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Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum $349.16 AU PLUG Delivered Melbourne Stock @ Gearbite eBay


AU PLUG Version. Don't need any CN-AU adaptor NOW.Local 12 Months Warranty.

10% off $75+ Purchases at eBay, use code PAINT.

Come with Au Plug.

Top 5 Stars Review Rating, Fantastic Smart Vacuum, Great technology.

Melbourne Local Stocks for 398 units. Get your Vacuum quickly. Deal Handling time 1 Business days.

Vacuum Accessories Combo for $47.45 at

Brand: Xiaomi
Cleaner Types: Vacuum Cleaner
Function: Suction,Sweep
Self Recharging: Yes
Suction (pa): 1800pa
Working Time: 2.5h
APP:MI HOME ´╝łEnglish Version´╝ë
Voice: Choose English Voice at App.
Battery Type: Li-ion
Battery Capacity: 5200mAh
Warranty:12 Months Australia Warranty

Item has 12 months Local warranty, if you have any quality problem, you can alway return to fix, or get replacement.

Original PAINT 10% off Sitewide at eBay Deal Post

ABN 60 615 962 500

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  • i wished it was $300. :)

    • Same.. !! But who knows till when I can hold on!

      • +1

        yeahhh.. I did manage to hold on. Will wait with you till it touches $300.

    • $289.99 coupon code: XIAOMIVAC link:

  • +3

    Definitely worth the peace of mind if it is actually Australian stock. I happily pay extra for local (up to a point :))

  • these things are getting cheaper by the day… loving mine.

  • Anyone know how the virtual walls work?
    Do you need to run it the whole way across a doorway for example?

    • Yep, it gets to the wall and sees it as an obstacle, so turns left and tries to go around it.
      If you have a gap in the virtual wall then it will see it as a path.

      • So… would you be constantly tripping on the magnetic strip sitting in the doorway? I guess if you own the place you can put under the carpet, but I rent.

        • It's a few mm thick but quite heavy. You could trip over it I guess. I tried putting it down without sticking it to my floor but it kept trying to roll back up because it was rolled up in the packaging.

          I haven't tried using it again after that one attempt. Managed to just close doors or put something to block the path like a box or something, but I don't have housemates to worry about.

        • @unco: I was thinking kids and pets might move it around. Maybe the simple solution would be to velcro it down.
          Might give it a go anyway, its a good price.

          Thanks for the info.

  • +1

    This is the first time you've offered them with an AU plug. Are you just including a replacement cable in the box?

    I bought my second on Friday then went out Saturday and bought a replacement figure 8 cable from Officeworks for it ready for it to arrive. $4.88 down the drain :( :) :p

    • Am I the only person that is wondering what a CN-AU adaptor is? Obviously its a real thing as the OP / Seller had to substitute the cable, but I was of the impression China uses pretty much the same power plug as Australia?

  • +6

    Thanks Kulprit, Au Plug version arrived last Friday afternoon and start to sell friday afternoon. We try our best to provide best service to Aussie customers, we worked hard and finally get Australia Approved figure 8 cable in the package.

    • Hopefully ours which shipped about 3pm friday afternoon has the new plug. Is on board for delivery today so will find out!

  • So they are coming from the factory packed with one? Or its the same stock and you take the Chinese cable out and put a replacement in?

    Mine shipped Friday morning so not sure which I'm receiving.

    • If shipped at Friday morning it should be chinese cable.

      • Thanks mate, really doesn't worry me, was always happy to replace the cable. Are they manufacturing the package with the correct cable though or is it third party through you.

        • Xiaomi still does not have Australia plug, changed similar white cable to match white device.

  • How would this model compare with a Roomba?

  • -1

    Could this be modified to handle industrial matter (a 1000sqm factory with welding dust and swarf aplenty)?

    • +1

      The collection bin is really small fyi.. You'd have to empty it too often, i doubt anyone would bother?

      Plus, it doesn't know how to avoid being a hazard to others, or how to avoid hazards in the workplace..

      • +3

        A small fleet of Mi robots scurrying around the factory floor would be awesome.

        The former factory floor cleaner would be employed cleaning out the Mi robots' bins.

    • you may need Wall-E

  • Best one so far

  • Hey rep. Possible to buy the plug seperately if we ordered from you during the last deal? Order #RCP0021172

    • We do not have enough cables at this moment. AU cable was in the package. I will try to get some extra later. Sorry about that.

      • No worries.

  • Bummer, I was a day early with ordering in the last deal and missed out on the AU plug :(

  • +2

    Bought from this seller with the last eBay code. Bought midday last Thursday, sent within a couple of hours and delivered this morning. Working great so far but wish I got an Aus cable too! Vac and seller both great

    • Agreed. I bought one from seller last Thursday. It was delivered on Friday. Excellent seller.

  • Hey Rep, Can you also provide tax invoice on request? Thanks.

    • Sure, please request tax invoice by ebay message.

  • Thanks.. after reading so many positive reviews on this thing, and the fact deals keep popping up, I finally cracked and brought one.

    • +2

      You won't regret it, these machines are amazing

  • A purchase from me too! Thanks to the Rep for keeping this deal running each time a new coupon comes up on eBay.
    My cats and dog (and probably kids too) are going to have fun with this one…

  • Does anyone know if this will work in the US? Moving there in Jan

  • I have a 4 year old LG Roboking, and I think it's sucked up some drugs (not mine!!!) and just goes random all over the place.

    It doesn't handle black and white carpet… Seems to see the black as a ledge maybe and backs off. Also, it's navigation has never been great.

    Would this new Mi Robot be an upgrade? And are parts buyable at a non-bank-breaking cost? I'm so close to getting one as most reviews are good.

    • +2

      Based on your description of the LG vac I'd say definitely an upgrade.
      The Xiaomi has been awesome for me. Navigation is amazing, switches from tiles to carpets without issues for me and hasn't fallen down the stairs yet (touch wood).

      I bought spares on Aliexpress a long time ago, didn't cost an arm and a leg.
      Can probably find even cheaper these days.

    • +1

      We had the LG Roboking as well. We bought this and it was one of the best decisions we made. As you said, the Roboking just goes off everywhere, without a pattern to it's cleaning.

      The Xiaomi is methodical and extremely good as navigating over rugs and small ledges (ledges into bathrooms etc.). It does take a little longer to clean the same area, but it does a much better job. It also vacuums our carpeted areas much better than the Roboking.

      We have a rug with long tassels and the Roboking got caught on it every time, the Xiaomi goes over this with no issues.

      The smartphone capabilities are amazing too.

    • +1

      I have this Xiaomi vacuum and it doesn't handle black carpet either. It triggers the cliff sensors. I've covered all 4 of the sensors on mine with masking tape and it works fine now, but be aware of that.

  • Any idea if this works on textured slate flooring?

    • +1

      Works fine - I have African slate that's textured and I have no issues - the wheels are thick rubber designed for 4WDing :-)

      • Fantastic, thanks!!

  • Guys,

    I have tiled floor area in the hallway and kitchen. How does this handle wet food particles/spilled water on the tiled area?

    This is it, I can't resist the awesome reviews.

  • Hey rep, I bought this from your last deal on 31/August. Was that the one that would require CN-AU adaptor? I have not got the item delivered as yet, but its on its way. Too late to swap now? or probably I should use the ebay deal for free remorse returns? Is the adaptor only difference between these two or make is also different?


  • Can anyone confirm if this will work on dark grey carpet as it appears from other comments it struggles on black?

  • I purchased in the previous deal, and it arrived super fast! The machine itself looks great.

    I'm having trouble getting the app (Android, S7) to work though :( I can see the vacuum, but when I try to connect to it I get a message "allow Mi Home to access your location to search for networks nearby", even though it does already have access. Can't get past that, tried different servers etc, and google hasn't yielded any help. Will use without the app for now, and hope an update sorts things out in future.

    • I had a few false starts trying to get the app to work - you have to set your locale to Mainland China, then make sure you connect to the mi SSID, then during the setup process it asks you for the wireless network - that's when you put in your wireless network and password - that worked for me. And don't change locale after that otherwise it forgets everything and you have to go through the setup process again.

      • Ta, but already tried this. Seems to be a problem with app location permissions in the version of Android I have. Will try a different device tomorrow.

  • So finally plunged into the deal. Thanks rep !! Local stock is awesome. Can't wait to get my hands on this.

    • Delivery was super quick. Actually surprised when this thing got delivered on 08/09 in the afternoon. I don't even live in metro area. I live in Lara.
      Can't want to set this thing going around doing its stuff, but only after I clear all the piles/boxes laying around the house.

  • Ordered, thanks. Can you have more than one phone registered to this? If my phone is set to control it, can my wife register her phone?

  • Finally bit the bullet and bought one, possibly inspired by the vacuuming now becoming my job around the house.

  • This is a great product but I have small problem using it. It does not work on my carpet which is BLACK color. I think the issue is as the carpet color is BLACK.
    It tries to climb up on any object sitting on carpet (BLACK). After few attempts it generates random error (asks to move it to some other place).
    Does anyone have similar issue.

    • It thinks black is a cliff. If you don't have any stairs (or can block it somehow) the trick is to cover the cliff sensors on the bottom with a bit of tape.

      • Thanks mate, I will try it today :)

      • Hi

        No luck. If I cover the sensors, it does not do anything and throws error "Cliff sensor error. Wipe the cliff sensor clean and move the vacuum to a different place".


        • check comment 8 on my link… you may also need to do a google search for the 'trick'

  • Got vacuum and accessories. Thanks OP.

  • Ordered mine on Tuesday… Tracking said to expect on Thursday… Then foor a mail saying to expect the next Tuesday. Damn auspost.

    Been sitting on a place called Sunshine West VIC for a day. :(

    • I ordered Monday, and the info initially said delivery would be on Wednesday! But then it went from Glen Waverly to Sunshine and then to Clayton before being delivered today (Thursday).
      Still pretty quick, thanks for the great service OP!

  • Just ordered our new vacuum earlier today at the normal price - 5% and it has already been shipped. So excited to try it out when it arrives on Friday!!!

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