R U OK OzBargainers? (2017)

From knowing heaps of depressed people and people who cut themselves to feel good, I can say for certain their lives get better.
There are ups and downs for everyone in life and suicide is NEVER a solution.


This is great, had a friend commit suicide recently. Glad to see Ozbargain putting out the awareness


started seeing a psychologist this week after thoughts of suicide. It's been hard but its helping and it's FREEE if you are a uni student (perhaps this can be posted into Freebies section haha)

Anyone who's feeling down, don't give up. Seek help because it gets better.


These are just a few comments from last year.


R U OK? Day is an annual day in September (today, 14/9) dedicated to remind people to ask family, friends and colleagues the question, "R U OK?", in a meaningful way, because connecting regularly and meaningfully is one thing everyone can do to make a difference and even save lives.

The comments we received last year plus all the PMs we received are part of why we are proud to support R U OK? Day by changing our colours and promoting their cause.

One of the biggest challenges to OzBargain and other online community sites is promoting an environment where everyone feels comfortable commenting in deals and discussions. Given OzBargain is about scrutinizing deals in an open and honest environment, we can sometimes get negative comments that affect other users.

We should all recognise that our comments have consequences both positive and negative. People don't come here to be attacked or bullied. While some people may say suck it up and people should not be so sensitive, we should be aware that we don't truly know the people behind these accounts. Some are young, some may come to here to escape a tough reality, be mentally unbalanced, or they possibly could have thick skin. We just don't know. On the flip side, something as a simple gesture like thanking someone or sending a friendly PM can go a long way. At the beginning of the year, we made a post about contributing to a more positive OzBargain environment and we've had some great results changing some users behaviour by thinking about the impacts of their words.

Ask family, friends and colleagues how they are doing but don't forget to ask your family of OzBargainers how they are doing. We have forums where you can discuss relationships or anything else off-topic.

You can also feel free to chat with us in the private Talk with a Moderator forum if you have any OzBargain related issues. Or send me a PM about whatever you want (except moderation issues). Please see our Mental Health Page if you need to speak to someone including live chat.

For confidential advice and support call a crisis support line – such as Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Suicide Call Back Service on 1300 659 467.


I'm overseas ATM so won't be able to respond immediately to messages


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    Good one guys (and girl!), always proud to see moves like this on here :)

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    Not really. Mostly okay, got too much shit to do, too many people to spite (once that list is complete, then maybe).

    If guns were easy to get…. But I don't want to leave a mess for anyone to clean up (so thoughtful, right?).
    Biggest fear is maiming myself or becoming a cabbage, kind of has to be foolproof and clean.

    Probably at least one Monday a month I take a sick day, stay in bed and rest (after a weekend of rest). Helps. Otherwise I'd probably just swerve head on into a truck on the way to the office.

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      You could ask your GP for a referral to a psychologist. I believe they can help you to apply for some free or discounted sessions. That's a bargain for your health. 🙂

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        Yep, Medicare provides for 10 free sessions with a psychologist after a referral from a GP


          Is that 10 per year or…?

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          10 subsidised sessions -they are not free
          medicare will provide a rebate of somewhere between ~80 and ~125 per session for 6 sessions.
          then you go back to your GP, have a review of your mental health care plan, then you can get another 4 sessions that are subsidised.

          (some psychologist choose not to charge above the medicare rebate fee - just like some GP's choose not to charge above the rebate fee)

          I am not trying to discourage people - it's a great resource (though not enough sessions medicare!!) which helps a lot of people out.

          When you book in to see your GP - you should let the reception staff know it is for a mental health care plan (a lot of practices will book a double appointment for this) so your GP has enough time to talk to you and work out what the best way forward for you is.

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          @dr_ rusko:

          You're correct, they're not free but subsidised. My experience has been that medicare refunds the same day as you pay for your sessions, so i've never been out of pocket. The GP review session i've also found in my experience is bulk billed and i wasn't out of pocket either.

          I 100% agree that medicare should provide for more sessions or at least a further subsidised rate as you really start to hit some positive strides near the end of the sessions.

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          @bomb3rman: hey it is ten per year, so if you space them out for the rest of this year, you can usually back it up with ten more in the new year, which sometimes works out really well as ten is often not quite enough. You might even find that it's all good after only 14 sessions or so, then you've got enough up your sleeve for later next year if you feel you need it again.

          Source: did it myself

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          @dr_ rusko:

          10 subsidised sessions -they are not free

          Some psychologists out there will actually bulk bill so with the rebate it ends up being free.

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          @Clear: Most GP's I know don't bulk bill, and most psychologists I have come across dont bulk bill either.
          This is a whole other discussion unto itself - don't want to hijack this post to discuss the philosophy of bulk billing rather than focusing on the main point..
          namely that if a person is out there doing it tough, know that there is are people out there who care, and people out there who can help.

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        And some (few) psychologists actually have a no gap policy. Pm me if in Sydney for details.

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      Hey mate. things can be tough at times. Not to intrude in your personal life but you sound like you may be suffering from depression. It is really common and can make you feel like you are in a very dark place at times.

      If this relates to your experience, it is important that you realise that most mental health issues are very much treatable with professional help. Trouble is that most of us are too scared, embarrassed, or lack self awareness to seek professional help. If you have a broken foot, most people will have no hesitation in seeking a doctor because we know it can be fixed but for mental health issues (which can be just as well treated) we quietly carry on even though the pain and harm may be 1000 times worse.

      Anyway, please see a professional if you are having thoughts of self harm or use one of these numbers - Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Suicide Call Back Service on 1300 659 467. They are super helpful when times get tough.

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      Hey Drew, really sorry you're feeling that way. I've had similar thoughts and was in a dark place around 4-5 years ago, but since I've recovered and am pretty optimistic about life in general. The biggest help was definitely seeing a psychologist, talking things through and figuring out strategies to help me mentally. Also I saw a psychiatrist and got diagnosed and recieved the proper medication for my diagnosis. It's a bit of effort, but it's 100% worth it, I promise you.

      Outside of that, make sure you're surrounded by people that support you as support is pretty necessary during these tough times. Cut the toxic people out of your life if you have to. The slow fade absolutely works for the most part haha.

      Really the no.1 thing I recommend though is seeing the psychologist, biggest impact for me. Hope it will do the same for you Drew :)

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      You could think about what would really make you happy in life and make that a long term goal for yourself, it's never too late to change your life. Eg. Wish you had a different job, how can you attain that job. Would it involve some part time study after hours with work? Etc. Things like that. Its definitely never too late to change your life if you're unhappy.


      I"m hearing you.
      I look at bridges and think about swerving into them.
      When I hear that someone has died I feel jealous.

      People who don't feel it, don't get it.

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    Colour giving me spasms.

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      Take another red pill, that should fix it!

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      Honestly, I thought it was broken or my prefs were changed.
      And I watched that Australian Story and everything.
      They're right about binge viewing — it's in one eye and out the other!

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    To all my fellow Ozbargain mates.. R U Ok?

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    Change the O in OzBargain with the O in R U OK?

    Thought it's a prank again. Good job OzB for promoting mental health awareness!

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    Great program/movement.

    R U OK day saved my life sorta kinda or at least helped improved it.

    Good message for all.

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    Great initiative. Thanks for asking :)

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    So good to see this site promoting such a great initiative!! Love the OZB community. Are you all okay?

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    Speaking from past experience, mental health is a serious thing that spans all walks of life, it does not discriminate and the signs can be very hard to tell with people, especially ones that like to put on a hard exterior and a fake smile for the world so as to not feel like a burden on everyone else.

    Days set like this are truly wonderful and compared to a lot of other awareness days, having a day where people care and listen to your problems is like kryptonite to bad cycles, getting out of a bad cycle can change or ultimately save lives.

    I'm here for anyone that wants to have a chat, publicly or not, or hell, if you're in Perth and enjoy either chess or beer, I could definitely meet up in the arvo/night - no strings attached. I'm just paying back the global karma that has helped me and is still essentially helping me while giving back.
    If not applicable to the above, do not feel bad letting us know 'U R OK' here in the comments! ;)

    Smile while you can ozb users, you never know when this life will throw you a curve ball! :)

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    Many of us grew up with an attitude of "Eat some concrete and harden up", that isn't right. Everyone at some point needs help and some need more than others, helping someone through it is a great thing to do and asking for help isn't a sign of weakness. Don't suffer in silence, don't ridicule those suffering.

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      some of us dont have families or come from abroad and dont have any friends here or support group and just work work work..
      asking for help seems quite vague and maybe futile. If you have read mark twain words are just words…
      anyway it is cool there are initiatives such as this, and i am ok

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        You are right. I immigrated here and went into shift work, it does get hard when you just wanna let off some steam as old friends are much easier to open up too. Strangely my little kids help amazingly with my mood.


        Im totally understand where are you come from.

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      I agree to a certain extent, but “I’m depressed” seems to be an easy excuse for a lot of young workers these days (and increasingly so). I believe they’re are more inclined to take a “doona day” if they are feeling a little flat (mental health day), rather than push on, and come out stronger the other side. I believe in seeking professional help for serious mental health issues- what I have a problem with is those that take advantage of people’s good will, a by-product of greater public awareness of mental health issues. Downvoting starts in 3,2,1…

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        I do remember thinking Aussie kids have it easy, fewer school hours, but there seem to be a lot of bored kids around, too much free time not enough structure maybe. Communication that focuses on easy money rather than responsibilities.

        I wouldnt throw a stone at kids however, many of my adult collegues dont hesitate to call in sick after or before a long weekend and hardly mask it.

        Mental health issues are also hard to understand even for professionals i believe.

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      I start every day with a nice fresh cup of cement ;)

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      Many of us grew up with an attitude of "Eat some concrete and harden up", that isn't right.

      Concrete is strong but inflexible.
      It shatters when struck.
      Steel is both strong and flexible.
      It bends with a jolt, but bounces back.
      Concrete is strong, but steel is resilient.
      Be steel, not concrete.

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    R U OK guys? :) Hope you all have a nice and peaceful night! For those who are not sleeping I hope you find and post a nice bargain! It always makes my day when I see a good bargain posted when I wake up :)
    Jokes apart, please remember that "keeping things inside" doesn't make you a stronger person and seeking help is NOT a sign of weakness!

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    My brother had mental health problems, committed suicide, made me realise the the system is (profanity) up and doesn't help and does not want to help….

    Wish he had spoken up and got help. wish I had tried to speak to him…

    Life goes on.

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      Real sorry to hear AMLagonda hug

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      Really sorry to hear that, life does go on and it's great to hear you have the right mindset.

      What isn't great is people on the literal edge that have made the effort to finally reach out.. then just getting put on waiting lists or bounced between different mental health services. The system is severely flawed in Australia at the moment. The only fast service you can get most of the time, is someone to talk to on the phone. That isn't a robust support system — far from it.

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      This is my greatest fear with family and friends. Can never tell with a quick glance to the face or the eyes.


      Talking about it is the system that works. If nobody talks about it, then it can't be happening.

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    *group hug* 🤗

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    To my fellow Ozbargainer's R U OK?

    R U OK jv, last year was difficult for you
    … you where posting in the forums… the Ozbargain color had changed.
    Seriously though jv R U OK you do cop a lot of negs and stuff.

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    R U OK Guys? If not, i wish you all the best fo whatever is not OK…MAY GOD be with you always

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    To all my fellow Ozbargainers, we're always here for you. It's never an inconvenience or a burden to want to talk to someone about how you're feeling. If you're not feeling good, it's time to speak up and talk to someone that can really help you!

    Love all you guys <3 Hope you all have a great day today! xx

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    Im not very active in the community, but I do lurk, multiple times a day. Having awareness for this is a very good initiative, and im glad that OZB takes part in it.

    I know sometimes, discussions on ozbargain and over the internet in general get heated, and its all too easy to forget that there's often a very human (and sometimes vulnerable)figure on the other end of the line.

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    FREE calls today on VirginMobile for R U OK? Day.

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    R U OK? Love all you guys on here. The only forum I actively frequent.

    Keep calm and post a bargain

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    I'm somewhat okay. I've just realised I haven't done much this year and feel quite worthless.

    Still working casually unrelated to my field and I have a feeling my employer dislikes me. Been rejected so many times due to no experience. Have an interview tomorrow and worried about referees (needed to be two recent managers).

    Will be starting an unpaid accounts clerk internship this week. Still trying to get my foot in the door and I hope I can make it into my dream career (tax or perhaps management accounting related).

    I miss my grandma…it's been a year now.

    Been quite stressed and my health is getting worse. Feeling that quarter mid life crisis haha.

    • +7 votes

      May I suggest taking some flowers to grandmas grave and talking it out with her? Grandmas are full of good life advice and tricky enough to pass it to you somehow, no matter where they are.

      • +1 vote

        Thank you stormii :)

        You're right.

        I had a good cry and feel better. I hope you have a great week stormii.

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      I have a feeling my employer dislikes me. Been rejected so many times due to no experience. Have an interview tomorrow and worried about referees (needed to be two recent managers).

      Firstly congrats and I'm sure you'll do great! If the interviewer likes you and pictures you working there, they've already invested in you and are probably going to put less weight on what the referee at a casual, unrelated job says.

      Secondly even if your boss doesn't like you, no one wants to give a bad reference, it will also reflect on them as a bad boss. Furthermore if they don't like you and want you gone, they'll have to give you an amazing reference so you get hired hey? :)

      Many interviewers have asked me for 2 references but only phoned up 1 (the most recent boss).

      Let us know how it goes and thanks heaps for sharing with us

      • +2 votes

        Thank you R-Man, for the encouragement! :D I am hoping so. I will love to tell you all how it goes.

        I have been merit pooled for the ATO grad program (still hope for a second round offer). Got to keep going :).

        A lot of ozbargainers are kind, it's been good to receive so much good advice.

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    Of course I'm not OK, but thanks for asking. Its been about a year since anyone did. Are you ok?

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    Hey guys, i've been using ozbargain for at least 6-7 years as a visitor and after seeing this initiative I've decided to register myself and leave a comment to say nice work and thank you. I'm not an expert but can say a few things about it. Depression can be triggered by anything (an event, situation, person/people etc) and it can begin in anytime of one's life whether you are young or old. If a family member or a close friend is or has been suffering from one you may either genetically or by influence have a tendency so stay vigilant. The painful part about depression is that once you are bitten it can haunt for as long as you allow it to. You may think you are determined to fight hard against it but it can easily defeat you hundred times a day and it is very exhausting. Getting a professional help would be an obvious and easiest choice, do it early, but let me warn you it can alleviate and inform you better about the symptoms and remedies but it won't cure you in the end.
    To find a cure, you or the root cause has to 'change', or we are running in circles. This battle can take a long time (till you win eventually), so allow yourself a plenty of time (months, years) and apply as many remedies as possible whenever required. Again you can lose but hope you don't give up. Be patient but don't get lazy from fighting, and most importantly try your best not to rely on alcohol or drugs.
    Hope you are okay, otherwise I support you and want you to win this battle.

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    Not okay but still able to take few more bullets.

  • +2 votes

    I’m ok now, was ko’d yesterday with the fever!
    All good in the hood today

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    I'm ok but my landlord is not. He thinks i have an STI and has been snooping through my belongings. All i really have is a cold sore.

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