wouldn't have thought of that obvious approach :)

        • @Click_It:

          Yeah haha… Well, I have bought vouchers from Groupon in the past and same thing has happened to me before. So, silly me didn't react quick enough!! lol.

          Btw, how was the porting with Telstra going? Guess I'll be your follower in 6 months as these amaysim deals are just too irresistible… ha

        • @PAXA359:

          Good to know, I've only used Groupon a few times. It's never happened yet but odds are it will one day.

          Telstra was very slow given past experiences where I've seen it happen in minutes (on a Sunday!), the whole thing took about 20 hours this time. But I wasn't in any particular rush so it's fine. This Amaysim deal is just for my 2nd sim, I won't use it much, it's mostly for handing out to short term clients as a means of reaching me without giving them my permanent number. $25 for that piece of mind, BARGAIN! Plus I have +2GB/month emergency data if I ever need it :)

          I've just finished with Amaysim's requirements…
          "Start getting excited - your amaysim SIM card is on its way!"

          With a little luck it should all be up and running later this week.

        • @Click_It:

          Nice!! Well, I'll be porting mine soon.
          Just needed to first use up all my data b4 being transferred, as I have already been charged for the Sep data allowance by my provider… :S Damn you Amaysim!! why your promotion period have to be set on the beginning of the month!! Oh well.. lol

  • Has anyone received their SIM yet? I activated the service on the portal and it says it'll be sent "shortly" since 3 days!

    • my SIM has been very slow in arriving, I chose the 'port out' option and that was 7 days ago. Still waiting for my SIM!

      When I go back to look at the email, it says to expect the SIM in 2-6 business days time…..

      • Better buy $2 SIM from super market and call Amaysim. They will credit $2 to your account and can start port in straight away.

        • Thanks, will do. Although I was under the impression I had the next fortnight or so to port out, based on other comments? The 10 Sep deadline is just to submit the Groupon voucher code with Amaysim, right?

    • Well, I guess I spoke too soon. I received the SIM in the post shortly after posting the above message (yesterday morning). Immediately initiated the port out.

      It took a while though, as I only just got confirmation of having ported out to Amaysim. I thought moving from Telstra was just supposed to take 3 hours.

  • this deal can't get cashrewards

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